Revisited Point of View challenge

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  • @andygetch  7 weeks

    This challenge is to recycle one of your song ideas and completely rewrite it as a new song from a different point of view or perspective.

    As an example, maybe you wrote a song based on an event earlier in your life. Maybe you wrote the song from your point of view. The challenge is to rewrite that song (enough to count as a new song) from another persons point of view of the event, or perhaps your different point of view as a result of a personal belief or values change, etc. in your life.

    Tag it #newpointofview and post it here if you like.

  • @bradbrubaker  7 weeks

    I like this idea.

  • @tawny249  7 weeks

    Oo, I've actually done this twice before just for kicks. I'd be up for this. Are we supposed to post the original song with it, or does that not really matter?

  • @krayzie003  7 weeks

    This could be fun.

  • @andygetch  7 weeks

    @tawny249 my suggestion is to post a link to the first song idea in the liner notes for the new song, and then post the new song here.

  • @kahlo2013  7 weeks

    I may try this!

  • @wobbiewobbit  7 weeks

    nice idea, one song already springs to mind, will try to get onto this 😀

  • @seemanski  7 weeks

    Like it, I might give this one a crack

  • @w1n  7 weeks

    I've been thinking about doing something similar, will give this a try.

  • @wacha  7 weeks

    I've done this before. I'd definitely up to doing it again.

  • @mikeb 7 weeks

    This sounds like a challenge I can attempt!

  • @snoozin  7 weeks

    So it could be same melody/chords/song structure with different point of view lyrics to keep the cohesion in the song or no? Are we to create a completely different 'animal' with references to the first song or choose your own adventure?

  • @mikeb 7 weeks

    I'm working on mine now. I'm 'reversing the initial chords, for a start. My original song had Em7 to Bbmaj7, now I'm using Bbm to Emajor.
    Good challenge idea!

  • @tawny249  5 weeks

    Ok, this is not exactly rewriting the original concept...but the sentiment has been flipped. I still feel like both are valid. 😀 Here you go:

  • @jcooper  5 weeks

    Nice idea Andy. Loads of ideas for this one!

  • @robynmackenzie  5 weeks

    Very cool! Definitely gonna go for this.

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