Is this filk?

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  • @yam655 3 weeks

    If I take a random line from a random movie and make a song that's only tangentially related to the property, is that filk?

    I mean, the line must be clearly from a media property, such as referencing a character, technology, slang, or short quote that is clearly recognizable.

    Like "Make it so" for Star Trek: TNG, or "Mostly Harmless" for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or "Let the Wookie Win" for Star Wars.

    Does it qualify as filk? Or are they just titles?

  • @errol 3 weeks

    Hey, Yam, Filk is about community. 😀 So, if you are a member of the community and write a song, then it's filk. 😀

    Having said that, they also have a category of "found filk", which denotes a song created by someone not in the community.

  • @yam655 3 weeks

    @errol , Ah, so it is authorial intent?

    "I'm a filker, and I meant to make filk, so this is filk."

  • @errol 3 weeks

    Pretty much. 😀

  • @elesimo  3 weeks

    #til about filk.

  • @mdavisto  3 weeks

    @sciren and I often write from the perspective of a character in a show, but, I don't think I'm a community member besides FAWM. Are those songs still filk?

  • @pearlmanhattan  3 weeks

    Filk is the music of fandom - whether or not it is apparent in the lyrics/song that it is about a particular character/show/universe. Writing a song from a character's standpoint in story form would be called fan-fiction, in music it's called filk. 😀 Hope that helps.

  • @cphaurckker 3 weeks

    we tend to call it "the music of fandom" - I just finished playing a con this weekend that included performances from groups you'd categorize as, variously, steampunk, geek rock comedy, wizard rock, Americana folk, hip hop, feminist bawdy a capella, and "Victorian chamber metal" - we all, in that venue, fell under the definition of filk.

  • @natrin 3 weeks

    I've managed to write one filky song ever. It was fun. Filk subgenre: Trock, or time lord rock (relating to Doctor Who). FAWM demo:

  • @andygetch  3 weeks

    wow, @pearlmanhattan so my fun little sci-fi (Star Trek, Hitchhikers Guide, etc.) songs, and my a few years ago NaSoAlMo soundtrack for a NaNoWriMo fanfic (Johnny Cash time and space travel) are sorta filky?

  • @pearlmanhattan  3 weeks

    @andygetch aint no sorta about it... claim it proudly... You are an experienced filker! 😀

  • @duskdancer 3 weeks

    I've also heard the definition that a song is filk when you take an existing melody/song and write a new text for it. Those texts often are linked to fandom but don't have to be.

  • @philkmills  3 weeks

    The best reference I know:

    She says, 'I especially like Gary McGath's definition: "Filk music is a musical movement among fans of science fiction and fantasy fandom and closely related activities, emphasizing content which is related to the genre or its fans, and promoting broad participation. Filkers are people who participate in this movement."'

    Other attempts at definition follow on that page.

  • @philkmills  3 weeks

    As far as parody (or "to the tune of") goes, it's again a question of community. I've heard Weird Al's "Yoda" in filk circles but it's not considered filk because the author didn't present it as such. ("Found filk", yes.)

    Possibly the apex of filk parody:

  • @davidstowell  2 weeks

    I'd agree with the definition of filk as "the music of fandom" at this point in the game. It may have started as a folk-based sf/f-themed music with a tendency toward parody, but it has branched out in so many different directions, musically-speaking, that it's hard to categorize it neatly.

    Disclaimer: member of Toyboat (filk-rock band) and filk producer.

  • @bodhisvaha  2 weeks

    @elesimo strong same

  • @infilktion 2 weeks

    Filk, if you want it to be, and found filk otherwise. I really like "the music of fandom" definition!

  • @paulhenry  2 weeks

    @philkmills quote of Gary McGath quote is more or less in line with my understanding. You don't have to be part of a community. I don't think filk is that particular. Your song has to have enough "aboutness," in that it contributes to the sphere of interest around a fantasy/science fiction kind of subject. @mdavisto, if you're talking about your Adventure Zone songs of last year, definitely filk. @yam655, your original quesiton, random line from random movie? No, not filk because they're not really "about" anything related to that sphere of interest.

  • @complexissimple 2 weeks

    Can you really write a song called "Let the Wookiee Win" that's not about Star Wars, though?

  • @ductapeguy 1 week

    Don't know where to put this so, welcome to a fawmling new filker @paiyatamu. I really enjoyed the first song of his that I listened to.

  • @paiyatamu  1 week

    So, I just wrote and posted a non-Star Wars song called "Let the Wookie Win." So, yeah, filk,

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