Not Tuned Instrument, Song Update, - Challenge (writing thing-y)

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  • @ustaknow Feb 17

    Well, I hate rules, so maybe not a formal challenge versus a songwriting exploration if even on, *PART of a song 😀 hahhh!!! So no half-challenge cata-gory, oh well.

    So, anyway...:
    Yes, it just came to me, just, now, as I was tuning a guitar (and wondering why do I bother? 😀 ) ... and thinking about the #nolisten challenge 😀 hahhh.
    (Lighting a morning blunt, and chasing a bullet rye..., it's good to be the Boss 😉 )

    Therefore, my point, yes, my-point, gotta have a point when you write one of these or folks get really really annoyed:

    *Randomly*, not specifically, knock your keys off, "untune" it, not detune it, untune it (don't cheat, don't check it, - it is what it is and will be), and then play one of your songs again. (Or, part of a new one with it..., think sloth-core... nolisten... no chords! OMG, I'm nearly orgasmic... - more coffee first.)

    - So, likely more for the "singer songwriter" format? (I'm so narrow minded, ino), but, I've heard a few keyboard players with to much Bullet in'em - play that way.
    (Gun's and Roses did a show or two that way, to wild acclaim!, even.)

    Why you ask?

    No one ever asks why, they just do, - notice that?

    Anyway, well, kinda like this, one day, years ago, I said, "phuch chords" 😀 hahhh; I did, really.

    - I started to just play the damn guitar. And from that I opened up a whole new world of not thinking like all others, and played what I call, Chord-fragments. Indeed! chords, nonetheless. Can't escape physics I guess.

    And so the other day I "Saw"-ed a song... can't tune the damn thing neither, -- well I guess I could like my Cymbals, hand hammer it a bit. OMG..!!! see, my next project!!!! Handhammered Musical Saw Songs... come SeA whenimdone!

    Well, one point at a time, -- we're just doing the "not tuned" thing for now. 😀

    - You? Hew-all?, U?

  • @dasbinky  Feb 17

    Well, I *do* have an autoharp I've been meaning to not tune...

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