Episode 20 songwriters & original songs

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  • @coolparadiso  Mar 4

    Last episode of season 1 now out. 12 songs by fawmers and comments on various songwriting issues from a plethora of songwriters, many from here


  • @siebass  Mar 4

    Checking it out now

  • @klaus Mar 4

    Bonza podcast! I listened Gloomy Day part. Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you're glad. 😀 I'll come back to listen the whole thing this weekend.

  • @berni1954  Mar 4

    Thanks for including my song appraising the portrait of Vincent van Gogh there is in the Rijksmuseum (for the challenge of the same name). I am guessing it's too late to add my surname to the broadcast itself, but if you could add it to the list of artists, I'd appreciate that. It's "Armstrong". 👍

  • @coolparadiso  Mar 11

    Thx for your support. Great uptake on this episode.


    Will be hunting you all down for songs for season 2 starting soon!

  • @mikedebenham  7 weeks

    Finally had time to catch up this week. Top stuff, John. Nice mix of songs.

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