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  • @dragondreams  2 weeks

    The idea for this came about during a thread involving the collection of motley ne'er do wells I mix with on the FAWM FaceBook group.
    I want to do something along the lines of the Bonzo's "The Intro and The Outro".
    So, to set the scene...
    I propose that I will be sitting alone, here in the practise studio in the very bowels of Castle Dragondreams, messing with a fairly simple riff. You, brave souls, just happen to decide to drop by with your instrument (or instruments), voice, whistle, hand-claps, armpit farts, etc, and join in.
    I'll post up the riff at the start of February. I'll let you know, key, chords, tempo, rhythm (but feel free to ignore all of the above).
    Join in. Send me your audio files as mp3, wav, or aiff, and I'll mix the lot into some sort of comic offering.
    More scene setting. I don't have a butler as such, just three almost housetrained (castletrained?) gargoyles with limited vocal skills. So feel free to include shouted (whispered, screamed) greetings as you come into the room. Also feel free to shout out random phrases and orders for drinks, comments about the decor, and so on. If possible, separate audio stems for different instruments if you supply more than one. Same for any vox.
    It may end up a total disaster - but we won't know iffen we don't try. 😁

  • @sapient  2 weeks

    This sounds like a lot of fun! 😁

  • @silvermachine  2 weeks

    Nice one mate, I'm up for that.
    I'm mortified to hear you don't have a butler at present.

  • @headfirstonly  2 weeks

    I'm in.

  • @sph  2 weeks

    me also

  • @jamkar  2 weeks

    I'm down.

  • @dragondreams  2 weeks

    Cool! Looks like it'll be a goer. Thanks guys.
    I plan to keep the window for entries open for the first three weeks, then mix down during the last week of FAWM, so there should be plenty of time for collecting the parts together.

  • @sapient  2 weeks

    This could get so wonderfully out of control 😎

  • @roddy  2 weeks

    Count me in for this.

  • @pearlmanhattan  2 weeks

    I can put some noise in an mp3 and ship it over

  • @declan 2 weeks


  • @tootoobee  2 weeks

    I'd love to give it a try 😀

  • @judypie  2 weeks

    Sounds hilarious 😀

  • @dragondreams  2 weeks

    Okay my lovelies. Me and the gargoyles got our heads together this morning and we've come up with a riff to jam this one over.
    It's at 90bpm.
    The chord sequence is all major (but "no thirds/power chords" will work nicely).
    And the sequence is E > D > E > C > D
    The count is E and D and E and C D
    The clip here is for you to jam over, and with it you get:
    4 bars drums
    16 bars bass and drums
    4 bars bass, drums, and basic guitar chord pattern
    4 bars bass, drums, slightly more rhythmic guitar chord pattern.
    I've cut the clip dead at the end to make it easier to loop.

    Do with it WHATEVER you like! Go round the loop as many times as you like too!
    Simply send me a separate stem for each instrument or voice or noise or telepathic message. Either send me a link to your file, or email it as an attachment to:
    Try to avoid the temptation to post your link here. That way we can build the suspense until the final product is released.

    Closing date is going to HAVE to be 21 February, simply to give me enough time to put it all together.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @spirulence 2 weeks

    I'm in. @dragondreams just emailed you a Dropbox link with my stems, I may do a second round later but better to get these in now, methinks!

  • @spingo  2 weeks

    Ha! I may have something.

  • @dragondreams  2 weeks

    @spirulence - got 'em, thank you. 😀

    @spingo - go for it! 😉

  • @tcelliott  2 weeks

    I intend to check this out when I get back to castle Pigsty

  • @dragondreams  2 weeks

    @tcelliott - that thought makes me giddy with anticipation! 😉

  • @dragondreams  1 week

    Bumping this back up. So far I've got a set of brilliant stems from @spirulence - but no others.

    Like @sapient said, this could get wonderfully out of control.
    Let's make sure that it does! 😂😎

    Send me your bits!

  • @sapient  1 week

    I'm on it! 😃

  • @dragondreams  1 week

    @sapient - I'm excited... and a little scared! 😂😂😂

  • @dragondreams  1 week

    Bumping this again folks, coz I've been messing around with getting the scene set at my end. I still only have the one house guest - and me and @spirulence will eat all the canapes ourselves if the rest of you fail to show! 😉

  • @sapient  1 week

    Giving this a bump - c'mon folks, the more the merrier!

    @dragondreams - should have summat with you tonight or tomorrow... 😀

  • @dragondreams  1 week

    @sapient - thanks loads, sirrah. I'll line my inbox with asbestos just to be on the safe side.

  • @sapient  1 week

    @dragondreams - files on their way to you via WeTransfer. Let me know if you need more, or if you need the vocal track without effects? 😁

  • @sapient  1 week

    One of the lead guitars is a little, um, "different"... it's harmonics and dive bombs as I gradually switch on every pedal I have on the board, so it gets a little messy. Heh heh...

  • @spikedirection  1 week

    I'll cook up something for this on Monday

  • @dragondreams  1 week

    @sapient - gottem! Thank you. Not unpacked 'em yet but will let you kn ow. Really looking forward to it!

    @spikedirection - brilliant! Thank you. 😀

  • @rahkoi  1 week

    Hi @dragondreams ! Think I'd like to join in on this. Will try send you something in couple of days. Soudns fun.

  • @dragondreams  1 week

    @rahkoi - My life will be complete if you do! 😀
    And it's great to see you back here!

  • @dragondreams  1 week

    Peter - you damn near killed me! I choked so hard while laughing at the vox stem that my vision went dark!

    It's PERFECT bud! 😁

  • @sapient  1 week

    @dragondreams - ha ha...I hoped you might like it 😁

  • @dragondreams  1 week

    I started pulling this together and trying to get a start on it. So far it has had me doubled over the keyboard trying to breathe. But, it needs MORE! C'mon peeps! Send me your craziness! Need instruments, and random greetings, shouts of appreciation, silly noises, bizarre comments, whatever you've got!

    To set the scene a little clearer, it's a house (castle) party and you've come along to jam, or listen and heckle, or do both. There's a bit of a steampunk vibe already developing too. But don't let that deter you. 😉

  • @adforperu  6 days

    Oh gosh, I might have to come to the party!

  • @sapient  6 days

    Do it, @adforperu ,do it!!! 😃

  • @izaakalexander  6 days

    You need cello. And maybe a brass fanfare. I'll get back to you soon!

  • @dragondreams  6 days

    @izaakalexander Yes!!! Please!!! 👍👍👍🤘

  • @calumcarlyle  6 days

    Wow! Great concept! @dragondreams , i intend to send you more than one instrument to choose from, is that okay? I am thinking perhaps melodica, mandolin and harmonica, if that suits you?

  • @kahlo2013  6 days

    Okay count me in!!!

  • @metalfoot  6 days

    Ah yes... I remember you mentioning this. Will jump into the fray hopefully this week!

  • @dragondreams  6 days

    @kahlo2013 - brilliant!
    @calumcarlyle - as many and as various as you like, Calum. 😊
    @metalfoot - I'm counting on you and the footlings to come up with something, Alex! 😉

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