Rick Beato’s series; What Makes This Song Great?

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  • @scottlake 2 weeks

    Here’s his breakdown of Roundabout: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=y...

    The whole series is fantastic if you like Rock. How he got his hands on so many multi tracks I have no idea but he does a great mix of composition and production analysis on each song.

  • @tcelliott  2 weeks

    Watching now... Thanks for sharing.

  • @tuneslayer2018  2 weeks

    Thanks for pointing this out. Youtube recommended the Yes video but frankly I don't always pay much attention to the recommendations, in part because my grandson loves to watch Youtube using my account and now Google is convinced I'm ten years old and obsessed with fart videos.

    Which, sadly, is all too close to the truth some days.

  • @sph  2 weeks

    A channel I watch very often. Inspiring

  • @lvgd09 2 weeks

    I've always said that the music I grew up with was better than anything in the past 30 years. I was starting to get into rock and roll by age 13 and this song was there along with the other big guitar groups that were popular at the same time as Roundabout, mentioned at the beginning of the video (I watched the entire 22 minutes).

    I did enjoy the video and this guy is so much better than I ever could be it kind of discourage me from writing and recording. Look at all the details pointed out in that video. They didn't just make that song up on a good songwriting day in February. They had to craft out a masterpiece that I still enjoy to this day. Must have taken months to record this one song.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • @jamesstaubes  1 week

    Rick is great. I like that he's a big Nirvana fan.

  • @barrygoldman 1 week

    These are pretty good videos! He has a good way of breaking down the tracks and showing you cool details in songs that you've heard so many times. There are some songs he's done that have been overplayed until I came to hate them, but watching him break them down shows some cool details. It's all good stuff.

  • @dasbinky  1 week

    He's also got some great series outside of the What Makes This Song Great stuff. He talks a lot about theory and modality in a really accessible way, and gets pretty deep into recording methods. His channel is a treasure trove.

  • @scottlake 1 week

    @dasbinky i haven’t ventured into his other stuff yet. I will have to do that. After February 😂

  • @sbs2018 1 week

    Watching now and, yes, @lvgd09 I appreciate the music I grew up with more and more the older I get.

  • @jamkar 4 days

    Interesting topics. Knowledgeable about much of the music scene.

  • @cts 4 days

    My brother put me on to this guy. I love his breakdown of Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

  • @leepat 4 days

    thanks for the tip @scottlake - looks really interesting

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