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  • @kajati Feb 23

    Funny, the first song I loaded was on this subject and I found a couple of other songs straight off the bat that were also about this and we exchanged songs. Wondering how many more are out there! How many of you have been the victim of a narcissist ?

  • @scottlake Feb 24

    The entire population of the US have been victim of a toxic narcissist.

    But our media fanned the flame in 2015.

  • @glasscrow Feb 24

    You reminded me I have a song like that sitting in my head that I was going to bring out for FAWM, but I forgot and am not sure I have enough time to do that now!

  • @lastnightilie Feb 24

    I haven't been with a narcissist recently (it was a looong time ago) but for some reason I've been writing them lately. At least two of mine definitely qualify as this topic. First this one:

    And then this one I wrote as a collab with @ianuarius:

  • @kajati Feb 24

    its useless to stand and fight

  • @kajati Feb 24

    these missing teeth are important to me
    something to remember you by
    you taught me well
    you taught me that
    its useless to stand and fight

  • @nerdjealous  Feb 24

    I actually haven't this time, I think my mind is starting to make enough sense of my experiences that I'm able to discuss it in conversation openly, which is a sign, I'd say, of healing. But some of the phrases I use are related to narcissism in some of my songs and they come out here and there.

    Definitely in 50/90 I made songs with this in mind.

  • @theodamus  Feb 24

    This one is entirely about a narcissist. Sorry you all had similar experiences but look forward to hearing the art you created

  • @celineellis  Feb 24

    Up until recently I had heard the term ‘narcissist’ but never fully understood it. That was until my sister had to deal with leaving her narcissistic husband and needed my help. My song ‘Getaway Car’ was inspired by this. She loved him but couldn’t put herself through that anymore, yet she still second guessed her decision.

  • @nerdjealous  Feb 25

    Subtle references at parts to n*rcissism, it's 16 mins so be sure you have time if you want to listen
    EDIT: Its now public... eek! 😞

  • @skittycat  Feb 25

    Yeah, my mother and my ex partner. They feature in many of my lyrics. I get to eviscerate them in poetry and prose.

  • @heuristicsinc  Feb 26

    Interestingly our random collab this year is titled... "The Narcissist":

  • @caitlin Mar 3

    That's too funny, I also wrote a song about breaking the nasty habit of falling in love with narcissists: I didn't even know there was a whole thread about this particular song topic!

  • @yam655  Mar 4

    Hmm... I went political a couple of times, but never to narcissism.

  • @sbs2018  Mar 4

    Some of my first songs were written about a Narcissist before I understood the problem and once I realized what the problem was, I was done. The last 4 years was such a painful reminder!

  • @mahtowin Mar 4

    I had a very bad relationship which stoped a year ago. It really drove me insane till I went nearly ill. I never met a man who was so much manipulativ and unemphatic, he played with me. And it took some time till I realised it. I wrote it down in this poem I posted on Fawm:

  • @fearlessflight2014  Mar 5

    I used to play music with a really toxic narcissist and I wrote a lot of songs about him and the damage he did. I’m celebrating that this FAWM I didn’t write anything about him which means maybe I’ve finally gotten over that period of my life after 9 years! Hallelujah!!

  • @mahtowin Mar 5

    @fearlessflight2014 yes, the less we think about this people the better it is! I totaly agree with you. But it takes some time till the soul heals. And to me it was very important to find out why I felled in love with this man? What about me? And thats the most difficult and sometimes hurting thing.
    But after all, I started to look forward and changed some things outside and inside me 🌻
    I also met someone who showed me by mirroring my talent to write poems. Which is also a very good way to selftherapy😊

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