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  • @vuduluv Jan 31

    I'm private guitar/music teacher. thought this might be a good place to share tips on running a smooth efficient and hopefully successful ship.

    i'll start: when promoting yourself online (or anywhere else) focus on what students will learn, as opposed to your own personal accomplishments. students want to know what they'll get from giving you their hard earned money. use lists for this. ppl want to take a quick glance at what you offer then (maybe) move on and compare. lists are very useful.

    use a website (wix has a site generator that uses algorithms to come up a site for you if you dont like their templates - they a few dozen 'music' templates tho), and offer a page where ppl perusing your site can leave their name, contact info and what their current challenges and goals are. when you respond to them, speak specifically to what they've listed in their form and address how you will handle it. a personalized email as opposed to a stock message is gold.

    offer a free 30 min (or however long) trial. a test drive ups your chances of booking a student.

    anyone else in the FAWM end of the interwebs have any teaching biz tips?

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