Fight Against Wombat Muzzles

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  • @netnoise Feb 13

    Need to take a break from writing lyrics? Try coming up with new phrases for which FAWM is an acronym.

  • @netnoise Feb 13

    Okay. I couldn't wait:
    Featured Artist Wearing Mittens

  • @prsongsmith  Feb 13

    Flailing About While Whittling (which is *almost* as risky as trying to write 14 songs in 28 days...)

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 13

    Frightful Amnesiacs Waving Manically

  • @helenseviltwin  Feb 13

    This came up about twelve years ago, and led to Hoopshank's wonderful song "Fridges vs washing machines."

  • @helenseviltwin  Feb 13

    Fridges and washing machines, even

  • @skylermf  Feb 13

    Forward Accelerating War Mongers

  • @johnstaples  Feb 13

    Felines Are Wonderful Monsters

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 13

    Feral Armadillos Wrestling Match

  • @winchperry Feb 13

    For Antiracism We March

  • @carleybaer  Feb 13

    Frozen Arctic Wolf Meat
    (Been playing a lot of Zelda BOTW and we’re in the mountains right now, eating lots of frozen gourmet prime)

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 13

    Forgetful Ahhhhh, What?

  • @candle  Feb 13

    Five Adams With Marie

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @davidbreslin101  Feb 13

    Four Armies Wear Makeup.

  • @barbara  Feb 13

    Forget About Work, Mate!

  • @johnstaples  Feb 13

    Fish Angel Wooed Me

  • @barbara  Feb 13

    Finished Already, Want More

  • @ofishell  Feb 14

    Finagle Another Wanton Memory

  • @nateger Feb 14

    Farting Anglerfish Wear Muzzles

  • @kable  Feb 14

    Fuss Amidst Worried Men

  • @johnstaples  Feb 14

    Frugle Aardvark Wants Money

  • @complexissimple Feb 14

    Firing Alien War Mauveine

  • @majordanby  Feb 14

    Feeling all whimsical, man

  • @davidbreslin101  Feb 14

    Feathered Alligators Will Matriculate.

  • @fearlessflight2014  Feb 14

    Fairly Average Warbling Muses

  • @apolez3 Feb 14

    For Awesome World Musicians

  • @jmadison  Feb 14

    Fully Active Winter Madness

  • @fuzzy  Feb 14

    Fun And Weird Music

  • @netnoise Feb 14

    Fearing a weak mix

  • @davidbreslin101  Feb 14

    Fencing Against Wallaby Marauders.

  • @robynmackenzie  Feb 14

    Ferrets All Want Money

  • @erbaer  Feb 14

    Frustrated And Weary Mohicans

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 14

    Foul Armpits Wafting Misery

  • @woodhornhank  Feb 14

    Fractured Abs,Wounded Mouth

  • @candle  Feb 14

    Fred And Wilma Malone

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @kissinginpublic  Feb 14

    Fancy Another Wonder Melon?

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 14

    Furious agent: wobbly muse.

  • @stephenwordsmith  Feb 14

    Flipping already went mad

  • @candle  Feb 15

    Forgot another wonderful mouthful

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 15

    Furries Attacking Without Mercy

  • @candle  Feb 17

    Flagrant Assimilation With Marty

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @apolez3 Feb 17

    Floggers Assemble With Muzzle

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 17

    Futile Attempts Withholding Macaroni

  • @ustaknow Feb 17

    And of course our .com partner site 😀

    - Never tell anyone to just "go" to FAWM 😉 espcially the preachers wife... P&W has never been the same. 😀

  • @candle  Feb 18

    Forever After Without Molly

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @kissinginpublic  Feb 18

    Float Along With Me

  • @lastnightilie Feb 18

    Fictional Ants Writing Masterpieces

  • @candle  Feb 18

    Five Antonyms Without Monologues

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @estebanlartigue  Feb 18

    Foot adorable women and mens

  • @robynmackenzie  Feb 18

    Four Aardvarks Walking Mice

  • @rosedeschamps  Feb 18

    For Annabella, With Malice

  • @kissinginpublic  Feb 18

    Flounce Again (With Meaning)

  • @cblack Feb 18

    Fighting a white man for any war machine found alongside weathered mountains - fortunately all went methodically.

  • @cblack Feb 18

    Fatal absurdity. Whoa, man!

  • @chroes  Feb 18

    Frying Another Worm Mutant.
    Drat. Now I'm hungry. 😀

  • @petemurphy  Feb 18

    Back in 2012, during my first FAWM, I wrote a song called 'Fall Apart With Me'.

  • @candle  Feb 20

    Five Altar Witches' Musings

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @cblack Feb 20

    Frelling awfully weird mustache!

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 20

    i would like to lodge a complaint @netnoise our wombats love their muzzles! it helps with their social distancing! 😀 😀

  • @davidbreslin101  Feb 20

    Fatal Allegery to Walrus Milk.

    (Many people go for decades without realising they have this condition. Spread the word!)

  • @candle  7 weeks

    Forever At Wally's Manor

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @bri4n  7 weeks

    Frigid Alcohol Warms Me

  • @vivalarayna 7 weeks

    Feral Aardvarks Wielding Machetes

  • @robynmackenzie  7 weeks

    For All Walruses Mutating

  • @dzdandcunfsd  7 weeks

    Fatally Alluring Whale Musk

  • @candle  7 weeks

    (So if I find Whale Musk Alluring & I like Walrus Milk, am I in real trouble? @davidbreslin101 & @dzdandcunfsd ? LOL)

    Five Albanian Wives Mutter

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @dzdandcunfsd  7 weeks

    @candle probably 🤣 I want to know how you got the Walrus milk though. They don't seem like they'd part with it willingly.

    Future Always Wants More

  • @candle  7 weeks

    Yeah, I never quite figured that one out, @dzdandcunfsd. I mean, I always assumed it was genuine Walrus Milk. Maybe I've been scammed all these years & it's been Seal Milk 😉 Probably why I haven't had any allergic reactions, tho…

    Fanny Always Wants Mike

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @cblack 7 weeks

    Four Awesome Women? Metal!

  • @cblack 7 weeks

    Frantic Amber! Whaddya Mean?

  • @coolparadiso  7 weeks

    As we farewell. Fxxxing Always Want More

  • @candle  7 weeks

    Five Ambient Walruses Mating

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  7 weeks

    February After Writing Many

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @dzdandcunfsd  7 weeks

    Fluffy Alligators Willfully Mutating

  • @candle  7 weeks

    Fire Alley With Marshmellows

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @andpow81  7 weeks

    Fjords, Archipelagos, Wetlands, Mangroves

  • @kenmattsson  7 weeks

    Freebirds Always Wailing Midair

  • @candle  7 weeks

    Fickle Amputated Wandering Madmen

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @andpow81  7 weeks

    Fire Air Water Mud

  • @daveyboy103  7 weeks

    Fall Against Whinging Muppets

  • @metalfoot  7 weeks

    Fighting Against Writing Music (in the offseason)

  • @candle  7 weeks

    Fledgling Armada With Munitions

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @andpow81  7 weeks

    Fresh Avocados Wear Masks

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