MIDI Triggering

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  • @dasbinky  Nov 13

    Hey MIDI people! I've got a problem with lots of interesting solutions, thought I'd solicit some.

    I record with Ableton Live, and I've been doing more with acoustic drums. When I'm on the kit, I'm 5+ feet from my PC / audio interface, and it's a pain to slog from behind the kit to hit play/record and scurry back to the kit. I'd like to be able to remotely start and stop recording, and hopefully jump back 10-15 seconds as needed, for the many screw-ups I make.

    Thoughts on a good setup? I only need 4 or 5 buttons (I think... Play, stop, maybe record, jump back... anything else?), so something like the Novation is overkill, and I need more than just a single button like a sustain pedal.

    Your thoughts are appreciated. It's only November, but now's the time to get the studio working right!

  • @radioovermoscow Nov 26

    A wireless mouse?

  • @standup  Nov 26

    Wireless trackpad maybe is a good idea. Many years ago I used Frontier Tranzport, which did the job. I think there are now phone apps that will do what you need. For example, my interface is MOTU, and MOTU makes an app to control their mixer. I have "Pro Transport" on my phone but admit I have not needed it much.

  • @spingo  5 weeks

    Use your phone/iPad!

    I just set up Reaper remote (a web interface over wifi) and intend to use it a lot.

    Also, you can just play along to the click with lots of dead air on either side and then chop it up when you get back to the computer? Last song I recorded we just put the whole thing on a loop and sung it all the way through 4 times, letting blown takes run out.

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