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  • @porrectus  Jan 27

    Maine in the hizzouse, ('cause that phrase is culturally apropos, I think it was coined in Maine buy Joshua Chamberlain)

  • @tiller2  Jan 27

    I'm planning to fawm in Maine this year! Probably lots of songs about deer. 😁

  • @porrectus  Jan 27

    Nice. I think the world could use a song about some good venison stew. Which makes me want to check my freezer.
    Looking forward to hearing you!

  • @apinkstar  Jan 31

    Maine here, too! Been Fawming since 2006 but post-kids haven't been hugely successful! This year, I'm hoping it will be different. Looking forward to hearing your work!

  • @papaooo Feb 11

    Fawmling here, trying to find my way around. Posted lyrics, might get a couple of songs recorded by the deadline. Started late, trying to catch up. 10 songs, 17 days...might work.

  • @porrectus  Feb 11


  • @elesimo  Feb 11

    Fun fact: Maine is the US state that is closest to Africa!

  • @papaooo Feb 13

    Or the farthest, depending on which way you go.

    I have to figure out a way to write a Maine song for this FAWM.

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