I Wanna Write A Song That Truly Means Something. A Song That Makes The Listener Feel Something.

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  • @johnstaples  Feb 16

    If I could ever write something as powerful as Biko I would feel I have reached the mountain top!

    This is so beautiful. It sends chills up and down. Warms my heart. Lights a fire in my soul.


  • @johnstaples  Feb 16

    I wish I had actually spelled SONG correctly in the title!

  • @cblack Feb 16

    @johnstaples Nonsense! If you could write a Sone that has meaning, you would've invented a new word! Perhaps you could write a song about it? Top 20 hit for sure!

  • @cblack Feb 16

    Seriously though, I'd love to write something deeply moving, too. My go-to is comedy, but I love listening to darker tracks.

  • @blindkiwi  Feb 16

    @johnstaples With you on Biko, It was very emotional listening to it. I think the key is finding something you feel strongly about and telling the story in a way that draws empathy rather than anger. Sounds easy yeah ? 😁

  • @seemanski  Feb 16

    Every song I write has meaning to me. It might not mean the same thing to anyone else, but that's fine by me.

  • @helenseviltwin  Feb 16

    Fixed the title for you

  • @johnstaples  Feb 16

    Thanks @helenseviltwin !

  • @celineellis  Feb 16

    I head something recently that was along the lines of 'if you get chills when your writing it, then others will feel it too' i guess our job as a song writer, is to make those chills understandable, relatable, and impactful to others and not just ourselves. if you can portray those chills as well as you felt them then you are on to a winner. and I think the best way to do that, is to open your heart and soul when you are writing.

  • @frankyfire Feb 17

    I like the way @celineellis put it. My problem with that is, I do have lyrics like that and I want to record them. But they are very personal and I'm having a problem with releasing these publicly. My worries are that it could harm the relationship to some relatives. What to do with them? Any suggestions?

  • @persaab Feb 17

    @seemanski i think sameway. Cant write a meaningful song without song meaning something to yourself.

  • @theodamus  Feb 17

    @Frankyfire Im not an expert but with my stuff if I feel like it's too close to home or too recognisable I abstract it a bunch of times - kind of like running it through a translator in my head until it only slightly resembles the original idea?

  • @frankyfire Feb 17

    I get the idea @theodamus. But I really want to speak out at the same time and don't talk in riddles, as I think there are things that should be said (as other people have the same struggle too). Releasing under a fake name would be the only thing coming to my head, but thats not really a solution either.

  • @ianuarius  Feb 17

    @johnstaples The joke in FAWM is "What are you waiting for, inspiration?"

    But yea, you have to quiet down to allow inspiration to bring something to you. Forcing out crap can give us plenty of nice base tracks that can fit somewhere, but inspiration can't be forced. So, FAWM isn't really something for that.

    Inspiration comes from the eternal, unchanging source. It cannot be directly perceived in a physical world, but we can perceive symbols of it. That's beauty. Something that moves you deep inside. Something that reminds you of you home that is not in this world.

    Let inspiration talk to you. Stop being the one who has to be heard and start to listen. You'll find the source behind all your thoughts, values, and judgements.

  • @siebass  Feb 17

    The best songs I write always come when I really have something to say, which isn't that often. However, all of the other songs I write are great practice, so that when I have something to say, I'll know how to say it well.

    I definitely struggle with this too, @johnstaples. I write songs b/c I want the listener to feel something, whether that's happy or silly or sad, or just connected. Not necessarily for here, for FAWM, which for me is more about the practice, with some happy accidents. The best stuff (for me) is the REAL stuff, the dark stuff, the exposed stuff. What are you most scared to write about? What are the most scary things you think about? The joy of expecting a child? The pain of a traumatic event? What makes you you, and what makes that you human, like everyone else? That's been the only trick I've found to work for me, but also the hardest stuff to put into words, into songs.

    My two best songs are related to my brother's suicide, and I think that having that setting, having that backdrop, really brings the listener in, emotionally, and connects them to the works. If you figure out any other great tips though, please let me know, as I'm always looking for more ways to emotionally connect folks through songs. This is a great topic that I am now following.

  • @scottlake Feb 17

    Just left a comment on “How will I Know....” in answer to this thread

  • @celineellis  Feb 17

    @ianuarius Im gonna disagree with you there about inspiration. I dont like waiting for inspiration to come and find me, i put myself in Inspirations way, I am inspired by things i love so i go and indulge myself in there. I listen to awesome music, i watch amazing movies, i read some awesome quotes, look through some photo albums or at least I flick through my song ideas book. I try new things! when i do that, i am never short of inspiration.

  • @ianuarius  Feb 18

    @celineellis Sounds great!

  • @gardeningangel1  Feb 18

    @frankyfire I've been through a similar conundrum. Feeling like I had to censor my artistic expression was symptomatic of the toxic silencing that I had grown up with. I decided to own my story, while respecting the rights of family members whose intersecting stories were not mine to tell and my own boundaries about what I was and wasn't comfortable sharing publicly. Owning my truth saved my life. I don't know what will work for you but I just want to say, I know the feeling. Art is powerful, wield it wisely and be kind to yourself.

  • @nightwing521  Feb 18

    HOLY CATS!!!!! @johnstaples I had never heard this song before. WOW!!!

    When the final lyric "And the eyes of the world are watching now" came up and the video showed the faces and eyes of the people looking directly into the camera, and thus, directly into MY eyes, the chills you described hit with a vengeance. So powerful!!!

    I must say that Yo-Yo Ma (cellist), Cristina Pato (piper), and the Taiko Project (drummers) were absolutely having TOO much fun with that music. SO into it. But Ma always is.

    I have always dismissed Gabriel as a lightweight, pop, flash-in-the-pan before. I will have to go back and listen to more of his work.

  • @johnstaples  Feb 18

    @nightwing521 yeah this song is incredible! Peter Gabriel is the OPPOSITE of "lightweight, pop, flash-in-the-pan"!

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