Perpetual Winter

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  • @bradbrubaker  1 week

    Hello folks who are still checking in at this late April date. Here's some shameless self-promotion for my band Brad Bru & The Crowd Goes Wild.




    ...and everywhere else.


    Shouty font over.

  • @davidtaro  1 week

    Hey Brad. Thanks for the heads up! I love the album, really great piece of work man. My favourites: I Don't Feel Any Better and It's Kind of a Funny Story. Congratulations!

  • @tcelliott  1 week

    I'll have to check this out. Hopefully the site is up to remind me after the next bit of hectic life.

  • @gm7  1 week

    i will have a listen.

  • @aeye 1 week

    This is an interesting album ( just finished listening) the music itself is pretty upbeat, but those lyrics get dark. I enjoyed it though! ( eye enjoyed it?)

  • @nadine 1 week

    Uh, this just hit my weird kind of humour. "It's a kind of funny story" is the strongest track. The lyrics are very good! Overall a good album with a solid concept. Well done!

  • @berni1954  1 week

    Listening to the album now. What a kick in the guts that first track is...and @aeye says it get's darker???

    Mind you the number of suicides shoots up in the spring (counter intuitive, eh?). Seem people who can't see a way forward see life renewing in Spring and can't stand the thought of joining its renewal.

  • @berni1954  1 week

    Second song follows on from the first. Both really upbeat life affirming tunes/arrangement but with powerful but very equivocal lyrics

    That equivocal nature continues in the third and fourth songs which have a life boosting energy in contrast to the lyrics exploring the mental state of someone in deep depression.

  • @berni1954  1 week

    Musically this is a great album.Very much the style of music that forms the bulk of my album collection.... I can expect people getting up and dancing to at least half of it... But if they stop and listen to the lyrics, they may head for the bathroom with a razor blade.

    Track Seven is the outstanding track IMHO. It has an honesty and a directness to it that reminds me in some strange way of James Taylor's "Fire & Rain" - another pure piece of poetry born in a psych ward. Also the sparse arrangement does not set up a synthesis/antithesis relationship with the lyrics, but rather enhances them directly.

    To sum up, this is a truly great album of fine songs, but not one you'd want to hear if you were not enjoying the wonderful Mediterranean Spring I have been enjoying while listening. As I said in another forum:
    "Who would want to exit a world that has penguins in it?"

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