[trigger warning] Suicide, Death Songs

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  • @ustaknow Feb 17

    So, anyway, - it's a great songwriting seed. Can't deny it, it is.

  • @ustaknow Feb 17

    You can't be a songwriter and not be transparent about insignificant, even outrageous stuff..., love, death, joy, pain, lavender, water, air, breathing, not-breating ...

    What I've observed is the context changes as we live, - ironic.

    So, for example when I was younger, the only vehicle I had was a Bike. - Rain, sleet, snow, - Bike. Hahh, cold rain don't suck, it just splashes 😉 (see, song fodder).

    So that "Train" of thought lead to, - as a young age, as I'd day dream while riding 😉 and not pay attention to "Riding" 😀 - "Suicide" thoughts. Well, more of a startle reaction, (e.g. "damn, they'll think, suicide, not ADD" 😀 ), - so for lack of a better communication means here 😀

    - Yes, I'd think, as I rode and leaned on the gas, "like do about 110mph", about the top speed on my bike, "and, BAM! brick wall", etc.; exciting, quick, and realy splashy 😀 Nothing to clean up even; esp if raining 😀 hahhh. Anyway...

    So, as one lives... it may skew off from "Suicide" (again, so to speak), to (just) Death, just death. Hahhh, and that's when it got/gets interesting.

    - the, "Last Song"

  • @ustaknow Feb 17

    Everyone one writes, and occassionaly I'll think, "will I get to finish it?, play it?, how many times?", etc., "normal stuff like that" 😉 Like everyone else 😀 (hahhh!, ino, rite?)

    -- So, in one day dream mind-break, this "movie" plays in my head (there's always a feature playing with music, never stops 😀 ) ... anyway..., I'm on "Stage", AND like 150,000 folks attending, more even, -- and my bandmates see I'm fading, on the way out, they just know. So... ...

    - And as I go, they hold me up and I fade out to them, the crowd, all cheering and clapping... but, it's like a "hand-off", the folks holding me up, change, but no feeling to it, that handoff... and, well, I'll add this part, - I presume, when I get to where I am going, "They", "He" says - "see, that's why I kept sending all that great equipment to jah... for cheap out of left field", (I thought/think so).

    And, I play in that band, there.


    === === ===

    - You?

  • @chrishope  Feb 17

    in my deepest self doubt/loathing i think all my songs sound like suicide notes

  • @glasscrow Feb 17

    Like half of my songs are about death. It's my aesthetic 🤡 The other half are about WINNING AT LIFE which is the exact opposite.

    When I put it in plain words, yeah, that pretty much sums up my brain lol.

    But hey buddy, are you doing ok? People don't usually give a lot of thought to death and suicide when they're feeling contented.

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 17

    For those of us who have lost a close member of family as a result of suicide, it's also a massive trigger. Please bear this in mind, okay?

  • @ustaknow Feb 17


    - I get that; delete the thread.

    Someone complain?

    You're talking to a guy who's last theme was PTSD, the entire FAWM2020, (no comments then? why?), -- and, who used to run to "shots fired" calls alone, and as first, is in control, fyi, - authority too, and refused backup.
    - Proved Sun Tsu's paradigm every day.

    So, for some, music is therapy.

    Me, I see a thread about, oh for example:
    - I HATE TRUMP or the USA, or anything ANTI-AMERICAN, I don't *click on that thread.

    - See, *triggered. And, not kidding, at all.



  • @bithprod Feb 17

    Aw, crap... I never thought of the trigger thing. A third of my songs should probably come with a trigger warning. (I'm not kidding). I'm scared sh*tless of death, so it's a recurring theme in my lyrics. If depressed people gravitate towards my songs of sorrow, death and misery, could that potentially lead them in the wrong direction? I mean, for me depressing songs are therapeutic, in the sense that "s/he knows how I feel". For others they could potentially do the opposite. I wonder if Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) ever thinks of these things.

  • @vomvorton  Feb 17

    A request for sensitivity on the subject seems extremely reasonable to me, I don't think that response was called for @ustaknow.

    The content of a song or forum thread isn't always obvious from the title. And a reminder that we were asked not to be politically inflammatory before the challenge even begun, so your "I don't click on these threads" (which don't exist) strawman response is completely irrelevant.

  • @tunecat  Feb 17

    Many of my "songs" this time are about death.. but probably and hopefully not in a triggering way.. My Dad died very recently and some of the skirmish themes were very much pointing at releasing all of that... I mean "Dancing with Sorrow" or "Without You".. they touched the ever present nerve..

  • @robynmackenzie  Feb 17

    Mod here. While we do not require users to put trigger warnings in songs/posts, we understand how helpful they can be to those who have suffered, and reserve the right to add them as deemed necessary.

    Basically, remember to be kind. FAWM is a supportive community and we want to make sure everyone feels safe here.

  • @ustaknow Feb 17

    @robynmackenzie - That's the way to do it. Thank you.

  • @ustaknow Feb 18

    I just could not leave out the,
    - electric guitar noodle, I tried, I just couldn't... 😀 Oh, well.

    "Friend Oh Friend"

    - All this makes me wonder, what % of da-blues is just plain'ole, blow your brains out blues? I wonda. I gotta book some fellow out of CA sent me, (yeah, not the USA, CA 😀 ) always some other country 😀 ) - and some long lost hard core, "race-records" era blues; wonderfully wretched songs; almost can't sing'em.

    - That'll be banned soon too, aye! 😀 You know like how they tried to ban Rock'n Roll..., yeehaw, and "dance'n" and stuff..., the "Devil's Music"! Indeed, sex, drugs and Rock'nRoll baby - it all lead to 2021!

    Amen! 😀

  • @thedustcollector Feb 18

    @bithprod --"If depressed people gravitate towards my songs of sorrow, death and misery, could that potentially lead them in the wrong direction?"

    No more than anything else would, I think? I think music that expresses pain and grief and misery often just gives a voice to what people are already feeling. And I think that's incredibly important--people in a lot of pain need the space and language to feel and express what they're feeling (it's a legit aspect of processing and healing) but sometimes they can't, or don't have the words for it.

    And like you said, it also helps to feel known and seen, and that other people get it. Not feeling alone is also incredibly important in those spaces.

    source: therapy, a little academic research and being a depressed person for over a decade.

  • @thedustcollector Feb 18

    *trigger warning: suicidal ideation discussed in this post.*

    As a sidenote: I do think there's some responsibility involved! Like, there's a difference between expressing your feelings and where you're at and actively providing instructions, you know?

    And like--while I wouldn't necessarily avoid talking about details and methods with another person who deals with suicidal ideation, I'd do it after assessing how stable they were, where they were in their journey, how well I knew them and how involved I was in their life, etc, and also ask if they were okay with it. You can do that in person, especially when you're travelling alongside someone, but you can't do that with anyone who anonymously listens to your songs.

    So yeah, there is an element of caution involved. It's a good question to ask, and I tend to be in two minds about it any time I write something about death, but I lean towards the expressing things end just from the sheer awareness of how much it helps to have someone else say or sing the things you're thinking, and be given a language for the things you're feeling.

  • @ustaknow Feb 18

    (*)thedustcollector (*)bithprod +1

    And bithprod - wow, I hadn't read your lyrics in like, forever, - I was impressed. Well, it's like if someone said to me 😀 hahh, how to not dig a hole for myself here, intending, being a good thing,
    -- "your stuff's changed, and really like'n it" 😀 hahhh. Like that.

    I was so busy yesterday, - figured, leave a "cover comment" here for your page, not one-off's. I hope that's okay!

    Yesterday, I had just run through "allot" of R&B, Blues (old school) and then intended more, I was in the flow, had momentum,
    - but, the flow, joy, momentum got squashed, oh well, - so, just the "Friend Oh Friend" track for now... there's always, tomorrow.

    Well, actually, per the OP, maybe not, - so stop scheit'n on TODAY.

  • @ustaknow Feb 18

    - I'll tell a little story about looking death in the face, and think it's not corny.

    So, one night, probably 3am, usually the time I drive up on a car that (not from the area) didn't know it was heading toward a "T-Intersection". The cross street was a substantial grade probably 25 feet, but still, like hitting a brick wall without tapping the breaks. Southern Red Clay Mud is far better than concrete if have a choice.

    So, I get out and ask if I can help, we're all friends there and they were glad I happened by. So, one says to me, - see if you can talk to the one laying over there. So, it's a good thing there are folks are are not "set off" by stuff like this, to be sure, especially for this guy.

    I walked up to him, as soon as I got close enough he knew I could hear him, he said, "how do I look"? Now understand I can understand a few languages, drunk'n gibberish and a few "Southern" dialects that are likely all gone. My point? Well, his jaw was broke mid-way, but clean and hard to understand, he said, "how do I look".

    Me, showing not a facial tick of distress said, you look fine. What'ya worried about? He said, "dieing". He looked grey, eyes sunk, etc. What do you think I said? Well, it's hard to remember now exactly and may change slightly every time I tell it (not often told, not even half dozen times including here), well, it went something like this, "I'm not God, but you look fine, don't be such a pussy and in a minute you'll be on your way", "you'll be drinking beer again", ... (remember car accident 3am on a back road crossing State line in the middle of NO-WHERE)... "by next week I am sure." What happened?

    His face filled out, color came back and etc, "smiled" - I think 😀

    Now, I could;a said? What? "Holley scheit dude, hahhh, - not good".

    - He'd of died then and there. Only God knows. But, it was a warm, pleasant night, quiet with a sweet smell about it and I felt a fullness to the air around me... the HolySpirit inme/outme, angles? I dunno!

  • @highmountain Mar 9

    Hell of a story you told there! On the question of "triggering" I guess that the raising of awareness could well outweigh the "triggering" effect. It isn't thaaat easy to push anyone into a suicide. Anyone triggered have been going for years in that direction, and the preventive work couldn't possibly exist in just hushing up the whole matter. Isn't there a lot one could do in the years before the triggering? So while extra sensitive people of course should stay away, the grown up discussion should go on. Which also allows for satirical contributions, like Frank Zappa's Suicide Chump. (Which, of course, isn't making fun of suicide, but of superficial reasons for it.)

  • @ustaknow Mar 9

    @highmountain - I get what you're saying. You're perfectly okay here.

    And, while I have not and usually don't re-read what I write 😀 hahhh, I believe I had like 3-Forms full of discussion in the OP.

    My thinking afterward, was "Suicide, Death Songs" -- that in *itself is not a "trigger" warning - Moderator appended 😀

    Actually as pointed out to me by folks, and I guess they tracked or noticed that "those" *songs boomed afterward.

    I'd've been glad to put "trigger" on it myself, if not again for the OP Title.

    And, as you can read, folks were like, "wow, that's my genre", - the majority of (da blues 😀 ) is.

    However, deeper into this little story of "Flagging" stuff has more to do with *whom Posted it, than the *content. So, as referenced, Political, I hate..., You gotta..., I call out to cancel... - is, was or maybe "okay" otherwise, pending again, *whom posted it 😀 Well, from what I've been told. - Also, why I generally speak openly in the public forum and not in a offline chat 😉

    What "it" did, was kill allot of Momentum of songwriting, and not just for me, - others, many it seems.

    Other than that, - it accomplished nothing, it seems.

    Love, Death, Pain, Nasty People 😉 it is what music is about. And why Music is therapy for many, most, etc. - well if one is to believe the other "Therapeutic" threads here on FAWM, - but, not trigger warned nor nasty Virtue Signaled in an attempted Pile-on effect 😀

    So, again, I get that you're not mocking death, suicide or anything really.

    *And IF I thought so? You know what I would DO? 😉 😀 I'D GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER, TO FIND OUT 😀

    One person above asked me, "hey you okay"? One other it could be presumable?, would load the weapon?, if for the presumption.

    - But hey, WTF do I know? 😀 The option to not click here and read THIS, *every freaking word of it is there to be exercised as I do when I read what I think may "trigger" me - typically the ID of the FAWMer is enough to NOT read the thread.

    Uno?! 😀

  • @estebanlartigue  6 weeks

    in my music i have incorporated sadness / melancholy. and that is ok for me. since i think im not mentioning the words.

    but decided long ago that i just cant touch base with self-destruction or self-pity. it just puts my soul in a very very sad place.

    as a funny fact. 20ish years ago my first laptopstopped working once in a song I said "satan" laptop stopped working windows broke, laptop never recovered. lol.... maybe that was a sign ?

  • @ustaknow 6 weeks

    (*) estebanlartigue there is a rich well developed history of "Blues", and "Cowboy" songs (one could classify as "violence porn" they're so bloody, -- no TV in the 1800's +- I guess? or Internet), ... anyway, - that could have been developed and discussed. Whatever the kneejerk issue was that then prompted the backlash was unusual, at best, - and not of this communities culture as I've experienced it. This community has, (historically, when allowed? not censored? as some countries do, that do not have the First Amendment as Americans do! 😀 ), wide, deep and long Threads of all kinds of disparate nature. A good thing; and unusual in many times, contexts of supression and opression of thought and word 😉 aye!!?

    As I've used as example, many of the popular "rock and roll" songs from the 1970's forward in the USA are actually derived from these songs.
    - And, why a discussion to develop that has been assistive across the decades 😀

    - The J. A. Lomax books, many are sadly unaware of, among other.

    Well, you can lead a horse to water, but, only beat it to death, to save it's life, - to drink the water 😀 Ironic 😀 hahhh!

    The easiest song to cite and almost boring to do so is "Cocain" and "Hey Joe". One could easily, today, aside from "death and suicide" toss in the key words, "misogynistic" and "cancell culture".

    Where did the "rebellion" songs come from, e.g., If 6 was 9, J. Hendrix, by a non-white man with such effect in that period.

    There's just so much good to discuss. Oh well 😉 that's how it goes I guess 😀

    Now, we have to rebell, against the rebellion against the rebellion that's against the rebellion? [... ... ] 😀

    Think of the Spine and Tenacity Hendrix had, if look into his pre-fame background. Again, almost boring to cite, but easy to start with, if even repetitive.

  • @ustaknow 6 weeks

    @estebanlartigue intersting sign, you cite 😀 I believe you!

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