‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’: TV series challenge

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  • @jorh  Jan 27

    My favourite album of last year, and now one of my favourites of all time, is ‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’ by Fiona Apple. Fun fact: the album title / title song was inspired by the tv programme ‘The Fall’. Gillian Anderson delivered the aforementioned dialogue very eloquently during season 1. See link (https://youtu.be/eKhMgNUUQw0) . If you haven’t watched ‘The Fall’ yet, do it, you won’t regret it!!

    Anyway I thought we could do a challenge in a similar vein. Write a song based on one of your favourite tv shows - some ideas below:

    - Write a song from the viewpoint of the main character
    - Write a song based on one of the main storylines
    - Take an iconic phrase from the tv show and make it the title/ hook of your song

    If you do all 3 - you win the main prize, which is bragging rights.

    Tag it #tvtune

  • @petemurphy  Jan 27

    I love Fiona Apple, and I just finished watching 'The Fall' a few days ago (finding out about the origin of the album title is what prompted me to watch it).

    My favourite Fiona album is a tie between 'The Idler Wheel' and the unreleased Jon Brion produced version of 'Extraordinary Machine', but I love pretty much everything she's done.
    'Shameika' from the new album is mind blowing.
    Back in 2005 I spent a few weeks working on an album with the guy who mixed a lot of the 'Fetch The Boltcutters' album.

    I might do this challenge. Maybe from the viewpoint of Dr Alan Statham from Green Wing, or one of the characters from Funland...

  • @ayehahmur  Jan 27

    @petemurphy "Maybe from the viewpoint of Dr Alan Statham from Green Wing"
    Pleeeeaase do this! I need to know what comes after "A for appendectomy, B is for barium, C is for cystitis, Diptheria for D..."

  • @dasbinky  Jan 27

    Well, I'm hoping someone writes a song from the perspective of Old Gregg called "Baileys from a Shoe". I don't think that'll be me this year, but that's a good freebie for someone.

  • @jorh  Jan 27

    @petemurphy Good timing ha!

    I’ve got to admit ‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’ was the first album I heard, a few were a bit before my time cause I was a 90s kid. I’m making my way through the others now though. Really liked ‘the idler wheel’ but think I preferred FTBC - might just be a case of I’ve heard it a lot more times tho.
    Yes it’s an incredible album - i think it works well as a ‘cohesive’ particularly have a soft spot for heavy balloon, for her, and drum set though. Well props to him haha he did a splendid job 👌

    I’ll be sure to check out your song if you give the challenge a go!

  • @petemurphy  Jan 27

    Haha, @ayehahmur !
    I love his alphabet song. And his carrier pigeon poem. I think he's my favourite comedy creation of all time. Some of the visual humour, like what he does with his shoe after the phone call to Joanna, and the way he catches the ball and says 'confiscatio secundo!'.
    Oh, and him swishing his cape with a sense of "contained urgency, yet stylish elan".
    Mark Heap is brilliant. 😀

  • @petemurphy  Jan 28

    @jorh - yeah, FTBC seems to have captured the world, showing up at the top of a lot of 'album of the year' lists.
    I definitely think that Fiona is one the greatest artists we have.

  • @ayehahmur  Jan 28

    @petemurphy Heap is just a gift in everything he's in. We last watched Green Wing I don't know how long ago and we still quote it.

    Meanwhile, on subject. I kinda like this challenge. I might see if I can do something for it.

  • @mdavisto  Jan 28

    A big chunk of the material @sciren and I produce every year is like this - written from the perspective of a character in a TV show, movie, or podcast. I'm sure this year will be no different.

  • @oddbod  Jan 28

    I'm mildly curious about the "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" line.
    Does Fiona Apple explain anywhere what the significance of that line is (assuming there is one) ?
    It's been a while since I watched The Fall but I don't think those words are relevant to anything particularly momentous in the series/plot. It's just a simple fairly innocuous instruction delivered by Gillian Anderson's character.

  • @jorh  Jan 28

    @oddbod If you start the interview around 2 minutes, Fiona explains how it came about. (https://youtu.be/mMmKfg9kzkE) it was a bit of a random source of inspiration by all accounts. I read a few of her interviews when the record came out and she talked a lot about how she had been a recluse for the last few years. She was ready to ‘fetch the bolt cuttters’ by all accounts and get back out in the world. She just connected to it.
    Yes your right r.e fairly innocuous instruction, but I think Fiona has made it pretty iconic now haha! I bet lots of people ask Gillian Anderson to say it when she’s out and about now 😂

  • @aflinner  Jan 28

    I've definitely used TV shows and movies as a starting point for songs, and I'm sure I'll do it again this year. Great idea for a challenge. 😀

  • @jorh  Feb 11

    Finally got around to doing my own challenge 😂It’s based on Killing Eve (with a bit of creative license). If you haven’t watched it definitely give it a go - high drama and very funny!!


  • @robotkitten  Feb 28

    I've done one! Based on the show Revenge. https://fawm.org/songs/124247/

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