3in10, ActuallyAnAlbum, and FAWM Squared

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  • @yam655 Jan 24

    The "3in10" challenge is about improvising three distinctly different songs within 10 minutes. The goal is to have each song be as close to 3 minutes as possible and none of the songs to be under 2.5 minutes. I usually use a kitchen timer.

    You can split them up and post separately or you can post them together. Either way, tag it #3in10


    Level that up and improvise 14 songs in a single 40-60 minute sitting. If you post it as a single unit, tag it #ActuallyAnAlbum -- if possible, let folks know where the song breaks are located. If there's a specific song you want folks to listen to that isn't the first song, please let folks know as very few will listen to the whole thing.


    If you post 14 ActuallyAnAlbum songs or 196 individual songs (or ~66 3in10s), you have completed FAWM². You join an elite rank of super FAWMers.

    This is not a theoretical challenge, as it has been achieved by various people. (I was just the first to name it what it is.)

  • @yam655 Jan 24

    An easier version of ActuallyAnAlbum is #ActuallyAnEP. Last year, when I went for my first FAWM Squared, I used this tag for any attempt that was shorter than 14 songs and more than 3. Whether and how you use this tag is totally up to you, but if you're going for the 14x14 FAWM Squared, it can be handy to mark the interrupted attempts.

  • @reklov Jan 25

    I did this two years before, I think. It was a very exciting experience! I used a keyboard drone as background, took some acoustic instruments and threw 3 "magic cubes" for the lyrics. Unfortunately my neighbour was ringing at my door because I was too loud! So my experiment (entitled "The Old Man And The Dwarf") was ended after just 7 minutes...

  • @yam655 Jan 31

    @reklov Yeah, the 3in10s have a chance of bothering neighbors a little. When you level it up the risks are far greater. I've had so many interruptions trying to do the ActuallyAnAlbum tracks.

    Are you going to try again this year?

  • @reklov Feb 28

    Ok, I did it just now! But you cannot really call it a "song" suite:

    Am I the only one who dares this?

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