Same First Line Challenge

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  • @nateger  6 weeks

    Post the first line from one of your songs (FAWM or not) and invite fellow songwriters to use that as the first line of their new song. I'm interested to see how the same line may lead to entirely different songs.

    Here is a line to kick things off:

    "Wake up and greet the day"

    Feel free to use this as your jumping off point, post a line of your own, or both!

    EDIT: Use #samefirstline when you make a post!

  • @wacha  6 weeks

    I like this idea and will give it a shot.

    Here's one of mine:
    "You like to think you have it all"

  • @rainchaser  6 weeks

    I liked this idea a lot too!

  • @popmythology  6 weeks

    Sounds fun. Not sure I'll be able to participate but I'd like to keep an eye on what others do here.

  • @nateger  6 weeks

    Here's my song based on @wacha's lyrics of "You like to think you have it all". Thanks for sharing your line!

  • @unpronounceable 6 weeks

    I like this! Following!

  • @jaegerin  6 weeks

    Great idea! I'll give it a try.
    Here's one of mine:
    "The time had come to go, you said yourself"

  • @zoom  6 weeks

    Following! Loving that line @jaegerin 😀
    Maybe I try something with that.

  • @tunecat 6 weeks

    I've done a kind of free association with your line @jaegerin haven't added music yet

  • @jaegerin  6 weeks

    @tunecat Love it!
    And thanks @zoom! Do let us know if you come up with something.

  • @jaegerin  6 weeks

    Here are my lyrics based on @nateger's first line "Wake up and greet the day". Really enjoyed doing this - thank you!

  • @wacha  6 weeks

    Here's my song based off @nateger 's line "Wake up and greet the day".

    Thanks for the line!

  • @zoom  6 weeks

    Here is the lyrics based on @jaegerin first line 😀
    This was a fun write!

  • @pearlmanhattan  6 weeks

    I'd like to come back to this thread last, collect all the donated lines to make one song

  • @robynmackenzie  6 weeks

    I'd introduce myself to you if I could only remember who I was

  • @powerstars 6 weeks

    I suppose I'll toss one out from my last song! I really like this idea.

    "Don't say it's over, I really tried"

  • @spingo  6 weeks

    The only one of mine worth passing on:
    "Shining with your seashorse teeth"

    Best of luck xo!

  • @hamiltonpoolhall  5 weeks

    I love this! @wacha, thanks for the first line - I'll be posting my song and a first line of my own later today.

  • @bithprod 5 weeks

    Here are some first lines you may steal if you want to:
    - Sometimes I just can’t take the fight
    - Here’s to women you don’t see again
    - We’ve played so many games on different scenes
    - Armed with only fading hope

    I could share a lot more if I wasn't restricted to only first lines. I think I'm kind of a "second line songwriter". I enjoy starting with a semi-clichéd line and twisting it to something completely different.

    @robynmackenzie. Great line! Sounds like something I could have written myself, and also kind of like The Rainmakers. You should check them out, they are far too underrated.

  • @evinwolverton  5 weeks

    "If half of my life is now over:"

  • @quork  5 weeks

    @evinwolverton , fun line, I could do something with that.

  • @bithprod 5 weeks

    @evinwolverton, I stole your first line and wrote this:

  • @squeakmouse73 5 weeks

    "She comes driftin' in like the fall leaves..."

    "I may be banging on the piano..."

    "Have I lost composure?"

    "Hey, I remember you..."

    "You and me are like an Iphone in water..."

    "I'm done tryin' to figure all this out..."

    "I love our everyday routine..."

    "You were never my dream..."

  • @leomozi  4 weeks

    I would love to see what someone comes up with using “In the aftermath of the killing wind.”

  • @artpaul 4 weeks

    I did your first line Wake Up and Greet The Day and here it is

    Here is one of my first lines Aligator tie tie tie

  • @colgoo  4 weeks

    Here are some of my first lines from this FAWM:

    “Sitting here on the bus”
    “On the other side of the glass”
    “When the sacred is secret”
    “Color in the lines”

    I am going to try one of the lines from @squeakmouse73 and then I’ll go listen and see how far apart we went with those lines.

    This sounds like a fun challenge.

  • @colgoo  4 weeks

    This one came isn’t perfect, but it’s heartfelt:

  • @moonraccoon  4 weeks

    My fave of my first lines:

    "I met a bird today"

    What can you do with that? Where does it take you?

  • @jcooper  4 weeks

    Here’s one “from streets to rooms I saw you”

  • @tuneslayer2018  4 weeks

    I used that very first first line to prompt my song "The Easy Way Out"

  • @jcooper  3 weeks

    I used @bithprod "Armed only with fading hope" and wrote this one called "I Think I better go". Thanks for a great challenge. I enjoyed it very much and love the results.

  • @kanttila 3 weeks

    Heh, "And so you lose, 'cuz you can't beat a man with a choice to choose"

    Difficult ones for a true challenge (I guess)

    "Soap smells like Eisenflowers"
    "Aika, I really like ya"
    "We name schools after Churchill"
    "Cracker crumbs are falling out her hair"
    "Spaghetti, flying up upon the walls"

  • @wistah  3 weeks

    This is a great idea. Here's a line for someone to try:

    "There's a dark dusty table"

  • @fearlessflight2014  3 weeks

    I have no more time for challenges but I couldn't resist writing some of these down for future reference. Of my songs the most interesting first lines are probably:
    "Thank you, for ripping the band-aid off"
    "I love it when the phone line brings us together again"
    "Let's take the top down"
    "A phantom limb itches in the dead of night"

  • @hamiltonpoolhall  3 weeks

    Ok, here's my lyric prompted by @wacha 's line "you like to think you've got it all" above - with stunning music/performance by @fearlessflight2014 to bring it to the light of day:

  • @loveonamixtape  3 weeks

    @leomozi Here's what I came up with for "In the aftermath of the killing wind."

  • @leomozi  3 weeks

    I guess @loveonamixtape took this challenge as "Take my first line and write a better song than I did," cause "(Not) If You Were the Last Man On Earth" is really rockin'!

  • @leomozi  3 weeks

    I don't think I'm going to produce anything new by the end of the day, but I hope we do this challenge again next year because y'all have some great first lines.

    If anybody's making a final push to get to 14 and wants a prompt, my latest first line is "How long does it take for rigor mortis to set in?"

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