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  • @ustaknow 1 week

    Linux, and versions and etc., can be dicey for some, and not for others. So, anyway, I found (far from happy and perfect with it), "Kdenlive" version 15.12.3 that appears to load and "function" for Linux Mint (I don't run the latest version since not the "best" for me, nor certain updates).

    So, yesterday, between down times got one out - my "test" of if worth the effort. If I can learn and get something out, never seen before including loading issues, - it's useless and likely broken. So, this passed that minimal test.

    Remember this is literally in the moment ad hoc farting around on the phone.

    So, I ran an i8 phone video and learned a few things if want to email it to then work on it - keep it at or below 2.7 mins if Jamming 😀

    As I ran the video, I Audacity recorded, so, therefor the 3'8" other soundtrack.

    I eventually got the "NEW" audio attached to it. -- Should not be a big deal? Yup, I know!!! 😀 But it don't work like the Windows Platform tutorials or even the one Linux one I stumbled upon. (Hey, you got *good references for "issues" and how to resolve, LMK! 😉 )

    I'll end with - no matter what, chuck the first project, shut down and cold boot - start a new first project. Only then would it render the first project.

    One big issue is, the videos so far, when imported, will not visually display for sync, aligning. So this video here to sync ? the hand to the video, took 3 trys reading the sine wave 😀

    And the blank, black or now jpg is the part that would not email from the iphone since more than 16Mb.

    So, just an FYI for the tormented that may exist... as I used to do daily Desktop Captures to explain stuff and went away when left Windows and "Movie Maker" - I'll leave that "there", not important.

    Oh, also, the iPhone track had a good live sound and mixed well with the Muddy 😀 direct in Audacity track 😀 hahhh so just grabbed a few more instruments to see how'd it sound in YT. Pick hi rez sound less vid! ++ results 😀

  • @ustaknow 1 week

    Ah, a couple of others, and all with issues... , however,
    -- "OpenShot",
    well, issues but loaded and worked.

    Far from perfect but one could have, even a single jpeg dance around and play their song under it. So, same sound track as other since just experimenting here, trying different settings, and some really, really, really old graphics 😀 hahhh, shocked still on YT after all their purging too.

    So again, with "OpenShot", loaded and done in about an hour, with learning curve. And again, all the "stuff" used is my own, so, can't count the creativity or search time if use other graphics or video. So, I'd say, if even not a stable product, more intuitive and pretty fast.

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