FAWM Class of 2013!

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  • @kahlo2013  Jan 2019

    Hey fellow FAWMers who began in 2013..... this is our Year 6! We should be getting our FAWM PhDs any day now!

  • @resonut123 Jan 2019

    I started in February 2013 so this is actually year # 7 for me.
    Looking forward to it.

  • @writeandwrong  Jan 2019

    Ha! Yes! @johnstaples, this is our class!

  • @johnstaples  Jan 2019

    Hey @writeandwrong - we are class of 2013 FAWM alumni!

  • @atitlan  Jan 2019

    Says Jan 2013 on my profile, so I guess I'm in here ...

  • @mdavisto  Jan 2019

    Says 2011 on my profile, but, I started doing album-length collabs with @sciren in 2013, so, in a way.

    Hi you guys.

  • @kahlo2013  Jan 2019

    Egads! You are right @writeandwrong - it is our year 7!!!! That seems crazy!!!

  • @seanbrennan  Jan 2019

    Whoa! My people! I think I may have made my account in the 2012 off-season, but I am pretty sure my first interaction with the site was in January leading up to FAWM '13.

    Good luck everyone!

  • @shortdan  Jan 2019

    My first FAWM was 2013 so yup, FAWM number 7 for me too 😀

  • @pcob1993  Jan 2019

    Sheesh, I can't find anyone from 2014.. no wonder I have abandonment issues.... but then again, it's usually lonely at the top.

  • @cairobraga  Jan 2019

    I signed up in April 2013, so my first actual FAWM was in 2014. in what class does that put me?

    you might not be alone @pcob1993

  • @kahlo2013  Jan 2019

    @cairobraga i think you might most properly be class of 2014, but the class of 2013 has some awesome FAWMers so you are welcome to claim our class and be with the cool kids 😂

  • @cairobraga  Jan 2019

    @kahlo2013 I will definetely accept such a nice invitation. 😀

  • @ductapeguy Jan 2019

    Year 7 for me too. It has been my get out of winter blahs free card.

  • @kahlo2013  Jan 2019

    @ductapeguy Cool! I didn’t realize we were in the same class!

  • @tawalker  Jan 2019

    I can't believe it's been six years since my first FAWM (and here are the songs I produced in '13: https://tawalker.bandcamp.com/album/h...)! I've missed two years since (2015 and 2018), and next month lands in a rather uncertain period for me (our house is in the process of being sold, so we might have to move in Feb!), so who knows how FAWM 2019 will turn out 😝

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