I move around!!

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  • @larryw Jan 22

    Hi all, Larry here, I'm from the UK, live in Italy and will soon be moving to Portugal! So I guess that makes me international!
    I'm a lyricist (I do play guitar and produce) but with these kind of things, I tend to only writer lyrics, so if anyone wants to work together of some songs, that would be good!

  • @sph  Jan 22


  • @leepat  Jan 22

    hello @larryw
    i'm up for it

  • @larryw Jan 22

    @leepat that will work, let's chat sometime

  • @berni1954  Feb 4

    @larryw Portugal is a great move. Love the place. I live on the other coast of the Iberian Peninsular... in Catalonia. Whereabouts are you going to be in Portugal?

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