Compressor pedal recommendations?

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  • @siebass  3 weeks

    I find I like the FET 1176 sound quite often on my guitar and bass tracks in recording, for parallel compression. I was looking for a similar compression sound in my live setup for bass and for guitar, via pedals. I've looked at a few in terms of research: Cali76 compact bass, Keeley compressor plus, Walrus Deep Six, JHS pulp 'n peel, and a few others. I picked up a spectracomp to test its tone prints for parallel compression based on a friend's recommendation, and a 30 day return policy from Amazon, but I have yet to test it.

    What do folks use for compressor pedals for their "live" sound, if any? What do you like/not like?

  • @ustaknow 3 weeks

    So, for, "what do folks use for compressor pedals for their "live" sound, if any? What do you like/not like?"

    I have a Boss compressor around, and since first offered, and the only one I own. I don't use it, haven't used it, likely will never used it again.

    For me the "idea", or as stated was "sustainer" effect and all the other mojo marketed but left out the + noise boost. So, don't like'em.

    What then "live" if any?

    Well, for no special reason than good experience with output and control, I use a Tube Amp (I have fully Transistor, so knotta cork sniffer here 😀 ), anyway, I use a Tube Amp, specifically with a Tube Rectifier, not Transistor Rectifier.

    I find, in my "Heads", anyway, and typically 100w with LARGE Coils, (or 5W 😉 large coils) they tend to "ring", "reverb" ish ism's on their own (leave them "on" and not Stand-by, on, - vol "off").

    I find, well, unless you plan on standing there for 5, 10, 20 mins? how much "Sustain" can one use? Moreover, for me, that's what "feedback" is for, anyway/too. I can get infinite feedback on Note, and walk it to different levels of use (relationship to Bottom(s)). And, no + noise. It's just more sustain and etc., of that signal, chain not stepped on by a set "compression" squash with multiplier, loop.

    I don't meat, meet? many effects that I like versus changing Bottoms, and Guitar Unit which includes Strings Used. In that way, I know exactly what guitar, bottom to use and how, every time for "that" sound, function.

    Just the other day, I found, yet another Bass in a pile of guitars, 😀 truly, - an unfinished Bass I was building (all, tacked together, proto-typing setup). With those porkchop sized 10 lb humbuckers 😀 (MM passive style look, but over wound even 😀 china .gov specials clones) two of them. Cheap cheap, core noisey strings on the RW winding's. It gave the unique scoop, phased, bright signal I can't "do" via any effect algorithm of slicing and dicing the Hz's.

    But, that's just me 😀 so, derUgo! 😉

  • @helenseviltwin  3 weeks

    I have a Donner compression pedal. It's cheap and it works.

  • @zecoop  3 weeks

    @siebass - Standard Boss compression pedal and also the $25 Behringer clone. I don't use them much, mostly for ring-y clean sounds that need more attack. I can strum or pick harder and the volume won't get crazy, but the chord/note rings out (sustain as usta said). My electric 12 string benefits, for example, from this.

    I use it less so for distorted sounds, although you can push the signal harder into your amp the same way as stated above. Lots of people live for compressor pedals, so there's obviously a market. I just haven't ever used mine that much. I like having it around for when i do, though. 😀

  • @terroratspacecamp  3 weeks

    TC Electronic's Forcefield. Not too expensive. Definitely does its job. Solid pedal.

  • @mrblitz000 3 weeks

    Caline has a bunch of inexpensive ones; all kinds of variations. Currently in my chain is a 'Gale Force', 'Dyna Comp inspired' pedal. Anyway, these pedals are something like $30 apiece and, based on price point alone, might be worth investigating for a 'new sound'. ymmv..

  • @sph  3 weeks

    Here's a site with a lot of info about compressors:
    I've got a Schalltechnik_04 Pumpernickel that I use for bass. It has a blend knob allowing to mix in the original signal which gives you parallel compression.

  • @rshakesp  3 weeks

    I have the tc electronic Hypergravity - I like it you have to fiddle a bit to balance the sustain and the boost appropriately- but the tone print capability allowing you to model and upload your own configs is cool.

  • @standup  2 weeks

    Wampler ego mini is the only compressor I’ve got. Works well, no noise.

    But the Cali76 looks cool, if it actually sounds like 1176.

  • @siebass  2 weeks

    Thanks for the recs, everyone. I got a parellel comp tone print on the TC Spectra comp at present, and it seems to be working for now, but if I find it's too limited, I'll probably test the Hypergravity @rshakesp ; and if still unhappy, eat it on the Cali76 (but that is is just so expensive for a pedal). I tried the Forcefield @terroratspacecamp previously and personally really disliked the tone and couldn't get it dialed right; just wasn't right for me, but maybe I just didn't know how to set it properly. I've heard good things about the Boss and Dynacomp-style ones, but I definitely want parallel compression, and I think they can't do that. Also heard great things about the Wampler ego mini, so definitely in the consideration as well. There's just SO MANY PEDALS OUT THERE

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