[ trigger warning, - hahhh! - ] What one thing, triggered WWIII?

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  • @ustaknow 8 weeks

    What one thing, triggered WWIII?

    - Anyone?
    - You?

    ( Remember this is the Free-for-all side band, so the non-pre-approved bourgeoisie-proleterate-isms text could slip through here! 😉 o m g b i g t e k! )

    So, for me, the song writing thesis phrase, concept,

    my one thing:

    - "sleepy sheep" - didn't know their "masters" voice.

    And so, history repeats, repeats, (record skip sound...), repeats..., - "it's all happened before and will all happen again".
    - This ino, uno, but..., I am not a Cylon, I'm just a little bit shinny. 😀

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