Unofficial coworking/cowriting Zoom party Feb. 1!

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  • @littlespiral Jan 29

    I'm sooo excited for FAWM again this year. Because of the pandemic, we weren't able to have a FAWM kickoff party in person like we've done in the SF Bay Area for the last two years. So to make up for it, I'm hosting an unofficial Zoom marathon songwriting party on the 1st:

    On the hour, every hour, from 9am-3pm Pacific, join the Zoom room as we check in with each other on your songwriting process.
    After the check-ins, you'll have the option to go on mute and work on your music solo, or join a breakout room and cowrite with a fellow FAWMer. You can come and stay as long as you like - if you're feeling the vibe of your cowriters and want to keep going, or if you just like feeling like you have company in this crazy journey. We just ask that you join within 10 minutes of the hour mark - you may be locked out and forced to wait until the next hour if you're too late!

  • @elesimo  Jan 29

    I love the idea, @littlespiral! I'll be there! 😀

  • @littlespiral Jan 30

    awesome @elesimo !! see you there!

  • @kathym  Jan 30

    How cool is that! And very generous of you to offer to do this. I may pop in just to say hello from the east coast if that's okay.

  • @pipewrench67  Jan 30

    That sounds cool will try to pop in once or twice

  • @littlespiral Jan 30

    Absolutely @kathym and @pipewrench67 ! Can't wait to see you stop by!

  • @complexissimple Jan 30

    I may have to figure out how to use Zoom after all!

  • @andygetch  Jan 30

    very cool!

  • @glasscrow Jan 31

    Love the idea and wish you all a fun time! The first time I'll be able to dedicate to songwriting is Tuesday night.

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Jan 31

    @complexissimple It's pretty simple.
    @littlespiral I love this idea and may try and drop in! Fellow West Coaster here! 😀

  • @ductapeguy  Jan 31

    I have to work Monday but due to the magic of time zones (I am in EST), I should be able to join in for some of the last 3 hours.

  • @wacha  Jan 31

    I love this idea, I'll try to pop in for a bit!

  • @unpronounceable Jan 31

    I’ll try to drop by the last hour — I have a full work from home day that day but would love to participate!

  • @scubed  Jan 31

    Wonderful idea! I’ll plan to stop by once or twice.

  • @wobbiewobbit  Jan 31

    this sounds great - though i can imagine i might just want to hang out and soak up the vibe and not actually write

  • @sunnymae  Jan 31

    This sounds so wonderful! Thank you so much for organizing this.
    The thought of being able to see other people hang out in a creative space is really comforting.

  • @apolez3 Jan 31

    @littlespiral great idea!

  • @ajna1960  Jan 31

    I'll be there, as the hours should fit with GMT !

  • @wylddandelyon Feb 1

    This sounds like a great idea.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 1


  • @littlespiral Feb 1

    Yay! Join us in a half-hour!

  • @littlespiral Feb 1

    @wobbiewobbit I do plan to keep things pretty structured - just a 10-minute check-in on the hour every hour, and then those who want to cowrite will be put into breakout rooms - everyone else puts themselves on mute and optional cameras off. I'll be there to keep time and facilitate 😀

  • @apolez3 Feb 1

    sorry , just posted this on your profile didn't think ..
    hey is it possible to get the meeting id to join i'm having issues the way my computer is doing it rather join from my phone @littlespiral

  • @littlespiral Feb 1

    the zoom room is back open, please come on in! join on the hour, every hour, then the zoom room closes until the next hour:

  • @littlespiral Feb 1

    @apolez3 the way the Zoom meeting is set up is through registration - can you sign up through here?

  • @littlespiral Feb 1

    the zoom room is open again! join in the next 10 minutes for a solid 50 minutes of songwriting/coworking/collab time!

  • @littlespiral Feb 1

    opening the zoom room back up in about 5 minutes!

  • @tuneslayer  Feb 1

    Yay, I was hoping there would be a way to participate without being on Facebook. I'll try to drop in in a bit once I find out whether my regular weekday 12 noon appointment is going to happen.

  • @littlespiral Feb 1

    great @tuneslayer ! hope to see you!

  • @littlespiral Feb 1

    another window! opening up the Zoom room in 5 minutes - but then closing it again after 10 minutes. come join!

  • @littlespiral Feb 1

    Final hour of today's coworking/cowriting party! Zoom room opens in 5 minutes...

    If you can't make it, would you like us to host another one? If so, when?

  • @tuneslayer  Feb 1

    I didn't get in until 2:20 PM thanks to distractions (minor kitchen accident and inspiration to write a song). If you do another one I'd definitely be interested.

  • @wacha  Feb 1

    Dang it! I got so wrapped up in the song I started this morning that I completely forgot.

  • @littlespiral Feb 1

    aaand that's a wrap! thank you @mitchrocket @unpronounceable @metalfoot @tabitha @phylo @elesimo @complexissimple @tcelliott @adnama17 @suzimuzi and more of you who i didn't quite catch your FAWM names. there's demand for more Zoom parties like this, it looks like!

    so what days and what timeframes are good for people?

  • @metalfoot  Feb 1

    Best for me is generally Friday. Most other days I can pop in for a few minutes depending what else is on.

  • @complexissimple Feb 1

    I said any day would work for me, but then I remembered that I had to borrow my sister's phone for this. So if I can get Zoom working on the computer, any day works, and otherwise it's down to when/whether people are willing to lend me their phones.

    By the way, I kind of missed the whole breakout room thing. How was that for people?

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 1

    Totally forgot about this going on today.

  • @wylddandelyon Feb 1

    Aaugh, the snow defeated me! I hope you all had fun.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 2


  • @guatecoop  Feb 2

    Is this going to happen any other times @littlespiral ? I missed it by a minute or two a couple of times yesterday!! Ah well.

  • @ajna1960  Feb 2

    I forgot 😞 I hope there will be another ? Anday is fine for me, and almost anytime too (I am GMT).

  • @rainchaser  Feb 2

    This seems interesting! I may pop in once or twice just to check how it is there. Don't if I'll do any writing there but we'll see. I might do some collab work.

  • @djohnson  Feb 3

    I'd love to come to another! Weekends are best for me really, but should be able to find a little bit of time any day 😀

  • @suzimuzi Feb 14

    Hiya, sorry I missed this thread - not had much time for FAWM so far too much work to do... Post if you have another... Many thanks.

  • @fearlessflight2014  Feb 14

    I also missed this thread and am commenting to stay in the loop.

  • @rainchaser  Feb 14

    The OP was supposed to update the thread a week ago not sure what happened. Such a shame, sounded like an exciting idea to do!

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