FAWM 2019 goals? Inspiration?

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  • @leah0k  Dec 10

    I am getting pumped for the upcoming FAWM season. It’s by far my favorite holiday 🙂
    I am really hoping to make it to 14 songs this year and probably going to stick to what I know this time instead of playing instruments I am not familiar with. Haha! 😂
    Also watched the Coldplay documentary last night which was interesting, and watching musicians

    What are everyone else’s goals? From where do you derive your inspiration?

  • @leah0k  Dec 10

    *watching musicians do their thing is always inspiring to me whether on tv or live shows 😀

  • @edwardsmusic Dec 11

    My goals for 2019 are to write a concept album about communication and friendship.
    I'll use a couple of songs from this year's FAWM; "Withdraw" and "If I Knew You Better" and refine them, because I feel as though those songs would work better in this album rather than my work-in-progress album "The Pop Album"; seeing as those two songs are quite darker than the rest of the material.
    How I want this concept album to pan out is that I suppose I'll have a friend from high school sing the lead vocals for the songs, while I delegate myself to some dialogue/backing vocals.
    I believe what inspires me for this specific project are some of my other songs which deal with this topic. Often I find it difficult to communicate with others. In addition, "The Division Bell" by Pink Floyd is an album about communication.

    Also, semi-on topic: I was inspired to create "The Pop Album" after reading about and listening to the albums "Man on the Rocks" by Mike Oldfield and "Exposure" by Robert Fripp, as they largely focused on the pop song format rather than their usual progressive rock material. Likewise, for my album I decided to write pop songs instead of progressive/experimental rock.

  • @resonut123 Dec 11

    At least 14 songs. I have met the challenge the previous six years this is year number 7 for me.
    Another goal is to stay out of the hospital in February. I had a couple years where I spent a little time in the hospital in February.

    Hoping for my usual mix of folk, blues and electronic ambient and who knows maybe something else?

  • @zecoop  Dec 12

    Same goals as every FAWM for me... Write whatever comes to mind and (hopefully) have lots of fun collaborations. At this point, I'm just hoping a lot comes to mind! 😀

  • @andygetch  Dec 12

    14 or more. Maybe a song a day. Maybe not. Since the 2016 5090 I have been writing with a focus on a theme or two. Probably will do that again inspired by what I feel strongly.

  • @musicsongwriter Dec 12

    Composing, recording, writing, collaborating, possibly creating a new album. I suppose the same goals as usual.

  • @yam655 Dec 12

    I ran in to about an album's worth of AI generated song titles, which I'm going to make an album out of.

    I also get super distracted with my own crazy sub-contests, so I'm looking at collaborating more. Ideally, I'd like to engage in some improvised lyrics/vocals to instrumental tracks as well as some improvised tunes to some lyrics. I would like to do better than 1:1 in my collab vs. solo work this year.

    Oh, and during November, I had problems with my outline and started sprinting tiny little stories to Titular titles. Sometimes I'd miss and accidentally write poetry instead of prose. I've looked over my output there, and I have at least an album's worth of lyrics, so I figure I'd sing them.

    I might explore the write-first approach to songwriting (that I accidentally did during November) for some skirmishes.

    That probably sounds like too much. It is less than I did last year.

    I like experiment and self-discovery. This is one of the reasons I sometimes get distracted by sub-conte

  • @coolparadiso  Dec 19

    After getting over 50 here last time and over 140 in 50/90 im just hoping get over the line this time as i will be away from home nearly all of February.

  • @johnstaples  Dec 19

    This will be FAWM #7 for me. I'll get my 14 and maybe 2 or 3 more. My plan will be based on how much free time I have as I'll prolly be in the middle of a major move in Feb. If I have time I'll shoot for full productions and if not then I'll hit my number with skirmishes and superskirmishes!

    I cannot wait to get started. @leah0k, it is my favorite holiday too!

  • @tcelliott  Dec 19

    2018 has been the most productive year musically I've ever had. I can't help but think that 2019 has to be the year of the slow down (at least a little.) I'm toying with self challenges for FAWM. Like writing 14 lyric posts that I'm happy with. Or possibly only doing collaborations. Or possibly, trying to travel and see real live Fawmers during the challenge. I've not quite wrapped my mind around it yet and I procrastinate so I may end up just writing what comes to me as I usually do. But I'd rather have a goal.

  • @metalfoot  Dec 20

    My goal is simply to hit 14 songs, especially now that I've been cast in a local play which has its run the first two weekends of February...
    I hope to maybe get some collabs in, and also to hang out as time permits with all the cool FAWMers.
    @leah0k -- I REALLY hope you get your 14! You're AWESOME.

  • @torniojaws  Dec 20

    The usual 😀 This time I have a bunch of new VST toys to play with, so I think it will be a bit more electro/ambient than usual, and also exciting due to new sounds.

  • @iveg Dec 22

    Last year I messed around with modal music. I only wrote 6 songs, and I was ok with it. For 5090 I was working on a concept album at the end, and I'm still recording scratch demos for those songs. I need to make some new, real world friends. So right now my FAWM goal is 4 new friends. Write and record 1 new song with each of them. Anything else is bonus.

  • @courtneyrae Dec 22

    I'm just hoping to finish this year... I tend to run low on inspiration after the 6th or 7th song. I normally just do lyrics but this year I really want to try to record some actual demos as my normally horrid voice has been taking some online lessons, so i think i could actually pull it off.. Maybe. I'll be recording and mixing everything on my phone though if i do so we'll see how it all turns out.
    I normally dont go in with a concept but this year I think im going to do an autobiographical/memoir type album about the year 2017. I went through ALOT that year, including spending time in a psychiatric hospital, becoming breifly homeless. Being scammed, stolen from, and taken advantage of by friends. Tons and tons and tons of inspiration to draw from. Might as well get something good from all that turmoil, right?

  • @w1n  Dec 22

    I plan making 14 tracks, and I really want to do some more collabs.
    I have been busy with producing and mixing other people's music the last half year and in January, so I'm very excited about FAWM.
    Also acquired some new gear since FAWM this year, that I'm excited to finally finding time to use.

  • @metalfoot  Dec 22

    @courtneyrae Yeah, that should be more than enough to draw from! Hope your 2018 has been much better and that 2019 will be better again.

  • @courtneyrae Dec 23

    @metalfoot yes it definitely has been! Thank you!

  • @vomvorton  Dec 24

    I started a new job last month that allows me a little less time and flexibility than the old one, so I'm thinking about trying out some new approaches with making music on mobile devices etc. that would allow me to work on tracks in my lunch break. I like the idea of being able to go and work on music while sat in a park, or whatever, although February may well be a poor time to start that experiment!

  • @jamkar  Dec 26

    I have some lyric starts, and I have committed to the January practice challenge, so I am hoping that will spur to about 12-16 songs this year.
    I continue to be inspired by fellow FAWMers so of course that means collabs!

  • @iveg Dec 28

    [@vomvorton ] Maybe start with indoor places 😀

  • @standup  Dec 28

    My goals are unclear so far. My screen name and pic identify me as a player of the upright bass, but it doesn't show up much in FAWM. But I'm in the "January Practice Month" group, and double bass is what I'll be working on. Bowed and plucked bass. Trying to get my bowing smoother and sweeter-sounding.

    Other than that, (my bass playing actually has very little to do with actual songwriting), I've noticed I write somewhat better songs sometimes during 50/90 where I have all summer and I'm not making the slightest attempt to keep up the song-every-two-days pace.

    So maybe this year I'll slow down an bit and try to make better songs. I've been doing this long enough that hitting 14 songs is do-able almost all the time. Sometimes more than 20 songs.

    And finally, I'd like to remind everyone about the 4-track cassette tape cult we have here during FAWM. Borrow a 4-track! Dig it up if it's in a closet somewhere! Join us! It always produces some fun results. After the site resets I'll post a thread about it. 2018 results here: https://fawm.org/fawmers/fourtracktape/

  • @rickcannon Dec 29

    My goal is to actually get back and make something here. I've been more interested in darkwave and ambient cassette stuff lately, so this will be a huge motivator to actually record experiments and ideas again. Looking forward to everyone's output!

  • @ampersandman  Dec 29

    I am so much looking forward to making own songs again. Currently I am thinking about making some really noisy guitar-heavy songs. I've listened to a lot of Ovlov this year, and they write simple, but great songs and then drench them in fuzz. So I think I'm going to embrace my inner 90s indie kid.

  • @coolparadiso  Dec 30

    looking forward to that then @ampersandman

  • @rickcannon Dec 30

    @standup Whoa, missed the end of your post! I'll be joining the 4-track tape cult this year!

  • @petemurphy  Dec 30

    Hi all!

    No major plans, other than to show up, and mess around with sounds / chords / melodies / etc.
    It would be nice to come out of it with an album written, recorded, and mixed.

    I'm hoping to get my next solo album (I think it will be my 13th or 14th) finished before FAWM starts, so that I can make a fresh start on something new.

    I didn't take part last year, apart from one collab with Maddie, but I'll be here this time around.

  • @mikeskliar  Dec 30

    Good to see so many back here 😀 and once again a shout out to @petemurphy petemurphy your prodigious and wonderful creative output is inspiring!
    As for me, I have to say I'm feeling a little less inspired, perhaps, as it seems there's less and less interest in what I do out there, but that being said, I would think based on prior years that the energy and enthusiasm of so many here will carry me thru and I'll be back-- I guess we'll see! No particular plans for any bold new project at present, just do what i do, i guess..

  • @pearlmanhattan  Dec 30

    2019 promises to be completely uncharted territory for me. My goal is 14 videos of me writing songs for FAWM. Although I don't foresee having paid employment, I have some volunteer positions I've taken on. Here's to Fawm.

  • @pearlmanhattan  Dec 30

    And yes, more 4 tracks would be fun, sign me up lol

  • @nikke88  Dec 30

    My goal for FAWM 2019 is to make a theme album using the Slavic folklore about mythical "Firebird" as inspiration. And of course, as in FAWM 2018, fictional band will be big part of my next FAWM.

    And of course learning how to do some basic mixing and mastering way faster. At least I have more tools to noodle with than during previous FAWM:s, so mixes should sound better. And coming up with better songs than before would be nice. 😀

  • @hummingbear Dec 31

    My pre-FAWM goal is to learn to tweet. Twitter handle is turquoisetent and in January I'll tweet about a wide range of music. Take a look, get some inspiration, help me make my first foray into social media. (Bit of a Luddite.) In February we'll be making music and have no time to wander around on social media, right? ; )

  • @fearlessflight2014  Jan 1

    @hummingbear its funny to read your post just before posting myself- we’re moving in totally opposite directions! I’ve just deleted most of my social media accounts and only held on to a currently deactivated Facebook profile pruned of most of my contacts and attached to a currently hidden music business page. The last two FAWMs I was touring a lot and away from my recording gear so I posted almost no demos even though I came up with quite a few nice lyric ideas. So... 2019 looks like the first year in a while where I will mostly be home for FAWM and therefore I want to make the 14 song goal complete with demos. I’m pretty keen to come up with some more solo double bass/voice songs as I’m doing opening slots for a Canadian artist in March and it would be great to have some brand new songs in my set for that. 2018 was brutal and I didn’t finish much. 2019 feels like a good year for finishing stuff!

  • @hummingbear Jan 1

    @fearlessflight2014 It's harmonic - we're in counterpoint. : ) You have an exciting project this year - here's to a better 2019.

  • @ianuarius  Jan 5

    Preparing with mixing training...

    I want to do a lot of songs tho. Not mix, but write. And I try to make them about something for a change. My songs typically are just about nothing. Time to dig deep.

  • @tiller2  Jan 5

    My goals are to hit 14, many in new-to-me musical formats and structures, including groove-based, at least a few written music-first.

  • @atitlan  Jan 5

    During this FAWM I'm going to be reading 'Energy Flash' by Simon Reynolds (the only one of his books I haven't read).

    As it is about the history of electronic dance music, with a special emphasis on rave and the 2nd summer of love, I'm likely going to be inspired to do some more dance orientated tracks than usual. I have a tendency to listen to a lot of the music he's discussing when I read his books.

  • @mkd  Jan 6

    Last year I felt very on the ball with a concept album (I was the one who had my kids in most of the tracks and based the album on the many facets of family life)... It was a fab snapshot in time, but not something to repeat anytime soon.

    This year, I am starting the year exhausted. A friend has just died unexpectedly, and there is much to be dealt with for that, on top of my normal January commitments (which involves running a challenge month for the charity Harps North West - creating and sharing 57 teaching/playalong videos over 30 days) and then general life of working and bringing up 2 young kids.

    BUT, I hope for inspiration between now and Feb 1st, (I think I would work better to a concept) and if not between now and then, then I hope for inspiration come Feb 1st onwards! I would love to do some more collaborations this year, I loved the one I did with @tan482 last year.

    Ooh, the one other thought I did have, is that I received funding this year to develop my own work in using music in End of Life Care, and a big part of that remit was to write music specifically for use at that time. So that would make a good starting point if nothing else!

    Hopefully my music-making won't be as rambling as this post!

  • @spingo  Jan 10

    I've found myself with a band this year, collected using songs I wrote for last FAWM! So I'm gonna try and write some stuff we can use in our (as yet theoretical) live set. Last year's were all like a minute and a half, one verse and one chorus, and I may try this year to make three-section sketches. In part so we don't have to learn 15 songs for a half-hour set!

    The year before I did all one-minute electronic instrumentals, so this year I'm gonna try and do both, just go back and forth.

  • @sbs2018 Jan 10

    Last year was my first year and I loved it, although it nearly killed me - lol. I ended up getting sick at the end. So I’m hoping this year won’t be as stressful but all bets are off. My first FAWM really was worthwhile. I used those songs all year for various rewrites, remixes, submissions.

  • @quork  Jan 10

    I plan to hit 14 songs for the first time in my three years. I’ll try to do that by focusing more on the song and less on the arrangements. I also plan to seek out new chord progressions and modes to keep my songwriting fresh. Happy FAWMing, everyone.

  • @apertome  Jan 10

    I'm excited reading this thread, although I may or may not actually be able to participate in FAWM this year -- or at least, the extent/manner to which I might be involved is questionable.

    You see, I have a newborn son! He was born in November. Becoming a parent has been the singular most incredible experience in my life, and I'm completely enamored with the little guy.

    Naturally, my priorities and time availability have shifted considerably since. But, I'd still like to attempt FAWM in some fashion.

    That might involve recording fewer long songs, in which case I may not officially "win," but I'd be satisfied with that. I've over-achieved past couple years, so balancing that out won't bother me.

    Or, I could use more portable composition tools (ipad/laptop) to allow me to more easily squeeze in short sessions.

    Another possibility is to participate in a band capacity; the band I play in is planning a weekend of jamming in late February, so I may attempt that. But they aren't local,

  • @busystou Jan 10

    Finally it's just my goal to write NEW SONGS. Ok...and meaningful ones that I won't forget right away... Wish you all good luck!!!

  • @bootlegger Jan 10

    I'm looking for quality over quantity this year. So in limiting myself to 14 and no more than that. My goal is also to have a fully produced album by the end so we'll see how that goes.

  • @vikkiflawith Jan 12

    My goal is write music inspired by all I've learned in the past year.

  • @mattfoole Jan 12

    To stay stuck in the 80s forever...

  • @tan482  Jan 12

    I loved FAWM 2018! It was exciting and productive for me and really kickstarted my reconnection to music after the birth of my son in December 2016 left me feeling directionless in a musical sense. I particularly enjoyed all the collaborations I did, including those with @chezwizboy, @dani312, @mkd, @majordanby, @benschiems, @tjeff (sorry to any I've missed!).

    February 2019 is shaping up to be a very busy time as I am starting a new job, have some recording to do for a musical project with a songwriter friend, as well as wrangling a 2 year old. I am really hoping to get inspired though, and produce SOMETHING! Let's see what happens.....

  • @mosley  Jan 12

    Well my basement recently flooded, and that’s where my studio has been, so I’m going to be approaching my 2019 FAWM from a very different direction than I have in previous years. Friends from previous FAWMs know that I’m primarily a guitarist, but tend toward experimental approaches to guitar music. This year, since my studio is torn up, my guitar is only going to be making sparse appearances. I’ve always had a deep love of early electronic avant-garde music like Stockhausen and various musique concrete artists of the early half of the 20th century, when electronic music was very wild and experimental, but still very much an analog/organic process...not the mechanical techno and arpeggiated stuff most people tend toward today. So, this year for FAWM I’ll be working on an album of experimental electronic art-music. For the synth sounds, I’ll be using various iPad synthesizer apps into ProTools.

  • @kanttila Jan 12

    Inspiration is coming from BiSH, BAND-MAID and Elvis currently.

    I love the energy and expression of BiSH, they are a powerful Alt-Idol group who's feeling I want to capture. BAND-MAID is just amazing, and it's Metal in it's best form. Elvis I've been well into for years but I really want to have that tune sensiblitiy more. My ideal for music is a combo of BAND-MAID, The Smiths, Iron Maiden and Elvis, in the same song. My music will always be the same, whatever I have and can record with my low quality mics. I want to make songs that are urgent but more melodic and feel like real tunes.

    For this FAWM I simply want to make good music and maybe an album, or maybe not. January is not a good month for my music, nor is February! So I don't really know what I want out of FAWM this year. Last year was not great and my first FAWN in 2017 was cool but the songs weren't. So for this year, maybe I want to be looser and let anything go instead of wanting to make every song be great and on an album.

  • @timfatchen  Jan 13

    I'd like to have goals but life keeps moving the goalposts.

  • @cblack  Jan 13

    My goal is to actually get to 14 songs for the first time.

    Inspiration? Listening to the electronica I made last year.

  • @chasingandromeda  Jan 13

    To get to 14. It's been a while.

  • @acousticmaddie  Jan 13

    My goal is to (at least) finish the "headless soldier bay" album which I started during 50/90 so at least 5-6 songs for that. Maybe not fully recorded but finish the story.
    And Than perhaps a couple of collabs with some people.
    But I will be traveling two out of 4 weeks (where one week is a mountain hike we no recording possibility)

  • @powerstars Jan 13

    My main goals are to write more personal music (possibly start a solo album with a few songs) and to have at least 7 of the 14 be good enough for further use by one of my two bands or myself.

  • @cts  Jan 13

    I would like to produce songs for other FAWMers. We’ll see what happens.

  • @darcistrutt  Jan 13

    My goal is to make myself smile and enjoy creating. If I help someone else smile I’m ecstatic. My grandkids already have ideas that they hope I’ll create songs from. That’s become a regular part of the month. FAWM seems to have more songs created than 50/90 for me the past couple years, which is weird.

  • @thelostcartographer  Jan 14

    For years I played electric guitar in rock bands, but maybe 5 years ago I started playing with a bunch of bluegrass and Americana bands, and have been doing that since.

    My goal for FAWM 2019 is to write and record demos of 14 rock songs, instead of the singer-songwriter and Americana stuff I usually do for FAWM.

  • @leah0k  Jan 14

    It's great to read all these. I love how different life situations direct where many goals are pointing - and also how the creative musicians here can navigate through negative life situations to move their writing in a direction they might otherwise not have gone, and stay positive. After all, songwriting is all about real life, in some shape or another right? Here's to working at meeting our goals and having fun this FAWM! 😁

  • @roy  Jan 14

    I started working on a project last year based on the book "1984" by George Orwell, and how it relates to this day and age. I'm also merging in ideas from "Brave New World" and "Farenheit 451". I'll definitely be working on more tracks for that endeavor...

  • @skittycat  Jan 14

    Goal as ever is to finish. This year I want to do some songs, however rough, WITH my son who will be 6 during FAWM. He loves singing rock and metal so we'll see where we go.
    I'm also feeling my inner Viking trying to escape (probably watching too much GoT) and we will be visiting the Jorvik Viking Festival towards the end of FAWM which I'm sure will inspire something earthy and rousing.

  • @ianuarius  Jan 14

    Ok, my goal this time is to focus on lyrics.

  • @bradbrubaker  Jan 16

    A theatre company accepted my proposal to develop a song cycle I've started writing into a performance...Now I need to finish the thing. So intend to work on that. The song cycle is tentatively titled Dive Bar Devotional.

  • @pipewrench67  Jan 16

    6 of my FAWM 2018 songs made it into my bands setlist. Going to shoot for 10 this year (should be doable I know them much better musically) So I will be focusing songs using 3 part harmonies and drum bass keys and guitar arrangements. I have a bunch of song notes on my phone that I may go back to and flesh out. I also picked up A collection of short stories written by Leonora Carrington to use as inspiration (25 short stories) so that may come into play as well.

  • @oddbod  Jan 16

    My goal as always is to simply try and enjoy FAWM as much as possible. To make that happened I need to…

    a) Write some songs (14 hopefully)

    b) Don’t obsess over production (if only!)

    c) Collaborate with terrific people from around the world (and Sheffield)

    d) Listen and comment without getting too hung up about my numbers/received-given ratio

    e) Not get dispirited by other peoples songs that I judge are way much better than mine (pretty much unavoidable)

    f) Remember I’ll get a second wind when I hit that inevitable dip - see e)

    g) Take a break occasionally (I know it doesn't seem like it but life does still go on as normal away from the FAWM website)

    h) Get to March mentally and physically intact and still speaking to Mrs Oddbod

  • @julesbf Jan 16

    I have managed the win every year since starting FAWM. This year my goal is different. I want to focus on creating positive and uplifting songs for my new 3 piece acoustic band. Most of the songs I write are in the minor key and a bit negative (for some reason this is easy and comes very fast which has been useful in the past FAWMS) so it will take a lot more effort to write positive songs, hence the lack of a totals target 😀

  • @benjo  Jan 31

    Hey guys,

    here we go again, I've been busy writing with a great couple of guys in France, Pavel is currently doing the voice Belgique and is through to the lives, so fingers crossed for him, he just recorded
    living in the sky, witch I love, and wrote the lyrics to, any way can't wait to hear all your wonderful creations tthis fawm
    so good luck to you all have fun
    and hope to get to get together with some of you if I'm lucky enough,

    oh my minds gone blank

  • @mannon  Jan 31

    The goal is to not get sick and finish at least 7 songs!. One year, I might actually finish with 14......one year lol.

  • @timfatchen  Jan 31

    Sorry. Goalposts still moving. I'll keep you...posted...

  • @benjo  Jan 31

    sorry forgot to put this on earlier


    good Fawming

  • @visiblydistorted Jan 31

    Going with the album title "Rites of the Wind" as my inspiration. I'm thinking that it will be something to do with songs about the winds of change, and the rituals we have that tell stories about other times and places.

    ...But I won't let that stop me from writing total nonsense, off-theme, whatever-songs!

  • @tawalker  Jan 31

    Given how February looks like it may turn out for me (clues: a lot of driving between two points 30 miles apart; a house-sale; packing and clearing, etc...), I'd say my main achievement for FAWM 2019 would be to write and demo 14 tracks at all 😝

    But seriously... this time around, instead of my "usual" iPhone method (Garageband, etc.), I'm going to try recording things on my TASCAM DP-006 digital 4-track, with only "hardware" and no virtual MIDI or software sequencing. Basically, a kind of "old-school" approach like the Cleaners From Venus might've taken in the 1980s, but using digital tech instead of analogue. (I'll be mixing the results in Logic, though 😁 )

    Who knows how "full" these demos will end up? I'll get as many done as I can, even if some of them might be down to ukulele and drum-machine...

    Oh, and the album working title? "Cricket By Moonlight" - a reference to "The Hopkins Manuscript" by RC Sherriff. Seemed to have a certain resonance at this point in time.

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