FAWMVISION SONG CHALLENGE (inspired by Eurovision)

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  • @cairobraga  Jan 28


    yes, this is me proposing an Eurovision-inspired challenge! the biggest, weirdest and campiest music competition on the planet has some rules and I think it'd be fun to adapt them for FAWM and make into a challenge. here's what I'm proposing:

    - make your own Eurovision song, basically;
    - it must have lyrics;
    - it must be 3min long, maximum;
    - the production is limited to having a maximum of 6 layers/tracks of instruments and 6 layers/tracks of vocals;
    - it can have up to 6 people involved;
    - choose a location for which your song will represent (house, neighbourhood, city, district, county, state, region, country, continent, tectonic plate, hemisphere, planet, asteroid, star, constellation, galaxy, universe et al);
    - tag the song #fawmvision.

    some things to consider:
    - this is a recorded song challenge, so collabs are more than encouraged to combine talents and make the final result viable;
    - your song can definetely be a rewrite/sequel/spinoff/response/parody/inspired by an already existing Eurovision song;
    - key changes are definetely recommended, no limits on that;
    - if you don't know what an Eurovision song is, take a dive on YouTube as a start;
    - performing inside a giant hamster wheel is optional.

    (maybe one day we can also make a contest, huh?)

    are you ready? are you in?


  • @ianuarius  Jan 28

    Brilliant! What a great idea.

    I'm probably too reserved to do anything flamboyant enough to pass as an Eurovision song, but I want to hear what people come up with!

  • @robynmackenzie  Jan 28

    YESSSSS this is a great idea! I thoroughly enjoy Eurovision and the absolute glitz of it all.

  • @dasbinky  Jan 28

    Most years, I think I accidentally make one or two songs that are a keyboard track or two away from a Eurovision tune anyway, so this should be an easy one to stretch into. 😁

    And anyone can work with @sapient to make a Lordi tribute. πŸ˜‰

  • @ayehahmur  Jan 28


    Imma bookmark the heck out of this because I might well come back to it once all my "good" (ie earnestly artistic) ideas are spent.

  • @fourzeroes Jan 28

    Yay! I've been meaning to write a Eurovision song forever. On y va!

  • @terroratspacecamp  Jan 28

    Optional: having your partner rip off your skirt to reveal a shorter skirt.

  • @cairobraga  Jan 28

    @terroratspacecamp I see you. <3

  • @oddbod  Jan 28

    @kristian I think we might need to collab for this!

  • @complexissimple Jan 29

    I've never been able to find anyone on here who lives near me (the nearest are 2 1/2 hours' drive away, and in a distinct region I'm not a part of), so would another lonely FAWMer like to collaborate to represent the Center of the Earth or something?

  • @cphaurckker  Jan 29


  • @ecox78 Jan 29

    Could be fun for a side side side project. Totally out of my box though. I would make a mess then move back to my lane. Good luck with all that FAWMers. πŸ‘

  • @stephenwordsmith  Jan 29

    I wonder if I could convince Tim Wille to return to the challenge purely to roast the Eurovision entries like he does on Facebook every year. It's at least as entertaining as the acts themselves.

    (and has added 'like a cat that found a cheat code for infinite mice' to my vocabulary of similes)

  • @kristian  Jan 29

    @oddbod πŸ˜‚ let’s!

  • @adforperu  Jan 29

    As a Brit, I just need to write something so utterly devoid of the spirit of Eurovision, and I need to ensure that no one likes it.... easy!

  • @sapient  Jan 29

    And I'm not the only metalhead I know who does either.
    Not sure I could ever make a song that was either a) sheerful enough, or b) short enough, but I'm up for giving it a go! 😁

  • @cairobraga  Jan 29

    @ecox78 messy is one of many Eurovision tropes, you know? totally fits in! 😁

  • @leka Jan 29

    the voting starts... when?

  • @woodhornhank  Jan 29

    Watching now : Lou - Let`s get happy (Germany 2003)

    "Let's get happy and let's be friends"

    edit. i got a nasty earworm.

  • @terroratspacecamp  Jan 29

    @sapient i would consider myself a metal head and I definitely enjoy Eurovision (despite also being an American). But I did work in theater so that might explain it.

  • @sapient  Jan 29

    @terroratspacecamp Alas I don't have access to that excuse. I think I just like it because it's shiny, utterly over the top and makes me happy 😁

  • @loveonamixtape  Jan 30

    Ooh, I LOVE this! Definitely bookmarking. I don't think my production skills are quite are up to snuff to really do this justice on my own, BUT my musical theater roots on the lyrics and vocals front could really flex on this challenge, if anyone wanted to collab!

  • @coolparadiso  Jan 30

    If i can persuade Mrs Paradiso to sing we might do something magnificently cheesy. I do have an idea!

  • @ajna1960  Jan 31

    @songwritingzen would you be up for this ? !! πŸ˜€

  • @nuerdetjuligen  Jan 31

    WONDERFUL Challenge idea!

  • @fabiomrbarbosa Feb 1


  • @berni1954  Feb 1

    I hope you Eurovision Fans can forgive me for this. But here is my rather critical (but fun) take on Eurovision (Which my partner insists we watch every year). It's from a few years back and starts with a genuine Balkan Melody.

  • @songwritingzen  Feb 1

    @ajna1960 I am SOOOOOO in. Let the sequinned frivolity begin πŸ˜€

  • @skittycat  Feb 1

    Oh my word! We are massive Eurovision fans in this house. We still remember the year Lordi won and we were at a party where everyone decided to be Finns for the evening because the UK entry was (as always) a bag of poop.
    I love this challenge.

  • @steviez  Feb 1

    Eurovision was how I discovered Lordi and Ruslana.....so I'm forever indebted to it πŸ˜€
    I'd be totally down to collab with anyone in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area (aka the Tri-Cities) to do a #fawmvision tune - the crazier the better!

  • @cairobraga  Feb 1

    but @berni1954, are you taking part on this challenge? you definetely can make an Eurovision song dissing Eurovision, if you want. (I got mixed feelings from the link you sent, so, well done)

  • @berni1954  Feb 1

    I will have to swallow my pride and come up with something over FAWM that I can submit for your approval. It's actually the geo-political swing that Eurovision has taken, rather than the event or the songs themselves that my song was aiming most of its vitriol at. 😜

  • @persaab Feb 1

    @skittycat you know this is the only time when Finland has won this contest? Pertti Kurikan NimipΓ€ivΓ€t is defenetly best artist ever send from Finland to Eurovision contest.

  • @ajna1960  Feb 1

    Is there an end date that FAWMVISION songs have to be submitted by please ? !
    Ta muchly

  • @cairobraga  Feb 1

    @berni1954 as if it wasn't always like this. the difference is now there's not a "veil of credibility and expertise and neutrality" given by the fact that only the juries voted until 1998. now that the general public has a say, suddenly it becomes a "geo-political swing", huh?

  • @cairobraga  Feb 1

    @ajna1960 since we're not having a contest (yet), it works just as a normal FAWM Challenge: it's constrained by the month of February.

  • @skittycat  Feb 1

    @persaab wow! Thanks for the heads up on Pertti Kurikan NimipΓ€ivΓ€t. My son and I are autistic so seeing representation in punk is fantastic.

  • @berni1954  Feb 1

    As my song says:
    "Vote for me, We'll vote for you!
    You're fellow Slavs, I'm Baltic too!"

    and later
    "Twelve Points from Greece to Cyprus goes."

    It just seems to me that the idea that people are still choosing the BEST SONG, regardless of its national origin, has long since gone.
    But I am not denying that there are hundreds of thousands of people who still enjoy the event (including my partner). I am certainly not advocating closing it down - despite my last line in the song πŸ˜‰

  • @kembole Feb 1

    I was one step ahead of this. So, close but not quite there. 3:20 and more than six layers. Maybe I'll do a new one later to meet the requirements. But if someone still wants to hear it, be my guest, hope you enjoy.

  • @tunecat  Feb 8

    What a great challenge. So many great fun, crazy, stretchy things to do and not enough hours in the day.... but Im very tempted.

  • @meriamber  Feb 11

    Oooo I have to tag this and try this out with one of the characters I play [DJ 4MB3RR] once I get through my current to do list... This would be so fun!! I'm sure lots of rad songs would come out of it!!

  • @estebanlartigue  Feb 11

    i loved the movie but i have no idea how to make an eurovision song lol

  • @cairobraga  Feb 11

    hey @estebanlartigue and all of you in need of reference on how to make an Eurovision song, here are some tips:

    1. an Eurovision song literally called "That's How You Write a Song": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N17BdRwOvBA (consider the fact that this performer, Alexander Rybak, won the contest years prior)
    2. an Eurovision meta-performance about what makes an Eurovision performance an Eurovision performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMgW54HBOS0
    3. an Eurovision song made by an AI fed with years of Eurovision song lyrics (it's a wild ride): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MKAf6YX_7M

  • @complexissimple Feb 11

    @cairobraga The first two links are apparently not available to watch in the US.

  • @estebanlartigue  Feb 11

    thank you @cairobraga

  • @complexissimple Feb 11

    @cairobraga Yup, those work!

  • @kristian  Feb 14

    sorry 😁


  • @chroes  Feb 15

    Oh yes! This sounds too good to pass up!

  • @sapient  Feb 28

    It took a long time to work out how do attempt this challenge, but attempt it I have!

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