How to find collaboration partners

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  • @nadine Feb 28

    Hey folks,

    I like that idea of tagging the songs to find the right collaboration partners, but the problem is that #needs-vocals, #needs-collab and #needs-music is way too generous to find the right people and instruments. I started tagging my stuff with #needs-guitars, #needs-bass etc. but I seem to be the only one using this. Is there an appropiate way to search for other musicians with special instruments, skills, voice types and so on? Maybe there are also people who search for remixes and stuff.

    I know that there is a forum, but should every song or artist be a new thread?!

    As a producer I am VERY interested in finishing my ♥-songs somewhere after FAWM, but unfortunately I'm neither singer nor multi-instrumentalist. It would be very sad if I only had half of the people set for a full-band recording.

    Thank you in advance!

  • @ajna1960  Feb 28

    Use Collaboration Classifieds in the Forum 😀

  • @nadine Feb 28

    Yeah, but on thread per song or artist?! Don't wanna spam around xD

  • @lastnightilie Feb 28

    @nadine I think it's fine that everyone desperately searching for collaborators makes one post. Not one per song, but you can update your thread with different songs. Sure, if every single FAWMer made a thread it would clog everything up, but not everyone is looking for collaborators, and many who are, are fine with using random collaboration threads, replying to existing threads, or just tags. So it's not going to be too, too many people clogging up the forum with collab threads, so I think it's fine.

  • @nadine Feb 28

    @lastnightilie Thank you! I've started a topic.

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