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  • @nadine 6 weeks

    Dear Devs,

    thanks a lot for developing and maintaining this website. Being this my first FAWM I am very contented with its features but there are three I really miss. Can you please add them to your future plans, if you update this site?

    1) Multiple collaboration
    In most of my songs I will work with more than one FAWMler but I am only able to tag one. I tagged the other people as annotation but they won't receive the updates on comments etc. Instead of a drop down I'd like to fill a list of mentions.

    2) Push on update
    There are plenty of songs where I'd like to listen the final version. As follower I only receive a push when a new song is uploaded so nothing happens post FAWM. I would like to receive song update messages from my watchlist and maybe also of songs I tag as favourites.
    As artist I'd like to decide when to send a song update. I dont want to spam around if I just fix some lyrics or typos but sending a push after a singer recorded or when I uploaded a final version would be well appreciated. This could be temporarily solved with a "send update" checkbox next to save which is TRUE when you upload the song first and FALSE else. In case you want to push all followers just hit that checkbox. In my opinion this would help to keep FAWM alive after February.

    3) Favourite songs
    I sometimes hit the random button and come to very cool but unfinished songs. I wish I could mark them as favourite, receive a song update message or revisit them. As a workaround I used the favourites of my browser.

    Thank you!

  • @vomvorton  6 weeks

    Excellent suggestions, and I'm hoping the extended site closure gives the team some time to work on them this year 😀

    Multiple collaboration is my top wish, it would be so great for things like the four-track collabs and the new four-way video collaboration.

    I'm sure it's already on the checklist but the weird "characters left" bug in the forums is the only other thing I'd love to see fixed. So frustrating when reading through an interesting post and it stops halfway through a word because somebody has been caught by it!

    Otherwise I think this site still works beautifully and I look forward to continuing to use it for many years to come!

  • @ustaknow 6 weeks

    One element I've noticed over time is changes are not made due to "one" FAWM, since all are different and wiped, starting new. So, "that" is not a concern, - some one-off need-want that was an anomaly with "one" FAWM.

    I also, have noticed over time, the element of what folks do *not want changed is well considered. I think we saw that discussed this FAWM. I really enjoyed how that was responded to, - instilled a confidence, somehow.

    And, as well, I have noticed that the "unintended" consequences of changes is looked out for and engaged. Now, I've learned that, on the "Forums" is typically not the best way to engage certain things since then becomes a, -- "well, this is what I think about your thinking about your thinking about that" 😀 (why do folks do that anyway?). That being the case, and so rarely engaged, folks then communicating concerns, otherwise, - are listened to, it seems.

    Now, that may not mean they will be accommodated; yet, - derUgo! 😀

    I've observed changes have to be connected to qualitative, quantitative data to facilitate it; otherwise, if it ain't broke, not fixed. This is all about data gathering, after all, anyway 😀

    I look forward to all the Alpha Testing Feb. '22 😀 well, I guess "Beta," since none using it will be coding 😀 hahhh! (+-)

    -- I am sure it will be like Christmas, in Februrary! Yeehaw! Can't wait! 😀

  • @candle  6 weeks

    The multi-collab integration (similar to how it works on the 50/90 site) has been a request for years. I know it's near the top of the list. +10,000 on that one 😉 But I like the "Demo Updated" button idea @nadine. That's a lot better than how I do it (adding "[UPDATED DEMO]" to the song tittle & posting in the "Demo Updated" thread).

    See You In The Shadows…

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