Something(s) you want to do more/less of?

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  • @nerdjealous  3 weeks

    FAWM shutdown is closing in, and I'm looking ahead to the next challenges in my life. Insomnia is back again, old habits die hard, and it's time to take action!
    Anything you wanna reduce/replace/include in your life?? For me, it's:

    Less of = endless digital note-taking, buying cr*p, working too hard;
    More of = sleep, relaxation, handwritten creations, spontaneous creation, eating at regular times, spending time on relationships with loved ones, watching and listening to more other peoples art/creations, getting out in the sun, piggy bank for milkshake fund;

  • @chaotrick 2 weeks

    Great post!

    As the spring rolls in, I want to definitely get outside more. Don't rely on my friends as much for going out, and learn how to spend time on my own without getting too overwhelmed with negative thoughts. I want to ride my bicycle to the forest and make some music there, on my groovebox (Volca Sample).

    I want to put less detuned melodies in my music. I've grown tired of constantly putting them into my music for the past two years, yet I seem to always find them in my new stuff. I want also to learn how to work with less elements and make music that's atmospheric. Learn how to craft better stories in my songs. Don't be so "literal" with some concepts. Also, more focus on evolving as a sound designer, musician, and as a person in general.

  • @johnstaples  2 weeks

    I could use more sleep...

  • @tsunamidaily  2 weeks

    just for this moment in time, i need more sleep and less responsibility.
    my mother broke her leg and because she has no use of the arm on the opposite side of her body, cannot use crutches, so she has been in a physical rehab for the last week, and will be for the rest of the month, at least. so i am suddenly my 81-yo father's principal caregiver.
    i have been his caretaker for the week she was in the hospital and this first week she's been in rehab.
    i set my first alarm to see if he's up at 8, then hour intervals until he is. but that's not sleep, an hour at a time. so i'm up at 8 AM or earlier every day, while working at 2 or 5 pm every day, and coming home anywhere from 11 pm to 2 am. i get 3-4 hours of sleep during my work week, and my usual day to do nothing and recover from ,my physically demanding job, sunday, is no longer that. all this time, i'm having to leave out for work early to run errands for my mom and get stuff to her across town.
    i just don't see how i'm going to make it through this month.

  • @mrblitz000 2 weeks

    @tsunamidaily omgoodness here's hoping you can work things out.

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