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  • @tezzbass  Feb 2019

    I can't figure out how to get onto the FAWM hosting for uploading demos. Thanks!

  • @snoozin  Feb 2019

    Having difficulty uploading my demo...seems to be going through the motions and then nothing...more than 3 attempts...any help will be welcomed 😀 It seems my file isn't in the file hosting site. Error message..The requested URL /FAWM_19/snoozin was not found on this server.

    Seems to be working now.....got the file uploaded.

  • @majordanby  Feb 2019

    Mine aren't working either. Pretty sure I'm doing everything right. No spaces etc.

  • @kimbeggs  Feb 2019

    mine neither

  • @majordanby  Feb 2019

    Anyone know if the server is down or something?

  • @tcelliott  Feb 2019

    I'm having some trouble playing songs on fawm hosting.

    @burrsettles @ericdistad

  • @kimbeggs  Feb 2019

    ok I figured it out it changed form other years.

    you upload your song file called Track.mp3 (name of your song with no spaces)

    what you'd put into the FAWM Demo URL field would be:


    sorry the link keeps cutting off. But read the directions in your email. They didn't highlight Track.mp3 so it was hard to see.

  • @ericdistad  Feb 2019

    One note - the directory structure for this year is http://files.fawmers.org/FAWM_2019/*username* . Some instructions may have innadvertenly gone out indicated it was FAWM_19 rather than FAWM_2019. My apologies for the mix up.

  • @majordanby  Feb 2019

    Great stuff, got it now. Happy again

  • @tesla3090  Feb 2019


    Anyone having issues with uploads? Mine seems to be attempting to upload to my 2018 folder

    Nevermind, looks like I was trying to log into the .com site and not the .org site...

  • @aprilm  Feb 2019

    Hi, I can't access files.fawmers.org - it seems my password is invalid. I donated for 50/90 and for FAWM 2019. Can you please help me out? Thanks

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2019

    @aprilm - are you trying to use your regular fawm password?
    You should have received a different password via email for logging into the file hosting.

  • @aprilm  Feb 2019

    I’ve tried a few passwords that my computer stored. None are working

  • @aprilm  Feb 2019

    I have not received anything since I donated last week

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2019

    @aprilm - it's worth contacting the fawm moderators, as you should have received the password within a day or two of donating. They'll be able to sort you out. I think @jendistad deals with that side of things.

  • @aprilm  Feb 2019

    Got it sorted out! Received my e-mail! Once I get moved tomorrow, I can put up my songs! Thanks!!

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2019

    Great! Glad you got it figured out @aprilm

  • @quintonbarnes  Feb 2019

    I can't seem to post my latest tune, never had this issue before. Every time I paste the link and press "save it", the page refreshes with all the information intact except for the link.

    EDIT: Figured it out, it was the file name

  • @jwhanberry  Mar 19

    I can't access my FAWM or 5090 file hosting from 2018. I get a LunarPages message that the account is unavailable. Anybody else having this problem? @ericdistad is this your department?

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