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  • @defaultdave  Feb 1

    A methodology that I have used to get some feedback. Basically, it comes down to interacting with others.

    First off, advice on giving feedback - don't bust a ZONG unless you have something constructive to say, be nice, and be specific.

    Timing of upload: Uploading a song in the middle of the night might get you buried by other songs, sometimes it's better to post songs mid-day, 3 pm EST.

    Roam around: After you upload a song, take time to go through forums, reply to something interesting, and check out some of those people's songs, and leave comments.
    Go back through your songs, and check out commentators' new songs and leave comments.
    Go through your follow list, see if anyone has new songs, and write comments.

    I personally like to take an hour after uploading a song and do this, or when I am stuck and need some inspiration.

    Please share your advice on getting feedback!
    Happy FAWMing!

  • @mariekevinkmusic  Feb 1

    Excellent tips there.

  • @timfatchen  Feb 1

    One more tip: if you want to reply to someone else's comment on your song, reply on their soundboard, _not_ in your song comments because odds are they'll never see it. Even if they do come back to that song, your reply is likely to have been buried by later comments.

  • @johncrossman  Feb 1

    Good advice. When I do a song skirmish, I enjoy listening and commenting on fellow skirmishers' songs and there usually a pretty good mutual comment vibe.

  • @cts  Feb 1

    I would also add to block off a set of time where you do nothing but listen and comment. From 30 mins to an hour.

  • @cblack Feb 1

    Yes! Commenting on others is essential to receive comments. Only a small fraction of us try to listen to as much as possible. I'd guess most others listen mostly to tracks made by someone they've interacted with.

    That said, there's also a correlation between the quality of the comments given and the quality received. Like, "I really liked it!" will probably net you something similar in return. A detailed comment given has more chance of a detailed comment received.

  • @wylddandelyon Feb 1

    I'm amazed at how many people squeeze just the songwriting into their already busy lives, really. I think a lot of people try to listen as much as possible, but that "as much as possible" varies a lot. Certainly, I feel bad if I don't check out people who have gone to the trouble of not only listening to but commenting on one of my songs, so they get some priority.

  • @cblack Feb 1

    @wylddandelyon Oh, I wasn't judging people who listen/comment less. Do what works for you, y'know?

    I comment a lot because I'm a chatty bitch and I don't have a job or study or small children. I have time. But yeah, hopefully I didn't imply that there's a "right way" and a "wrong way" to FAWM. Whatever works for you is the best way. 😀

  • @helenseviltwin  Feb 1

    Just to echo what @cblack has said, I think just as with the writing as with the commenting, it's all encouraged, but don't compare yourselves to other people. Everyone has their own lives and their own way of dealing with things. eg - personally, I find it hard to listen to music while I'm working, but I know many others thrive on that, so they'll have that bit more listening/commenting time, and that's ok.

  • @celineellis  Feb 1

    i'm going to go with a '1 for 1' exchange this year. For my 1 song, I will then give 1 hour to other peoples music after I upload. This is in addition to my other listening/commenting/forum-ing.
    The constructive and detailed feedback i got last year was my favourite part of this community.

  • @ustaknow Feb 1

    Yes, a good thread to have every year 😀 -- all above looks good; and authentic advice, of all kinds, always would be 😀 hahhh... one thing to mix in (not really advice...?), -- is to remember, - every year "here", (here, - didn't say facebook, et alia 😀 ), -- is a fresh start.

    So, "take a chance" and comment on all (all) even those you may feel for one reason or another - maybe not... well, don't be foolish... but, eventually all grapes ripen, and sweeten up 😀

    And so for - fawmlings, - this is the time you can't really do stuff wrong, so to speak, -- reach out, proactively. This is a reactive if not proactive environment... , poke it with a stick and see what happens 😀 You are the new shiny thing in the room 😀

  • @ustaknow Feb 1

    Yeah, I love seeing that above, - yeah, some folks are "here"- when at home, with half a bottle of their favorite wine in them, some, while at work and two bottles of their favorite wine in them 😀

    So, - different frames of mind. It's hard for some to realise they need to shift that work/home frame for the moment, (or read), - they may comment (listen) on-line... so, -- lattitude, room to let others be what, whom, how - they are and assume the "best" first until proven otherwise 😀 hahhh.

    I remember one year, someone said a song was "nice"..., and, hahhh, well, that was interesting.

    So, if I say, (and won't now 😉 ) "wow, nice song" - it's a good thing, from me. I otherwise would not comment.

    So, anyway, why say anything here... like the rest above, I (we) think someones gonna read this and have a more assuredly good experience. Otherwise, never read or listen to anything I say, - "my" only in-tent 😀

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