My top three listened to track for March to date :)

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  • @ustaknow 6 weeks

    1. My Country, 'Tis of Thee

    2. Costs Unknown – the Belter Wars, after Mars

    3. Weed Fields Burning - new and old

    - Not what I would have picked, or guessed and why it just tickles me, as it is.

    A pub dom hymn (chording out a hymnal) so all first pass one take; an ad hoc knee jerk song idea 😀 spawned by an "amarica vs mars" argument in the Forums (Mars our Robot Planet, indeed 😀 ) - I just love those arguments, and all the annoying people (so to speak 😀 love to all actually - I get my best work from them 😉 ); and then actually, no so surprised, (weed fields), that song was played allot. That did surprise me anyway, but not that I myself didn't like it, enjoy it, much! (Not that I don't enjoy the others, playing them, but, - if you get my meaning. If not, oh well 😀 )

    Oh, and number 02, I think I'm gonna do the hello-cello thing to it too, - get my hand back into that. I love the idea of just grabbing it as a bass. The piezo, being what it is, just adds, the "attack" percussion. The NS NXT has a few buttons and knob thingy's on that side that effect that (overkill for me, hahh!). No lables, just there 😀 hahhh. I should look into those features and learn how to use it properly ? 😉 (again, when I got that, it was not a popular instrument at all, no where near the price today, yikes!, only outlaws used one 😀 ).

  • @chipwithrow  6 weeks

    Although I don't pay much attention to my Bandcamp and YouTube numbers (actually, no attention to Bandcamp and just an occasional YouTube glance), I have had folks come up to me when I perform (and I'll do that again soon, I hope) and request some of my weird little tunes that I'd sort of forgotten about: "Hey, play that one about the cross-eyed goat!" or "Don't you have a song about bananas?"
    And since you mentioned Bandcamp, you reminded me I'm probably due one of those $18 or so payments I get every few years from listens to to my online music.

  • @ustaknow 6 weeks

    (*)chipwithrow 😀 hahhh, yeah!

    Your comment reminds me of this unusual phenomenon that may be more prominent than we realize, - people assume we "know". And, we don't.

    You've (mr. chip 😀 ) been around me long enough to have heard my "story" about the Central Asian community I live within 😀 ?
    -- The time I asked, so do you folks "like" what I do, (music)? Ironic since, - I was "there"; why would I be, if not. No one's that polite 😀

    And I was told, "we thought you know how good you are". They also, in that community 😀 (culture) do not say "thank you" either 😀 hahhh! (even within family, - just do; what else would they feel/think?).

    - Yes, Chip, you have a collection of stuff that really works, well. There's one or two folks here in these periods I think, I should let them know. There's a few that are so consistent in many aspects of what it takes to be "valued" in this "context", ~ Entertianment.

    What does that mean?

    Well, like a 6 yo child that gets up and sings their favorite song, - who doesn't love that; or..., and etc. That Quality when infused with a developed focused work product, talent ?, is why folks are entertained. Is it the "pro-mix", and etc. big corp marketing? No. I used to look for this homeless (real or not) singer on the AC Boardwalk. She, as she presented herself and picked her spot to bounce off the Convention Center Building reverb and belt was something to go see, hear. She always remembered me because, one day with my wife, she was singing with such a beat as I walked by I danced with her 😀 My wife, was stun struck (I don't dance 😉 ) and a crowd gathered. (She made some money)

    It was a little like when bruce pulled that staged dancer (courteney cox) up. However, this was not staged, and I am far better looking than ms cox 😉

    Well, nothing beats authentic "feedback" vs all the other we may get 😀

    - Oh, and I think, again, you do the dead, - better than the dead, 1+1; which, I otherwise don't care for 😀 hahhh!

  • @ustaknow 6 weeks

    @chipwithrow I work for ~ virtual beers 😉 I've got a frig full, help yourself.

  • @nadine 6 weeks

    Just had a look into my website stats:

    1. Nuff Said

    2. Wrench In The Works

    3. Don't tell me if it hurts

    Very interesting choice, since "Nuff Said" and "Don't tell me if it hurts" have been uploaded in the last FAWM week o_O Would I have picked them by myself? Maybe. I think all are good songs, so I am contented 😀

    @chipwithrow This happened to me, too! Some people requested the two songs I feel least contented. One sounds like a bad piano improvisation and the other one is just worse production. People like it and I don't know why! Sometimes the song you like the most is not loved at all. Funny how things go!

  • @chipwithrow  6 weeks

    @ustaknow - "Virtual Beer" ... there's a 50/90 song waiting to happen. And you know I appreciate a Grateful Dead comparison!
    @nadine - your comment reminds me that John Lennon hated the song "Run For Your Life." I read the interview where he said that, and then I went and listened - not the Beatles' best, but a catchy tune. (I think he didn't much care for the lyrics.)

  • @andygetch  6 weeks

    There are tumbleweeds about in my BC page LOL with one partial listen (on March 6 from a 2017 NaSoAlMo song of all things) in the last 30 days. No worries here as I am just do this for fun and yes I need to cull what I have posted there. Like @chipwithrow and @nadine , in the days where I played out (and hope to again), or at least at a regular song circle, sometimes the requests are for a song I played once or twice and semi-forgot about. In a couple of cases that actually put a song back on my radar. Or sometimes afterwards when I had just played newer songs in front of our music org, I got "why didn't you play ____" which I left off for various reasons.

  • @ustaknow 6 weeks

    (*) chipwithrow that's an interesting reference, that song "Run For Your Life". I sort of remember it, and from back when published, on the family AM Radio in the kitchen, high on a shelf, - little white box 😀 next to the kitchen sink, hahhh.
    - Imagine that song, in today's culture.

    Also for me 😀 hahhh, it's a "template", this is how a 1960's song is played and sounds. I love the guitar riffing and slide. Every "groovy" movie of the '60's had that sound; and the full L/R "stereo".

    - Great stuff, what a flash back song.

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