Reciprocal Challenges

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  • @nancyrost  Feb 18

    Edited 2/19: Sign up here for random partner assignments!

    Find a partner and exchange challenges.

    This can be as simple as giving each other a title to write to.

    Another fun one I've done is "I'll write about your neighborhood and you write about mine".

    Or - especially if you know each other well - you might suggest specific things to broaden your partner's horizons. If they always write in 4/4, request a song in 3/4. Maybe they'll note that you use a lot of adjectives in your lyrics and will request a song without adjectives.

    If you're feeling more ambitious, this can be done with more than two people, too.

    Tag it #reciprocal

  • @estebanlartigue  Feb 18

    If my 3/4 song becomes a 6/8 is valid? Lol

  • @nancyrost  Feb 18

    Totally valid.

  • @tcelliott  Feb 19

    I think the first time I participated we had signups and random pairings. Maybe that could bring a bit more interest.

  • @unpronounceable Feb 19

    OOOOOOO. (then realizes grad school). I'll watch this year 😝. But next year!

  • @vegansongs  Feb 19

    I like this idea.. Do we ask for a challenge partner ( or partners) in this thread?

  • @cblack Feb 19

    I'd potentially be interested if there's a random partner thingy. I don't know any FAWMers well enough to approach them with this challenge... Random please! (Preferably before week 4?)

  • @complexissimple Feb 19

    I could do this with a randomly assigned partner.

  • @nancyrost  Feb 19

    Okay, I'll assign random partners. I'll edit the original post. You can ask for a random partner in this thread.
    @tcelliott, @vegansongs @cblack @complexissimple

  • @vegansongs  Feb 19

    Great Thanks!

  • @nancyrost  Feb 20

    I'm going to announce pairs on before Monday. Anyone else want in?

  • @nancyrost  Feb 20

    Bumping in case anyone else wants a random match.

  • @kahlo2013 Feb 20

    I would love a random match!

  • @cblack Feb 20

    Just a thought... If there's an odd number of people, you could do a reciprocal triad.

    Person A -> Person B -> Person C -> Person A.

  • @theodamus  Feb 20

    Sure why not? 😀

  • @nancyrost  Feb 21

    @cblack I believe we had a reciprocal triad last time we did this, and it worked out well. I'll give it another night before I start making matches.

  • @nancyrost  Feb 21

    Matches for the reciprocal challenge:

    @tcelliott and @complexissimple
    @theodamus and @cblack
    @kahlo2013 and @vegansongs

    Can't wait to hear the songs you write to each other's challenges - please post links in this thread!

  • @cblack Feb 25

    Inspired by the prompt from @theodamus . 😀

  • @theodamus  Feb 25

    Inspired by the prompt from @cblack - and rolled into an early morning skirmish!

  • @cblack Feb 25

    Whoops, no link in last night's post...

  • @tcelliott  Feb 26

    @complexissimple challenged me to write a song inspired by a board on pinterest.

    Here's the song:
    Here's the main picture I chose to use as inspiration (although the whole board really fit.)

  • @complexissimple Mar 1

    And here's my song based on this pinterest board - I didn't pick an inspiration image, I just tried to use the whole board.

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