Presumably disallowed characters in filenames

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  • @heuristicsinc  Feb 19

    Earlier I attempted to post an mp3 that had parentheses in the filename: Song(HeuristicsIncMix).mp3 as an example. The Add Song page kept clearing the mp3 location without any error message. I theorized that maybe it was rejecting my filename URL so I changed it to remove the parens, and it worked.
    1. is there a list of disallowed characters?
    2. do these characters have to be disallowed?
    3. can we get an error message?
    Dunno if anybody else has this sort of problem, but I figured I'd put it out there.

  • @tcelliott  Feb 20

    No idea what the list. So I'm no help. But I purposefully didn't post my yearly plea for a good file naming pattern such as:


    Such as PigfarmerJr_TheyCallMeMrPig.mp3

    or PigfarmerJr_MrPig_Fawm18.mp3 etc.,

    Big fan of the songfight file name type but with capitals so I know what I'm reading. It's great if one were to do.. oh, say a podcast or a fawmtalk radio show in being able to identify the song at a glance. But luckily (for me) I'm not doing those things this year.

  • @adamhill  Feb 20

    I know from past years that spaces and parentheses aren't permitted; haven't tried it this year but I imagine it's the same. You can get around it by escaping the characters (eg a space becomes %20, parentheses are %28 and %29 I believe) but it's finicky. Probably better off using a different naming scheme if you can, as @tcelliott suggests.

    As far as why it happens or why there's no error message; probably a combination of "urls aren't supposed to contain those characters unless they're encoded properly" and "Burr is a very busy guy" 😉

  • @downburst  Feb 20

    Spaces work fine. They automatically get urlencoded as %20. I don’t know why parens don’t.

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