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  • @nightwing521  Feb 18

    VERY low-priority!!!

    When I load (which is the page that loads when I first logon or hit the "FAWM.ORG" button at upper left), I always get the following message:

    Welcome to FAWM 2021!
    It looks like you are new this year (or you just haven't fully set up your profile). Take a minute to edit your settings (update password, write a bio, etc.) and upload some album art so that other fawmers can get to know you better.

    I have several fields filled in on my profile, including the two examples, but not all of them. Which field(s) should I complete to get FAWM to recognize that I'm no longer new.

  • @elesimo  Feb 18

    Maybe try putting a profile photo?

  • @nightwing521  Feb 18

    Bingo! That did it.


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