Did you get new gear/instruments/software/something during/specifically for FAWM?

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  • @hmorg  Mar 2

    I know it sometimes help boost my inspiration when I get new stuff to play with and sometimes it just makes recording (or life) easier.

    I got:
    -a Behringer dynamic mic (copy of Sennheiser e906), used it to mic guitar amps and also to record vocals
    -a new guitar, wrote one song with it (didn't get it until late last Saturday or else I would've written so much more with it)
    -a distortion pedal (Boss DS-1), it didn't arrive in time, but it was actually a duplicate, my original one has a wonky switch which didn't hinder recording with it
    -a couple VST:s from Plugin Alliance, a tube saturation modeler and a SSL console modeler, tried them out a little, but I still have a lot to learn especially from the console modeler
    -free trial of Joey Sturgis Tones Toneforge Jeff Loomis, wrote part of a song using this, didn't end up finishing the song (yet), not too thrilled about the plugin

  • @mardeycranbleson Mar 2

    Tried out a bunch of new vsts, stuck with a few new ones, slick eq, vintage verb, some others. Bought a way too expensive bass but whatever. Discovered akg d970 mics a bit of an improvement for my voice.

  • @elesimo  Mar 2

    I got a capo, cowbell, guitar stand and a nice channel strip (UA 6176) in January, preparing for FAWM.

    I used everything, but the channel strip was bad. I had to send it to repair, and only today I got a replacement (they sent me a new unit).

  • @tuneslayer  Mar 2

    Sort of . . .

    I bought a copy of Parallels for Mac, which lets me run Windows on my Macbook Pro. That lets me use Band-In-A-Box for Windows, and more importantly the Realband DAW that comes with it, without having to go fire up my Windows machine.

    Now to figure out how to use RealBand . . .

  • @cblack Mar 2

    Not for FAWM, no. Bought a bunch of things in the past year, though.

    I'm hoping to buy a few things before 50/90.

    A flute.
    Guitar amp software.
    Get my main amp and 1 pedal repaired. They have minor issues. Frustrating, but still usable.
    A midi keyboard.

  • @vomvorton  Mar 2

    I got a new guitar amp and used it a lot, I think it shows up on most of my songs. But it had the side-effect of making my FAWM unusually guitar-heavy, so I feel like I neglected my synths!

    I also bought a bunch of plugins in various January sales and got a lot of use out of most of them. Having recently updated my OS I found that some of my long-standing plugins weren't really supported any more so it was a good time to throw myself into some new software, but (as usual) I mostly stuck to the presets.

  • @ampersandman  Mar 2

    As I have received a yearly bonus for the first time ever I did spend a little on music stuff:

    - Guitar amp software (Bias FX2)
    - Ozone Elements
    - GetGoodDrums Modern & Massive drum kit
    - A Korg MicroKeys MIDI keyboard when my old keyboard gave up mid-FAWM
    - A Bass VI which I ordered in December. After repeated delays it arrived precisely on March 1st. 😣

  • @psyt Mar 2

    I thought I'd get my new custom electric guitar during FAWM, but no, it's still waiting to be shipped at the airport in Guangzhou.

    (a picture that was taken at the workshop, a couple of steps before it was finished, I'm showing that off rather than one of the pictures after it was completed because it shows the whole guitar better in a single shot)

  • @dasbinky  Mar 2

    Both before and throughout FAWM, my most impactful creative purchases were MIDI packs. Toontrack had a good sale going on most of the month.

    I was prepping to do a 60s style pop song? Pick up the Britpop EZDrummer and EZkeys MIDI packs. I want to do a power ballad? Pick up the EZDrummer Ballads and EZkeys Power Ballad MIDI packs. Etc.

    I ended up buying 4 or 5 new packs this month, and they paid off as the core for a bunch of songs. Especially as an accelerator in FAWM, they're great. I've sung Toontrack's praises in other threads, but wow do they spark creativity with their toolset.

  • @punkrockfuneral Mar 2

    TASCAM US-4x4 to bounce from TASCAM 424 MkIII into logic x



  • @quork  Mar 2

    @elesimo . Glad to hear you got your replacement. Great timing. 😞

  • @andpow81  Mar 2

    @ampersandman @psyt those are some sexy looking instruments. Sorry to hear they're so slow to arrive.

    The only thing I got was a new tuner (yes, I know, very lame) but I'm working on a list of stuff to get before next year's FAWM

  • @scubed  Mar 2

    I got Final Cut Pro X for my Mac so I could make folky little music videos to go with my folky little songs. I’ve never done anything like that before, so it’s been quite the learning curve. Still, I’ve finished a couple of videos so and am happy with the results.

  • @swampjaw  Mar 2

    I bought a PRS SE 245 on January 5th this year. I planned on using it extensively for this FAWM, and it wound up being exclusive. A lot of fun to play, comfortable, and easy to get the tones I want.

    Stacey is at the front, with Leo behind her, Danny, Bootsy, and then some guitars with no names. Andy is at the far back, leaning against the wall.

  • @tsunamidaily  Mar 2

    i was supposed to finally get my upright bass out of the shop midway through FAWM. instead, it will be ready next monday, february 8.
    i drive to birmingham to pick it up. i'm quite stoked, but wish it had been earlier.

  • @wearedinosaurs  Mar 2

    I didn't get it especially for FAWM but it was my goal this year to finally learn how to use my MPC1000. Got it last year in a trade and only turned it on once to check if it worked. For some reason I thought it would be so complicated. Turns out it's not at all. It's easy to use, tons of fun and super addictive πŸ˜€

  • @beautyspot Mar 3

    I got tennis elbow for FAWM, it didn't go too well with the beautiful Gretsch Anniversary I spoiled myself with. Timing is everything!

  • @nerdjealous  Mar 3

    Yep and I used none of it! Haha! I didnt want to, I was happy mixing stuff about with my current mostly used gear. Who knows, maybe I'll invest in some more minimalist gear or better quality that fit my needs and tastes more.

    I'm considering a travel guitar upgrade from my guitarlele, with hope of performing at open mics next year. Wouldn't mind a travel piano but they cost a lorra moneh, so that might be a Christmas present to myself πŸ˜‰

    This FAWM was fun using what I have already, so I'm reluctant to upgrade since there's still use in all of it! And I like my milkshakes on the go and wouldn't wanna miss them, so it's a slow saving effort haha 😝

  • @psyt 8 weeks

    Bumping because my custom guitar arrived~ 😁

  • @gm7  8 weeks

    @psty NICE axe. Love the color. Prince would have approved!

  • @psyt 8 weeks

    Thank you @gm7 πŸ˜€

  • @gubna 8 weeks

    Not necessarily for fawm.

    But since it’s done, I’m in the process of selling some gear. Not working right now so any money helps.

  • @cblack 8 weeks

    @psyt That's a gorgeous guitar!

  • @gindark 8 weeks

    I got a new USB midi keyboard for Christmas (PS5s are STILL sold out), and I love it! So much fun to play with for a beginner like me, it's great value and I would have it FAWM or no, but FAWM definitely encouraged regular play. I hope by next year to have a much faster song rate because I will have had regular practice in the intervening months. Let's hope life doesn't get in the way, heh.

  • @psyt 8 weeks

    Thanks @cblack πŸ˜€

  • @swampjaw  7 weeks

    St. Vincent has a new album coming out, which got me thinking about her guitar again. Decided to pull the trigger (lower-cost Indonesian made version -- but still a very nice guitar!). This one has been dubbed "Rosie."

  • @hmorg  7 weeks

    @swampjaw ooh, nice!

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