So it's been a few days, what song of yours is standing out?

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  • @sadloaf Mar 6

    For me it's "Ambulance." It's a pretty simple song but every part still feels really good after many relistens. I remember not wanting to stop recording vocals because I was having so much fun. I thought other songs were better after that but recency bias had a lot to do with that.

    Do you guys have songs that stand above the rest of your FAWM songs?

  • @cblack Mar 6

    Either "Thought Valley" because of the work @ianuarius put into the collab, or "Invocazione della Strega" because it held personal meaning and I nailed it in 1 take.

  • @wrenarcher  Mar 7

    I have a jazz type song that just happened to all fall into place just right. I wish i could add an upright bass and maybe some soft sax fills here and there but over all i really like how it turned out. The metaphor, the lyrics, the mood... i rarely feel that way about many of my songs but I think it was interacting with so many unbelievably i talented musicians here that upped my game on this one.
    The Melting Snow -

  • @johnstaples  Mar 7

    I'm really loving my songs this year but one I'm especially enjoying is Let's Go To Mars! It is a protest against spending billions on Mars travel while we destroy our only viable planet!

    What tickles me is how many of my progressive friends (including FAWMers) generally agree about not wasting money but still wanna spend money on Mars!

  • @nerdjealous  Mar 12

    It's a few overall. Between I'm a Clunk, Common Knowledge, and Floor One. They all seem to be what get brought up during discussions with my fans (family) ;p

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