One Last Thing before we all go

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  • @spikedirection  4 weeks

    Please consider uploading your music to XRP Radio at
    I just got a show on their network. starting this friday 11pm GMT. It's ostensibly for garage rock and stuff but i'll play any fawm songs that get added. It's a great supportive community not unlike this one, and i'd recommend it for any musician.
    all you have to do is sign up and upload whatever songs you choose. then maybe pop me an email at,

    cheers x

  • @kathym  4 weeks

    Bumping this up in cased anyone sees it before we say goodnight. Thank you for the offer!

  • @aeye 4 weeks

    Great idea (I’m totally not on the genre you’d play but still gonna check it out!)

  • @spikedirection  2 weeks

    Since the site hasn't locked yet I'm bumping this. Could do with some more fawmers on my show

  • @tcelliott  2 weeks

    Sent the info to myself so I wouldn't forget (again.)

  • @dragondreams  2 weeks

    @spikedirection Thank you for this! I've uploaded a couple and dropped you an email.

  • @cairobraga  2 weeks

    I did it, gonna upload some more things from my catalogue there, thanks for the tip @spikedirection

  • @spikedirection  1 week

    Champion! next show is tomorrow 11pm GMT / 6pm EST. there'll be a whole lump of Fawm songs, something from everyone who's uploaded that i know of. If you find yourself listening, be sure to jump in the chatbox on the website and say hi!

  • @cairobraga  1 week

    @spikedirection I just received a tweet tag saying it's tomorrow from 19h to 23h GMT, I'm confusion, lol


  • @spikedirection  13 hours

    Double bump.
    this is still a thing for anybody who's interested. I think i've got one new Fawmer this week, plus @standup 's stuff is in my rotation, and I know @cairobraga and @dragondreams made a good impression on some of the other DJs, got played on a few different shows.

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