My Soundcloud links aren't working?

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  • @chanteuse Feb 23

    Hello everyone! I was just trying to post my first 3 songs before I record the rest this weekend and no matter what I do it doesn't like my Soundcloud links. I tried both public and private and from several share options and areas of SC. Even if it doesn't say invalid link at the time it still gives me an error when I save it. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • @tcelliott  Feb 23

    post one of your links and we can look at it.

    If you are on your song page you should be able to just copy the URL in your browser. If you're on a list, you should be able to right click and copy the URL

  • @jendistad  Feb 23

    @chanteuse, is this the link you were trying for on your first song:

    https: // user-956347971/ head-in-the-cloud/s-84zbA

    Right now it's set to private, which I think might be (part of the) problem...

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