NSFW mis-labelling

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  • @wobbiewobbit  Feb 2018

    I posted a song yesterday about my friend's dog which is a staffy-shitzu cross. Apparently FAWM thinks that's rude! 😉

  • @sapient  Feb 2018

    Silly naughty-word detection software at work... 😲

  • @atitlan Feb 2018

    That's known in UK IT circles as 'the Scunthorpe effect' - a word detector that uses a plain wildcard string match instead of looking for a space separated occurrence the 'naughty' word - very common in early email profanity detectors.

  • @man Feb 2018

    I guess it depends what your job is. Pretty sure surfing FAWM _at all_ is NSFW for me.

  • @jcameron Feb 2018

    Ah, the clbuttic problem.

  • @declan  Feb 2018

    @man are you a truck driver?

  • @man Feb 2018

    @declan butt double

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