Fifth week of March - Who's still here?

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  • @hmorg  3 weeks

    Still hanging on by the skin of my teeth. Woke up today with something I listened to a couple weeks ago stuck in my head.

  • @nadine 3 weeks

    Seems like the energy is gone. I may complete my 500 reviews or update one of my songs this week but since I receive less and less "thanks for the listen" comments I'll probably go after Easter and focus on mixing my songs. Still looking for a place to stay in touch with you.

  • @vomvorton  3 weeks

    Still checking the forums, and I'm now EIGHT comments short of my commenting goal so hopefully still going to get there before the site closes. Surely I can manage that.

    Otherwise, working on Spintunes, watching a lot of movies, getting fed up at my work, enjoying the lighter evenings.

  • @musicsongwriter  3 weeks

    I'm here, still a lot to discover and even chance to collaborate.

  • @psyt 3 weeks

    Still here. 😀

  • @johnstaples  3 weeks

    Still checking in daily but seeing it all fading so much is depressing (even though it is same as every year.) Starting to think the pending closure might be a good thing.

  • @zecoop  3 weeks

    I still check in, but it has definitely gone mostly dark in here... I agree with you @johnstaples

  • @chipwithrow  3 weeks

    Yes, @johnstaples, it is the same every year, and still sort of sad. I just reached 300 comments given, and I'll continue to listen and comment, only for folks who are still active here and in forums.
    (It's important for me to give quality comments, too, and not just add to my total.)

  • @cblack 3 weeks

    Checking the forums every couple of days, but the passion is gone.

  • @andygetch  3 weeks


  • @metalfoot  3 weeks

    I'm definitely still here and will probably be doing a bit more listening this week. Aiming to get to 1300 before the site closes.

  • @tcelliott  3 weeks

    I have to say that there seems to be more of a community presence post-fawm this year than in previous years. It's kind of cool to see, tbh.

  • @tuneslayer  3 weeks

    I am simultaneously here and not here.

    -- Schrödinger

  • @tuneslayer  3 weeks

    @tcelliott I wonder if that's because we have a finite limit for participation with the site switching off in a couple of weeks.

  • @siebass  3 weeks

    Hanging in, hanging on, till they close the door on my foot.

  • @tcelliott  3 weeks

    @tuneslayer Could be. I think part of it is the uptick in participation due to pandemic/quarantine and part of it is due to the isolation we've felt for the last year. But I don't know, I'm just guessing.... as usual.

  • @fuzzy  3 weeks

    Still here!!! 😀

  • @roddy  3 weeks

    I'm still here. Yes there is a kind of Rivendell dying autumnal feel but there are embers here and there that can be rekindled or at least when blown on give a bright red glow. 😀

  • @emkaydeebee  3 weeks

    Still here! Mostly for the forum and connections now. Longest I’ve ever stayed around post-Feb!

  • @coolparadiso  3 weeks

    Im going to have one last blast this week. I agree with John Staples its a bit sad now! Would love to crack 1500.

    Don't forget to archive soon!

  • @zeekle1998  3 weeks

    Still here, popping in every now and then. Gonna really try and get some more songs listened to or lyrics read.

  • @bradbrubaker  3 weeks

    Still here. I have a few comments still to reciprocate.

  • @berni1954  3 weeks

    Not as frequent a visitor, but I'm still popping in once every couple of days.

  • @wacha  3 weeks

    I'm popping in from time to time. I've been pretty busy working on some other projects.

  • @bethdesombre  3 weeks

    Still around (though not quite as often); so many songs to listen to!

  • @mrblitz000 3 weeks

    as it turns out, mid-april is a good closing date. you guys are right... it's slowing way down. anyway, great FAWM, everybody!

  • @gm7  3 weeks

    In and out. Listening to some music and reciprocating on comments.

  • @petemurphy  3 weeks

    I'm still checking in, but I appear to have run out of steam on the commenting side of things. I was hoping to reach 500 comments, but I can't see it happening now.

  • @trolls2 3 weeks

    i had to move suddenly and am still in between spaces so i haven't checked in for awhile but love dropping in to see what's happening!!

  • @kenmattsson  3 weeks

    Occasionally pop in, but there have been other things demanding my time.

  • @mikeskliar  3 weeks

    was out of commission for a while, but making a little bit of a return to music-making and fawm and all... will try to do a little commenting in the next few days, and also have been working earlier tonight on the bandcamp album i'm assembling from fawm stuff (and have a new new song just written that will be on the album too...)

    it is nice to see a bunch of folks here in late march!!

  • @scottlake 3 weeks

    Final listens coming up. Meanwhile, amongst the stragglers, if I were to make t shirts on demand from this sketch I made tonight of two classic mics, would anyone be interested in purchase and what would be a fair price?

  • @edwardsmusic 3 weeks

    I'm checking in every now and then. Not doing much.

  • @farmyardorchestra 3 weeks

    Still breathing.

  • @highmountain 3 weeks

    Bad at comments, Can't kill folks in here. Glad to be your target. Shoot or save you ammo. I will cry, I will smile, I will treasure the bullets.

  • @candle  3 weeks

    Well, I'm sort of here. Lurking in the forums is about all I'm doing. Was thinking, we could all just migrate to the 50/90 site on April 14th. I will probably do that. Especially since we discovered last spring that you can still post "Roctober" Songs. We sort of just started posting pre-50/90 tracks in Rocktober just to keep the creative juices flowing. I think even some of the Pre-50/90 challenge songs ended up getting posted that way.

    Just my crazy mind at work…

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @sherrycanary  3 weeks

    I will commit to listening tomorrow. I missed so much of FAWM this year

  • @johnstaples  3 weeks

    @candle that is a great idea!

  • @candle  3 weeks

    @johnstaples it worked last spring, I figured it might work well this spring 😁

    See You In The Shadows…

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