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  • @ianuarius  Feb 28

    I was thinking, that with an access to the database, it would be rather trivial to create a script that would download all songs with a download link.

    Of course, shame for all the songs that are on soundcloud, but whachugundo.

    Originally, I was thinking about making a robot that would go through the songs pages with demos, but it would be a lot of unnecessary traffic, since the information is already in a database.

    I would organize the downloads in folders by user and then maybe have a little info text saved in the folder so I'll know a bit about the user, if they've provided some additional info. For example, I find it curious to know where they're from, because that often gives the songs some context.

    And then save the songs like

    User - Song Title - Song Number

    ...because user might have songs with same name.

  • @ianuarius  Feb 28

    And why?

    Because I'd be interested to play stuff on WinAMP playlist on random and discover stuff that way. Hopping through song pages is so much effort and I would still have to go on some sort of crusades for people I don't know.

    So, the jukebox isn't a possibility... maybe this would be?

    And, of course, it has the added benefit of surviving after the site wipe.

  • @nadine Feb 28

    Same here. My songs are demo, don't want them to be uploaded outside FAWM as they don't show my full skill. Here at FAWM I gave them free for download in hope somebody will search for the finished version afterwards. What I really need is a favourites list where I can put in all songs I want to have the final version after FAWM.

  • @ianuarius  Feb 28

    Ok, that makes sense.

  • @wylddandelyon Feb 28

    Oh, I like the idea of being able to (privately) mark things as favorites, so I could go back and find them again, especially if the artist does more polished versions later.

  • @dasbinky  Feb 28

    You wouldn't even need the database. You could do that in Python in a couple dozen lines by just iterating through song numbers in the URL and parsing the HTML.

    But I'm also in the "I'm not comfortable with my songs being harvested" camp. I know the intentions are good, but it feels discomforting.

  • @tesla3090  Feb 28

    I assume the site's hosting is pretty robust considering the number of people posting/downloading/listening, etc. But I'd also worry that sending a bot to scrape the songs might be too much. You don't want to be the guy who crashed FAWM on Feb 28. 😆

  • @ianuarius  Feb 28

    @dasbinky Yes, I addressed the scripting in the opening post.

    And since people have explained that they don't want this. The thread can be locked. Thanks.

  • @spinhead Feb 28

    Though I'm also in the 'no thanks' camp, @ianuarius, being a database junkie, I love the concept. Perhaps there's a subset of data . . .

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