TrackBout Finals

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  • @jwhanberry  2 weeks

    I have found a new songwriting game called TrackBout. It's a weekly contest in which we are given a chord progression from a popular tune (so unfamiliar to me). We are then tasked with making a short piece using at least half of the chords. The full rules are here:

    There is a preliminary vote and the top five move on to the finals. There is a livestream with the host of the bout who plays the finalist's tunes on Thursday at 12 Noon Central Daylight Time. Voting then continues for an hour until 1:00.

    I am in tomorrow's finals! Anyone can vote. If you want to tune in and vote that would be great. I am operating under my EDM Moniker of "Baldon". Pronounced similar to "Balboa". My tune is "DimSus" taken from the first two chords we got. 12 noon Thursday at

    Wish me luck!
    Baldon (JW)

  • @nadine 2 weeks

    Thanks for sharing this competition. I bookmarked it in case I want to enter a competition someday soon. Wishing you luck!

  • @jwhanberry  2 weeks

    Came in third. Won a plugin. Woohoo!

  • @gm7  2 weeks

    @jwhanberry ...nice. congrats

  • @nadine 2 weeks


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