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  • @tcelliott  1 week

    I think it was Vom that mentioned it in the Spintunes thread but there is another, slightly more intense, songwriting challenge beginning in May if anyone is interested.

    NUR EIN!

    It is hosted and run on the songfight forums so you'll need to sign up for them in order to see the details but the link is here:

    And I think you can see past challenges etc., here (but my work internet blocks the site so...):

  • @tcelliott  1 week

    More info:

    The Nur Ein is an eight round song competition. In each round, the participants are given a song title and a mandatory challenge and are given a week in which to finish that song. Then this year's group of Nur Ein Judges will listen to the songs and rate them from best to worst. Each round whittles down the field until we are left with only 1 competitor. Creativity x Skill x Time Management = Nur Ein!

    The sixteen edition of the Nur Ein will begin on Monday, May 10th with Round Zero. Round Zero is the way you enter the competition. That day, the first title and challenge will be announced and the participants will have until Sunday May 16th at 11:59PM (Eastern Daylight Time) to create a song which uses the title and completes the challenge. The competitors must submit their songs via e-mail to nurein.sidefight which is a gmail address. The songs will then be posted at the Nur Ein website ( and the next title and challenge will be announced at the same

  • @tcelliott  1 week

    The schedule:

    Round 0:
    May 10-May 16
    Judging May 17-May 19
    <X> bands, <X-25> eliminations

    Round 1:
    May 17-May 23
    Judging May 24-May 26
    25 bands, 5 eliminations
    Judges favorite gets immunity

    Round 2:
    May 24-May 30
    Judging May 31-June 2
    20 bands, 4 eliminations
    Judges favorite gets immunity

    Round 3:
    May 31-June 6 (the guest round!)
    Judging June 7-June 9
    16 bands, 4 eliminations
    Judges favorite gets immunity

    Round 4:
    June 7-June 13
    Judging June 14-June 16
    12 bands, 4 eliminations

    Round 5:
    June 14-June 20
    Judging June 21-June 23
    8 bands, 3 eliminations

    Round 6:
    June 21-June 27
    Judging June 28-June 30
    5 bands, 3 eliminations

    Final Round:
    June 28-July 4
    Voting July 5-July 7
    2 bands, 1 elimination

    The final round is a battle between the two remaining competitors with the votes of the eliminated competitors and the Nur Ein Judges choosing the winner (one vote per "act," whether you're a band or a solo competitor; if you're a duo, trio, quartet, quintet, or more, you'll need to discuss internally how to allocate that one vote).

  • @tcelliott  5 days

    Bumpity bump d'bump

  • @terroratspacecamp  3 days

    For those who want to try their luck. The first challenge was announced:

    Submit an original song by May 16th at 11:59 PM(Eastern) that fits the following criteria

    Title: Semiprecious
    Challenge: Gradual emphasis of repetitions

    Send your MP3 to

    Good luck!

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