For folks who know of "Wishbass":

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  • @ustaknow 3 weeks

    He's an old long time "folk" builder who does it his way, - period! 😀 hahhh... no Truss Rods, Strings not Centered, somewhat "finished" 😀 and Fretless.

    Anyway, his stuff is interesting, if not works of art and I see he has expanded to Lap Steel which is work is suited for; considering a 2x4 from the wood pile would work.

    So, as an FYI:

    He seems to have engage elec. bass, "EUB. I have commented to him, so careful if consider that yet, -- no Radius on his Bridge or Neck makes it hard to Box if want to. If not, knottah problem-o 😀

    - One can expect abuse back from him due to the nature of e-bay and all the "wonderful" folk there. So, I am expecting abuse in response. He may have mellowed... so, we'll see.

    But the EUB he lists hahh 😀 I love the "walker" cane foot! Probably can do that yourself for $5 any garage sale, maybe local drug store has them reasonable. Or just visit Grandma this weekend and take hers! 😉 (free).

    So, well, derUgo!

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