Who is doing 50/90, the 50 songs in 90 days challenge?

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  • @andygetch  Mar 2

    For those who do not know, the 50 Songs in 90 Days challenge is like a sister challenge to FAWM http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org

    I will be participating on my 10th lap through these annual songwriting challenges. Who else is participating in 50/90 and what are some of your favorite things about it?

  • @andygetch  Mar 2

    Thanks @headfirstonly for the thread move to 'Other Helpful Orgs and Sites'!

    My favorite things about the challenge are the longer time period to develop songs, collaborations, and for me that takes the time pressure off of chain songwriting games.

  • @headfirstonly  Mar 2

    @andygetch Done!

    I will be taking part in fifty/ninety once again this year. It has a more laid-back feel to it than FAWM does, even though you need to average writing slightly more songs per day to make the target. But it is every bit as much fun to take part. If you liked FAWM, you'll have a great time.

  • @ayehahmur  Mar 2

    The whole concept of fifty/ninety terrifies me. (I mean what do you even *do* with fifty songs?!) But there's every chance come the end of the summer I'll drop in for a bit. I did that last year and it really scratched the itch without feeling like I was overcommitting.

  • @dragondreams  Mar 2

    Me! 😀
    I will have retired from my day job (and bought my Carillon music PC) in the next 12 days, so what else would I logically be doing?
    Who knows... maybe even a summer house party? 😉

  • @fuzzy  Mar 2

    Yes, of course!
    I wouldn't miss it!
    I think I actually prefer 50/90 to FAWM!

  • @metalfoot  Mar 2

    50/90 is very much my jam and I do take it at a more leisurely pace than I do FAWM.

  • @rshakesp  Mar 2

    i may well give it a go this year - see how work permits...

  • @kanttila  Mar 2

    Oh ya, 50/90 is my preferred one. Summer is a much better time for me to make music, I feel way more inspired and alive normally. I don't try to make 50 songs, I just enjoy the slower pace over there. Easier to keep up with everyone.

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Mar 2

    @fuzzy This last summer being my first 50/90 I can't fully decide, but I did like the more relaxed feel of it, and while I still missed a ton of good stuff. I probably at least got around to listening to or reading at least something from everyone, which will never happen in fawm. I just went and looked there was just over 4600 songs posted through that entire 3 month challenge.

    @ayehahmur to your point... I don't know.... what do you do with that many songs? I had 109 for 50/90 I still haven't got around to listening to all of those myself 🤣 Though I did find a couple a few weeks ago that got buried in the midst of one superskirmish or another that I didn't even remember doing that I was quite fond of.

  • @vomvorton  Mar 2

    Will be around for sure. I've only written a few the last couple of years, will hopefully be able to get a bit more involved this year and do some more collaborations and stuff.

  • @kenmattsson  Mar 2

    I looked over there, and while the concept of writing 50 songs seems daunting, I get the impression that few people actually write 50 songs, but it is a way to stay in the conversation and community. I think I'm going to try it, and figure if I write 10 songs in 90 days, I'd be happy with that.

  • @ayehahmur  Mar 2

    @dzdandcunfsd It's a conundrum! Even the handful I did last year I've done nothing with!

  • @ianuarius  Mar 2

    Well, I did it last year. But who knows! Every year is a special little bun.

  • @pipewrench67  Mar 2

    I will take part how fully, will, of course, be dependent on life circumstances.

  • @loveonamixtape  Mar 2

    I haven't done 50/90, but if I have time, I definitely want to this year! I'm having a real FAWM crash after a particularly fulfilling FAWM. Something about 50/90 feels more overwhelming to me than FAWM, even though I see lots of folks mention it being more laidback.

  • @metalfoot  Mar 2

    @loveonamixtape it's mostly FAWM diehards who can't get enough of the FAWM love 😉

  • @philkmills  Mar 2

    I usually do *something* during 50/90 (except last summer, when my brain refused). I think my max was about 30 one year. I mostly enjoy it but I also find myself missing some FAWM regulars who don't do the summer challenge.

  • @bitshred  Mar 2

    It's been years. There was a time I preferred it over FAWM, I think I'm more inspired in summer or whatever.. Never actually wrote 50. I think I hit 27 once. I can't say what I'll be doing this summer, but I may try it again.

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Mar 2

    @metalfoot or for people like yourself that I don't think you could stop from writing at least a few things a day! I just saw your fawm song count! 🤣🤣 Is that a new record for you?

  • @metalfoot  Mar 2

    @dzdandcunfsd That is a new record for me and there are some important factors that led to that number being abnormally high. Lockdown is one of the biggest!

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 2

    A couple of you mentioned the issue of adding onto your pile of songs when you don't know what to even do with them. I'm with you - but yet I keep on adding!
    And a couple of you mentioned that you like it as much as FAWM (or more) - I'm with you, too. I think I like them the same, for the different reasons some of you have mentioned.
    One additional reason I like 50/90 is that I can take weeklong detours to various instruments - a banjo week, a mandolin week, a keyboard week - and then return to the tried-and-true guitar/vocal (now also ukulele/vocal) approach.
    So, yes, I'll be there! (And I'll probably drop into 100/180 on Facebook from April to July, too.)

  • @fuzzy  Mar 2

    Yeah, @dzdandcunfsd, I think the fewer number of 50/90 songs is actually a bonus for me; I feel a bit panicked during FAWM cos I feel like I'm missing too much good music!
    I find 50/90 to be less overwhelming and much more relaxed.
    The lower number of participants gives it a bit of a clubhouse feel, as well, as opposed to FAWM's crowd scene.

  • @candle  Mar 2

    I'm probably going to give it a go again. Had fun last summer - and since I'm laid off every summer anyway, I figure I might as well try. Tho, it all depends on what sort of mood my Muse is in. She's been going strong with Music for over a year now & I get the feeling she might want to switch gears to creative writing in the not to distant future. I'll have to see where her headspace it at once we get closer to July, so - no promises! At the very least, I might just jam out a few tracks to keep my feet wet (so to speak).

    @metalfoot & @dzdandcunfsd : I think Lockdown is a big reason many people were so prolific this year. I mean, we not only reach FAWM Escape Velocity, but we blasted the previous Songs Posted record out of the ball park.

    I broke my record of 30 songs from last year. Nearly doubled it this year. Yeah, I'm as shocked as you are (tho, I did get 100 for 50/90 last summer, so maybe doing a little shy of 60 songs for FAWM isn't such a surprise after that).

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @ballyhoot Mar 2

    I’m usually do both fawm and 50/90 with no burden to actually meet the song count objective. Every song I end up doing, is just icing in my book. Which kind of ruins the book. The pages are never the same. Wait I think I let the metaphor get away from me. Anyway..... I’m sitting in the doctors office waiting for my annual physical.... so just killing time.... If you do 50/90 this year, make sure you sign up for an Exquisite Corpse or two!! 😀

  • @kahlo2013 Mar 2

    Well, the question is why not? Of course and can’t wait to hear people!

  • @andygetch  Mar 2

    Oh yeah, what to do with so many songs is a big question. In my case, I have to write 50 to get 5 that I like enough to want to play more than once or twice. Those five are usually scattered throughout and more likely to occur near the end. The rest are just for fun, experimentation, and as a learning exercise.

  • @yam655  Mar 2

    I'm definitely doing 50/90. My performance has been a bit lackluster the past few years, but with FAWM being so successful, I suspect things will be good for 50/90.

    @ayehahmur When it comes to "what to do with all of those songs" the most important thing you can do is this: throw out the bad songs, throw out the average songs, just keep the amazing and excellent songs. I'm a big fan of the 60:30:10 rule, where the only way to have a lot of excellent songs is to make a lot of songs. The more songs you have, the more important it is to throw out stuff that's not awesome.

  • @johnstaples  Mar 2

    I'll be there. Still working on my 10,000 hours of songwriting.

  • @scubed  Mar 2

    I’ll definitely start 50/90, although I’ll probably fall off the rails well before October - I’ve only made it to the end once. But, whatever I do (or don’t) manage to produce during 50/90, it will be wonderful to see and hear other members of the FAWMily there.

  • @apolez3 Mar 2

    @johnstaples 10,000 hours of songwriting sounds like a plan 😀 My first time @FAWM and will be my first time @ the 50/90, I'm in. Though not going to be upset with myself if I don't make the 50 songs 😉

  • @mardeycranbleson Mar 2

    I’ve known about it as long as fawm but never did it. Will probably give it a go this year. But during the summer I’m busy with outdoor stuff so who knows.

  • @johnstaples  Mar 2

    To anyone put off by the goal of 50 songs just ignore that aspect and write how many songs you want! I usually approach it as a second FAWM and try to get 14 done.

    As for what to do with 50 more songs in the event you do go for the goal, pick the few that are any good and be happy with those. The rest of them were songwriting exercises that helped you improve!

  • @johnstaples  Mar 2

    One more thing to remember...50/90 is NOT like FAWM! Yes, there are similarities. And the people there are mostly FAWMers. But two things strike me as very different, 1) there are far fewer people participating in 50/90 (you can decide if that is a good thing or not; I prefer the FAWM chaos!) and 2) the energy and excitement dies out really fast at 50/90. If you are hoping for a wee bit of FAWM in the summer be sure to start on day 1 and work it cause after a couple of weeks it can get really quiet!

  • @andygetch  Mar 2

    @johnstaples I'm maybe not quite halfway to 10,000 hours so maybe I'lll get there by 2030? I will say that my 50/90 writing time was about 1,500 hours of songwriting.

  • @johnstaples  Mar 2

    @andygetch that is awesome! My first impression of 50/90 years ago was that it was a silly challenge. Most of the "songs" I would listen to there were rough drafts at best. Then it dawned on me that, for me at least, 50/90 (and FAWM) are for rough drafts that I might even get a few comments on! Kinda like my songwriting sketchpad made public. The overall effect being that by participating I am more likely to write more songs. And work on those 10,000 hours! (I recently read a study that seemed to prove Gladwell was wrong about his theory about that many hours so maybe I'm just doing it for the fun!)

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Mar 2

    Well regarding the 10k hours thing, which I've never agreed with........people learn at different rates, some people don't need 10K, others learn veeeeery slowly.

  • @ayehahmur  Mar 2

    @yam655 Oh I totally get that. But what if I write 50 and end up with 20 that I love? I don't have the time to spend on pimping them up to production quality. I think what I'm trying to say is I know my capacity (or at least the capacity I'm willing to allow to this aspect of my creativity and FAWM already gives me more than enough for that.

    And I'm not bashing 50/90, it's just my personal take. Like I say I will probably drop in at some point.

  • @oddbod  Mar 2

    My take on 50/90 is to mostly collab by putting my music to other people's lyrics (with their permission of course).
    My tally of songs is usually only somewhere between 10 and 20.

  • @nahlej381  Mar 2

    This was my 2nd FAWM I just signed up for 50/90 so I’ll be around!

  • @nancihobson1  Mar 2

    I think that I may try it this year. I don't expect to get to 50, but I like the incentive, FAWM worked well for me this year (it was my fourth). I finally got relaxed enough to write a few just for fun (not expecting to sing them out, etc) and that felt good

  • @saltyjohn Mar 2

    I'll be there. Did my first last year and really enjoyed it, met some great people and made a few collabs.

  • @coolparadiso  Mar 2

    Yup i really like 50/90. I get to hang out with a lot of the usual suspects for another 3 months! At a slightly more leisurely pace. I am different to many because Fawm and 50/90 don't change my writing speed i write everyday anyway! The only difference is the added extras from skirmishing. Im not really a believer in the 10,000 hours like @dzdandcunfsd i think everyone is different and i’m not sure the number quoted , not just in songwriting, is the point. Some people hit the motherload on day one, others never! I think the point is that lots of practice gives you the ability , like any practice, to deliver high quality consistently. Oh on 50/90 compared to FAWM to me its like asking who is your favourite child! They are both excellent in slightly different ways. Neither group has been to me just about writing songs, i would go to both if i decided i would only write a couple in each! And of course i am a compulsive listener of new music!

  • @ampersandman  Mar 2

    I like 50/90 for the occasional song, I always made somewhere between 6 and 10. For me it's more like FAWM in summer holiday mode. And I have to say I really enjoyed Rocktober last year.

  • @laotranati Mar 2

    I'll try to participate this year, I think I registered after my first (and previous) FAWM in 2017 and I've never uploaded a song there. oops? Let's see what happens this year!

  • @musicsongwriter  Mar 2

    Hope to participate again, wouldn't have the goal of creating 50 but will try my best to create nice music 😀

  • @stephenwordsmith  Mar 2

    I love 5090. Do it every year. Tend to end up with the same number of songs as FAWM, which says something about the pace of the thing.

    I'm just as open to collabs as in FAWM, but you'll have to be quick to get in before @oddbod does.

  • @barbara  Mar 2

    I plan to be there again, same as every year since 2010. I think 32 was the highest output I ever created, and it’s usually closer to 15 to 20, or fewer. More like a song a week. I will say that going for the higher number took me to some very creative places, like playing a partially filled plastic water bottle and separately tracking a drinking straw flute while sitting in the car. I like the stretched out format and the smaller avalanche of songs due to fewer participants.

  • @ustaknow Mar 2


  • @cblack Mar 2

    Probably doing 50/90. It'll be my 3rd in 11 years...

    I wanted to make it collab-only, but with fewer people and a slower pace, probably wouldn't hit 50 that way...

    Maybe try for equal parts:
    Writing an album
    Learning new things
    Challenges and games

    That might be a better option. Now, if only I can save up for a quality flute before July! I'd love to learn flute, but want to start on an intermediate one. They cost a little more than my Fender Player strat!

    We'll see...

  • @klaus Mar 2

    I had done 50/90 since 2013 and never even thought of trying to win. I posted about 20 to 25 songs each year. Then, in 2019 I finally did 50 songs. Most of the demos were full enough. It was hard work but also lots of fun.

    I encourage everybody to challenge themselves and do 50 songs in 90 days at least once. 😀

    Yes, I'll be around this year, for sure.

  • @gb9  Mar 2

    I'll be doing it too, FAWM has been such an awesome experience and a great learning curve, so I'll be there. July can't roll in fast enough for me 😀

  • @wacha  Mar 3

    I'll be taking part again this year. Hopefully with a few less health related breaks.

  • @daveyboy103  Mar 3

    I’m in 👍

  • @kenmattsson  Mar 3

    Just registered.

  • @wylddandelyon Mar 3

    Besides the number of songs and the number of days, what's different about the two challenges? Are there challenges and skirmishes?

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Mar 3

    @wylddandelyon That's about the only differences really. Usually far fewer participants, but it's mostly the same people. Though some only do 50/90 and not fawm as well, but yeah there's weekly challenges from the site, and challenges just posted from others, and weekly skirmishes and usually a few superskirmishes along the way as well(at least there was this last summer, it was my first free enough to even think about trying 50/90 summer)

  • @jamkar  Mar 3

    I will be there. I have never done fifty but maybe this year?

  • @krayzie003  Mar 3

    I'll probably be there if I remember in July. I've never been successful at it but still can be fun.

  • @standup  Mar 3

    I’ll be there. It’s pretty much now a habit. I never seriously try for 50, I just try to write some songs in the summer.

  • @eargoggle  Mar 3

    I can't really think about writing any more songs right now, I have to put my brain back together for a while. So, maybe.

  • @spazsquatch Mar 3

    I'm sold. The idea of 50 is daunting as I have no idea what I would write about, but FAWM taught me that's just self-doubt. In the last 48 hours I've had at least a half-dozen "damn, I wish FAWM were still going on ideas". Things that feel interesting enough to run with as an exercise, but not really anything I would spend more than a day or so on.

    I also need to finish the concept album, and I feel like the marathon pace I keep hearing about is more conducive to what I'm going for there.

  • @ryuu  Mar 3

    I'm not sure this year. I love the community, but I have so much material that would deserve a real polishing... but it's four months until then, so I still have a lot of time to make a decision.

  • @nerdjealous  Mar 3

    I'm deffo going to! I'm thinking of ways to make it fun for me and fit into my schedule which won't cause me as many insomnia phases. I've thought of doing 5x 10 song album-a-days, doing a massive album a day on the first day then spending the rest of the challenge dipping in and out of challenges, or doing a mad dash at the end of September, maybe all of these or none. But I'm excited thinking about how I can approach it and fit it into my routine as a cool relaxed sorta attempt. I know I can do it cause I did it last year with a month to spare, but it nearly wiped me out and I hardly got any sleep. So this time, slow and steady wins the race 😀

  • @andygetch  Mar 3

    I have to admit that if 5090 were starting tomorrow I would be more hesitant too. I have an unfinished songwriting catalog, then need to decide what to do with my better songs, which may or may not involve rewriting and re-recording some of them. I have learned this past year that I need to pace myself better and that may mean less than 50 songs for me this year. All the songwriting games are a big part of the fun for me in 50/90 and I look forward to it.

  • @splittybooms  Mar 3

    @sciren - look, here's everything about 50/90!

    I love both FAWM and 50/90...and after reading everyone's posts, I still can't decide which I love more or why.
    I'm 2-1 for my 3 50/90s (that's too many numbers), and 3-1 (I think) for FAWMs.
    Hmm, let's see - I tend to let go and not care as much about my output for 50/90. I even used to SING on some songs, but can't now because there's ALWAYS someone in the house. So yeah 50/90 is more carefree for me. FAWM I tend to try a little harder, but honestly, I just do whatever for both lol
    I will say I've only gotten albums out of FAWM, though.
    Anyway, its always really comforting to see all the familiar names when 50/90 starts up. I honestly would love some kind of SOMETHING with this community throughout the year. But that is also what makes each event so awesome when it comes around - absence makes the heart grow fonder or whatever.

  • @vivalarayna Mar 3

    I plan to give it a try. The early part of the year tends to be quieter for mem hence FAWM is at the perfect time. Life tends to go a bit sideways by the time 50/90 rolls around, but even 1 song per week would be great. Fingers crossed!

  • @timfatchen  Mar 4

    I'll be back in. My first was 2009, I got my 50 songs including the basis for an opera (!) but subsequents were very on and off until 2020 when I managed the target again. I _don't_ know why it should feel more relaxed than FAWM, as the song over time ds/dt is actually faster, a little. But I think it's the knowledge you have time to put something aside and come back to it later.

  • @aeye Mar 4

    We’ll be participating again. Most likely won’t get to the 50, but we did have some fun last year trying out random techniques and challenges. And also ended up with an EP out of it

  • @edwardsmusic Mar 4

    I've done it since 2017. Unfortunately, I doubt I will be able to reach 50 songs because I'm in my final year of university and the workload will be quite plentiful and stressful.

  • @crisp1  Mar 4

    Will be there for sure! More leisurely pace but still a lot of fun! It'll be my fifth and they've all been great.

  • @hmorg  Mar 4

    I've done 50/90 twice, managed 4 songs both times if I remember correctly, and so as FAWM was nearing its end this year, I thought nah, I don't dare even attempt it. But now I feel like I had so many ideas I didn't have time to flesh out this Feb, then why not? I'll consider it a personal win if I make it to 5.

  • @zecoop  Mar 4

    I think I will be there off and on as I am able. Summertime, in general, I want to be outside doing other things but there’s always a little time here and there to pop into the studio. I have tried it in the past and there is definitely less interaction than FAWM, in my experience. So I didn’t find it as thrilling and fun, but my focus is always on the songwriting and recording. I just need to make time for that the rest of the year.

  • @sbs2018  Mar 4

    I enjoy the more laid-back feel of 50/90 and do not pressure myself to meet the goal of 50 songs. It’s still motivating and love the community.

  • @lyricslinger  Mar 4

    Is it like FAWM in terms of lyricists being able to upload lyrics rather than songs? If so, I may give it a go although summer tends to be much busier with holidays and family stuff

  • @zecoop  Mar 4

    @lyricslinger - yes, you definitely can just do lyrics!

  • @lyricslinger  Mar 4

    @Zecoop - Thanks. 😀

  • @shelleroo1  Mar 8

    Signed up today! First FAWM, now first 50/90. Woohoo!

  • @lvgd09  6 weeks

    Yes. I remember the first time I hit 50 songs in 90 days...it felt really good because I had audio with vocals on every song. Also, those songs all had an instrumental section and felt more complete compared to these easy chord and lyrics sheets I've been working with during FAWM. I can do so much more with more time = 5090,

  • @musicsongwriter  3 weeks

    Hope to see everyone on 50/90.
    Have a great Spring.

  • @farmyardorchestra 3 weeks

    I'll have to see... Don't know where to store all songs.

  • @highmountain 3 weeks

    Who knows? Maybe. Many rains will pass.

  • @chipwithrow  3 weeks

    I just started a new thread on the 50/90 page, to continue the good post-February conversations we've been having here.

  • @andygetch  3 weeks

    Great to see all of the responses here!

  • @gm7  3 weeks

    yepper...i will not get to 50 but i will do a few and I will be listening

  • @oldlostjohn  1 week

    Only two months to go today, tune up your guitars! Well, still plenty of time to think about it, but right now I think I may give it a try this year.

  • @nerdjealous  1 week

    I'm doing this month prequel, then a break in June in time for 50/90.
    0.5 or 5000 songs, I'll turn up and see where the wind blows 😁

  • @cts  1 week

    I plan to participate but I'm not sure to what extent. Whatever may be I hope to see everyone there and have a good time!

  • @vegansongs  6 days

    Hope to get a few songs and as others have said..to reconnect and have fun with all of you!!

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