2021 Tarot Challenge

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  • @auditasum  Jan 26

    I've seen other people post tarot challenges before (I have too in the past), so sorry if I'm stepping on anyone's toes. Anyway, I have too many tarot decks that aren't getting enough attention. Tell me which deck you want (or tell me to surprise you), and starting on the 1st I'll draw a card for you to base your song on! You can base it on the traditional meaning of the tarot card OR what the imagery makes you think/feel. I'll include information from the deck's guidebook if it has one.

    Make sure to tag your song #tarot and post a link in the thread!

    The tarot decks (from left to right, top row first):

    - Wild Unknown Tarot - abstract, beautiful colors, animal/nature deck with no humans. Simple, not much symbolism.
    - Modern Witch Tarot - similar to the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck with rich symbolism, but all the humans are diverse women. One of my favorites.
    - The Spacious Tarot - another animal/nature deck. Instead of human subjects, you are the subject, looking out at a scene that represents each card. Beautiful art.
    - Slow Holler Tarot - a deck made by multiple queer Southern artists. My other favorite deck. Some cards feature diverse people and some are more abstract depictions of nature, animals, and symbols in a rural setting.
    - Thelema Tarot - a photorealistic, very pretty deck that matches the Rider-Waite-Smith in symbolism for the most part.
    - The Robin Wood Tarot - another deck that is very similar to the Rider-Waite-Smith, but has European pagan symbolism instead of the Judeo-Christian/Egyptian symbolism of the classic deck. In my opinion the artwork is a little less pretty than other decks, but it's good for reading.

  • @carleybaer  Jan 26

    Ooo! Thank you @auditasum ! I’d love a card from the modern witch deck 😁

  • @dragondreams  Jan 26

    I've gotten some decent tracks from the Tarot in the past. So yes please, @auditasum. I'd love to try something from the Wild Unknown deck (I've not seen that one before). πŸ˜€

  • @scubed  Jan 26

    Thanks, @auditasum! I’d love to try the Spacious Tarot!

  • @robynmackenzie  Jan 26

    I'll take the Robin Wood deck.

  • @candle  Jan 26

    I too will try a Robin Wood Deck card, if I may.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @mikehex  Jan 26

    I'm intrigued by the Wild Unknown. Hit me!

  • @rollasoc  Jan 26

    The Spacious Tarot please. Mostly since I will use a lot of delay and reverb on it.... Mwahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @sonicdeatheagle  Jan 26

    Surprise me! Thanks!

  • @barbara  Jan 26

    Thank you @auditasum! I’d like a draw from the Slow Holler deck, please.

  • @the3queens  Jan 26

    Suprise me!

  • @icedmochakitten Jan 26

    Could I have a card from the Modern Witch deck? I love your collection, I have the Wild Unknown at home and I've had my eye on Modern Witch for while c:

  • @celaphane  Jan 26

    Woah! This is so rad! I'm super into the Slow Holler deck. Gracias!

  • @coolparadiso  Jan 26

    thx i'm really happy to try anything - but how about The Robin Wood Tarot

  • @kristi  Jan 26

    I'd like to try a card from the Spacious Tarot deck please! Thanks!

  • @sunfire Jan 26

    I would like to try two both the Wild Unknown and the Spacious Tarot. Both would interest me in separate songs/lyric of course if that's the objective. I'm new to this. I could do two if that's okay. Otherwise surprise me between those two. I like them both. Thanks

  • @gardeningangel1  Jan 27

    Ooo fun! The Spacious deck looks interesting. One for me, please and thank you!

  • @middlec  Jan 27

    Yay! Surprise me! (and thank you)

  • @unpronounceable Jan 27

    Can I request Spacious & Slow Holler decks? πŸ˜€

  • @loveonamixtape  Jan 27

    Ooh, Robin Wood deck, pls! Love the Tarot challenge!

  • @auditasum  Jan 27

    @carleybear @dragondreams @scubed @robynmackenzie @candle @barbara @the3queens @celaphane @coolparadiso @kristi @sunfire @gardeningangel1 @middlec @unpronounceable @loveonamixtape

    Thanks for your interest, everyone! I'm having fun drawing cards and taking pictures. I'll start posting them on February 1st πŸ˜€

  • @dragondreams  Jan 27

    @auditasum Thank you! πŸ˜€

  • @carleybaer  Jan 27

    @auditasum hooray! Thank you πŸ˜€ just a small point, my last name isn’t β€œbear” but β€œBaer”— which is to say the anglicized version of the German word for β€œbear,” haha β€” but I’m just mentioning it because I won’t see any tags for the other one πŸ˜€

  • @pipewrench67  Jan 27

    @auditasum robin wood please, thank you.

  • @complexissimple Jan 27

    I've been eyeing this thread since it first appeared, trying to resist the temptation to say I want one of each, but I give in.

  • @auditasum  Jan 27

    @carleybaer oops, typo. I know it's Baer but my fingers disagree 😁

  • @auditasum  Jan 27

    @complexissimple just to avoid too much work for me, I'll say... 3 decks max. lol. Or 3 cards from the same deck.

  • @complexissimple Jan 27

    @auditasum In that case, I think I'll wait and see which I prefer based on what the cards look like and what kind of info comes with them.

  • @tawny249  Jan 28

    Spacious Tarot card for me, please! I dig natural landscape inspiration. 😁 Thanks!

  • @owl  Jan 28

    Can you draw me one from the Wild Unknown deck, please? Thanks!

  • @saucyjack85 Jan 29

    First time doing FAWM, and while I should probably restrain myself, I do enjoy a wee challenge. Plus some of those decks look lovely. Could I trouble you for one card from Slow Holler and one from Thelema please? Cheers.

  • @ginomakesmusic  Jan 29

    I would love to try a card from your Modern Witch deck!

  • @middlec  Jan 29

    @auditasum ok, thanks! I look forward to it.

  • @sourcedecay  Jan 30

    Slow holler for me, please! Looks interesting

  • @wacha  Jan 30

    If I could get a card from any deck that would be great, thanks!

  • @aiyla Jan 30

    Hi, id love to try this with the Spacious Tarot 😁 Thank you πŸ™πŸ½

  • @donna  Jan 30

    I've already signed up for Cheryl's Seasons of the Witch Tarot (I have that deck myself) challenge, so I'd love to have a card from The Wild Unknown Tarot. Thanks!

  • @pfoo  Jan 30

    I haven't explored Tarot before, but I almost bought the Modern Witch deck just because. I would love a card from that deck! Thank you!

  • @apolez3 Jan 31

    @auditasum ,
    - Slow Holler Tarot is the one.... i pick. Hope I do it right!

  • @thundersnow Feb 1

    I’d like a card, please! Slow Holler Deck sounds lovely.

  • @wylddandelyon Feb 1

    How about the Slow Holler deck? And thank you!

  • @krayzie003  Feb 1

    I would like a card from both Robin Wood and Modern Witch if that's ok.

  • @auditasum  Feb 1

    @carleybaer your card is Temperance

    From the guidebook: "Balance is a beautiful thing. Temperance is a radiant angel decked out in rainbows, balancing one foot on land and the other in water as she confidently pours water from cup to cup. Sunflowers are bursting behind her and the sun is bright and full of joy. Temperance is the perfect alchemist, and she's full of song as she blends things together in harmony.

    Your life is off-kilter and you need to create some balance. Maybe you've burnt out from working too much, or you've been binge-walking tv all weekend and now your house is a mess. So it's now time to put your house in order, and start doing things in moderation. You'll find that if you work to balance all the different aspects of your life, everything feels so much easier. Try and face this task with optimism and positivity, and enjoy all wonderful things in life equally."

  • @auditasum  Feb 1

    @dragondreams your card is Son of Pentacles, traditionally called the Knight of Pentacles

    Keywords: loyal, determined. Traditionally, Pentacles are the suit of money and earthly things. Their element is Earth, and knights take a bold, brash approach to life.

  • @dragondreams  Feb 1

    @auditasum - Way cool! Thank you! πŸ˜€

  • @auditasum  Feb 1

    @scubed your card is Strength. Interestingly enough, I thought of this exact card when I saw you requested the Spacious tarot and looked at your bio 😁

    From the guidebook: "Strength coaxes you to take a gentle but confident approach. There is a similar boldness in Strength as in the Chariot, but there is more grace and softness here. Strength affirms that you can bloom delicately even if you find yourself in a harsh environment.

    Approach challenges with fortitude instead of ruthlessly bulldozing forward. Find empathy for the terrain you find yourself in. Have the patience to understand your circumstances and find ways to work with them instead of against them"

  • @auditasum  Feb 1

    @robynmackenzie your card is 7 of Wands

    From the guidebook: "Take a stand. Success against obstacles, problems solved or turned aside, bravery. Reversed: misgivings about an outcome, perplexity, anxiety. Hesitancy causes loss."

  • @auditasum  Feb 1

    @candle your card is the Tower

    From the guidebook: "Meaning: sudden change, broken friendships, destruction, security lost, a disgrace. Catastrophic transformation. Reversed: Tyranny, continued oppression. Lack of change. Momentary loss."

  • @auditasum  Feb 1

    @mikehex your card is the Son of Swords, traditionally the Knight of Swords

    Keywords: determined, forceful. The Swords is the suit that represents intellect. Knights take a bold, brash approach to life.

  • @auditasum  Feb 1

    @rollasoc your card is 10 of Wands

    From the guidebook: "overextension - energetic clutter. The Ten of Wands teaches you that you can't do everything at once. Being a multi-passionate person is a good thing until you become bogged down with more than you can actually take on. Here, that risk becomes reality. How can you clear away the clutter within and around you? Reaffirm your priorities and remember it's necessary to say no sometimes. You can't constantly push forward! You may simply need to take a break, set down all those wands, and reexamine the big picture."

  • @auditasum  Feb 1

    @sonicdeatheagle your card is 4 of Knives (from the Slow Holler Tarot), traditionally the 4 of Swords

    From the guidebook: "Give yourself permission to rest. Sink down and be still. Let your internal processes knit you back together.

    "The Four of Knives indicates a withdrawal into oneself to ponder and strategize, or simply rest and recuperate...

    "Pause to take the space you need to think things through, consider possibilities, and re-envision what you want."

  • @auditasum  Feb 1

    @barbara your card is 3 of Knives (traditionally 3 of Swords)

    From the guidebook: "Confront your false hopes. Embrace reality. Grieve fully, and give yourself the tools and time to recover. Remember that this, too, will pass.

    "The Three of Knives evokes heartbreak, disappointment, and sometimes even betrayal. It marks a time of sadness when hurt feelings and loneliness are at their height, and you may feel separated from the people, places, and things that mean the most to you."

  • @auditasum  Feb 1

    I'm working on drawing more cards and will post more as soon as I can πŸ˜€

  • @barbara  Feb 3

    Thanks so much @auditasum!
    Loving the presentation, not just for mine, but for the others also. Great touch! And extra gratitude for you transcribing some of the guidebook. Those words are perfect for me!

  • @flw3rch1ld  Feb 3

    Oooo i’d Like to try, from the wild unknown deck please 😁

  • @dragondreams  Feb 3

    I've posted mine...

  • @w1n  Feb 3

    Draw me one from the wild unknown one please πŸ˜€

  • @candle  Feb 3

    Thank you so much @auditasum. Here's the result of my Tower card:

    Cær Merlyni - https://fawm.org/songs/112456/

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @engebretsen  Feb 3

    Well yes.... I wan' t one too. Faith deside. You make the choose. Thank you.

  • @blackrose1313 Feb 3

    One from the Wild Unknown please!

  • @nateger Feb 3

    I love this! Please pick a card from the Slow Holler deck πŸ™

  • @valeriecox  Feb 3

    Oh cool, we get to pick our deck! Slow Holler please.

  • @auditasum  Feb 4

    @the3queens your card is Ace of Pentacles from the Modern Witch Tarot

    Anndd for some reason I took the picture with the guidebook page for Ace of Cups? But here's the text for the Ace of Pentacles below:

    "The world around you is full of posssibilities and promise right now. Engage with it, go on a bike ride, take a bath, make some tea, plant some flowers and enthral your senses. You are in this world, on this planet, so live your life and let the good things come to you."

  • @auditasum  Feb 4

    @icedmochakitten your card is The High Priestess

    "There are deep secrets and many mysteries in life. The High Priestess knows the path toward them. She sits on her throne, with her laptop full of secret knowledge and wisdom, pensive but inviting. Behind her, a veil of pomegranates suggests the desire for answers is there, but we may not be ready to lift this veil of mysteries. The moon, at her feet, seeks to awaken our unconscious and open us up to the hidden things and the strangest parts of existing.

    Be still. Sometimes the greatest power comes from knowing that you do not know anything... It's not time to make big decisions right now."

    (btw, I would totally recommend Modern Witch if you're considering getting it. It's a great deck to read with and the guidebook is really insightful.)

  • @auditasum  Feb 4

    @celaphane your card is Fortuna (traditionally Wheel of Fortune)

    "Take a chance. Be swept away. Expect surprises. Embrace chaos. Prepare to change course. Make connections. Seek higher truths.

    "Planets wheel in their orbits. Seasons creep and crescendo over the face of the earth. One thread is spliced and another cut. All we know for sure is that this, too, will change. We'll experience it all over time. This card signals and inevitable shift in direction as the wheel of time continues to turn, a change in fortunes, a surprising development, a stroke of luck or fate, an accident or a miracle. When Fortuna appears in your reading, the card encourages you to seize the opportunity as it arrives-- for who knows when it will come again."

  • @auditasum  Feb 4

    @coolparadiso your card is The Devil

    "Greed, the monkey trap. Vehement desires, lust. Bondage to an ideal. Bad or evil influence or advice. Dissolution. A choice upon which your fate depends."

  • @chroes  Feb 4

    Slow Holler Tarot card for me, please! <3

  • @auditasum  Feb 4

    @kristi your card is Ten of Swords

    "The Ten of Swords implores you to differentiate between melodrama and real concerns. Tens show the energy of their suit taken to their natural conclusion, and here we see what happens when the mind runs unchecked and create all kinds of wild stories. Thinking critically about your situation is useful, but make sure you are not overreacting.

    "The swords stab the trunk, even though the job of cutting down the tree has clearly already been done."

  • @auditasum  Feb 4

    @sunfire your cards are Elder of Wands (traditionally King of Wands) from Spacious Tarot and The Heirophant from Wild Unknown. The illustrations have a similar energy, funny enough

    Keywords for the King of Wands: natural-born leader, vision, entrepreneur, honor.

    Keywords for Heirophant: spiritual wisdom, religious beliefs, conformity, tradition, institutions.

  • @auditasum  Feb 4

    @gardeningangel1 your card is The Lovers

    "relationships, harmony, passion

    "The Lovers reminds you that you are a light beam among light beams. Connect to your true self, connect to your loved ones, connect to the divine...

    "This card can speak to partnerships, but it is also about personal identity. What is your unique light? Are you making aligned choices? Where is your passion? These questions are crucial to the relationship aspect of The Lovers as well, as a greater understanding of yourself creates a better dynamic with others."

  • @auditasum  Feb 4

    @middlec your card is Three of Pentacles

    "They commissioned me to paint on this window. The work relaxes me as much as I appear focused...

    "expression of work' fulfillment; endurance; collaboration and focus"

  • @auditasum  Feb 4

    @unpronounceable your cards are Six of Swords from Spacious Tarot and Student of Vessels (traditionally Page of Cups) from Slow Holler

    Keywords for Six of Swords: Transition, change, rite of passage, releasing baggage.

    Keywords for Page of Cups: Creative opportunities, intuitive messages, curiosity, possibility.

  • @middlec  Feb 4

    @auditasum thank you! and perfect....

  • @auditasum  Feb 4

    @loveonamixtape your card is King of Swords

    "A perceptive, intelligent, and strong-willed man is indicated."

  • @auditasum  Feb 4

    @pipewrench67 your card is Four of Wands

    "Romance and Tranquility

    "Harmony, romance, a wedding. New prosperity, fruits of labor, rest, home, harvest, society."

  • @auditasum  Feb 4

    Sorry for the delays. I'll get the next batch up soon. πŸ˜€

  • @rwhosings  Feb 4

    @auditasum , when you have time, I'd love a card from the Wild Unknown Tarot.

  • @akagitsune89 Feb 4

    This is so cooll! I'd love a card from the Wild Unknown set if you've got the time!

  • @loveonamixtape  Feb 4

    Thanks you @auditasum for the fun challenge! Mine came together quickly and was a fun one to write: https://fawm.org/songs/113115/

  • @mikehex  Feb 4

    Here's mine for "Son of Swords"


    This was great @auditasum, thanks!

  • @drivelmonk  Feb 5

    @auditasum I'll take something from the spacious deck if you'd be so kind. πŸ˜€

  • @taylortay Feb 5

    I'll take one from whichever deck takes your fancy @auditasum πŸ˜€

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 5

    Oo forgot to post i would love to do this again @auditasum if you wouldn't mind selecting me a card x

  • @sciren  Feb 6

    Oh, oh! Can you draw one for me @auditasum? The Wild Unknown and Spacious decks sound neat!

  • @wylddandelyon Feb 7

    The Wild Unknown is a really cool name for a deck.

  • @sunfire Feb 7

    Thank you to @auditasum for the card pick of Elder of Wands/ King of Wands. https://fawm.org/songs/114427/

  • @robynmackenzie  Feb 7

    I briefly referenced my card in this song...does that count? https://fawm.org/songs/114430/

  • @scubed  Feb 8

    Thanks for the wonderful challenge, @auditasum! Here's mine:

  • @violetwhim Feb 9

    Hi! I'm @auditasum 's wife and she's working overtime this week and still trying to write songs so I'm going to take over pulling and posting for a bit. I've been lurking and love all the songs posted so far!

  • @karan  Feb 9

    @violetwhim, if you still take requests, I'd love to have a go with the Spacious deck. πŸ˜€

  • @violetwhim Feb 9

    @tawny249 Your card is the Four of Swords

    Reprieval, Contemplation

  • @violetwhim Feb 9

    @owl Your card is the Tower.

    Unexpected upheaval, crisis, change

  • @owl  Feb 9

    @violetwhim thank you!

  • @violetwhim Feb 9

    @saucyjack85 I pulled The King of Swords and Awakening (traditionally Judgement)

    King of Swords: genius, expertise, thinking things through, choosing wisely, mastery of the mind
    Awakening: leveling up

  • @violetwhim Feb 9

    @ginomakesmusic I pulled The Moon for you.

    Darkness, the unconscious, dreams, and intuition

  • @violetwhim Feb 9

    @sourcedecay Your card is the Ace of Vessels (traditionally Ace of Cups)

    Intuition, emotions, relationships, communications

  • @tawny249  Feb 10

    Here are the lyrics for The Sword in the Ground, inspired by my Four of Swords card. Recording potentially forthcoming.


  • @violetwhim Feb 10

    @wacha I chose the Wild Unknown for you and the first card I drew was the Nine of Swords and it might be the card I hate the most in all our decks so even though I rarely redraw I was like "nope, this sucks" and drew a different card... The Devil. Ha. So this deck really wants you to write something hellish?

    Nine of Swords: nightmares, anguish
    The Devil: negativity, materialism, addiction

  • @violetwhim Feb 10

    @aiyla I drew the Eight of Cups for you.

    Meaning, progression, moving on

  • @violetwhim Feb 10

    @donna I chose The Ace of Cups for you!

    Love's beginnings, awakening intuition, flowing emotion, imagination

  • @violetwhim Feb 10

    @pfoo I drew the Two of Pentacles for you!

    Adaptability, changes, multi tasking, play

  • @violetwhim Feb 10

    @apolez3 I drew The Two of Stones (traditionally the Two of Pentacles, incidentally the same as the last card I pulled!)

    Adaptability, changes, multi tasking, play

  • @complexissimple Feb 10

    @auditasum or @violetwhim I had a lot of trouble deciding, because all of these decks are so cool, but I have finally narrowed it down to Spacious, Thelema, and Modern Witch. If you still don't mind drawing me three.

  • @pfoo  Feb 10

    @violetwhim Thank you!

  • @drivelmonk  Feb 11

    @violetwhim I made a request to @auditasum previously, but I know you've both been hit with a ton so it makes sense to miss some folks, and besides the fact that you guys are putting the time into this is really appreciated. If I could get a card from the Spacious deck, I'd much appreciate it.

  • @karan  Feb 11

    @violetwhim , me too, and I'd also love a card from the Spacious deck if you're still drawing them. These decks are all so interesting!

  • @taylortay Feb 14

    @violetwhim likewise if you're able to draw a card (from any deck) for me it would be much appreciated

  • @gardeningangel1  Feb 15

    Thank you for this! My card complimented the oracle card that was drawn for me so I combined them in one song. Very much NSFW:

  • @violetwhim Feb 15

    @thundersnow Your card is The Chariot.

    Momentum, competence, travel, control, determination

  • @violetwhim Feb 15

    @wylddandelyon Your card is the Six of Stones (traditionally the six of pentacles)

    Balancing loss and gain, giving and receiving, flow of resources

  • @violetwhim Feb 15

    @krayzie003 From the Robin Wood I drew The Eight of Swords and from the Modern Witch I drew The Ten of Wands

    Eight of Swords: helpless thoughts, limiting belief, inner critic

    Ten of Wands: Responsibility, stress, burden

    As someone who reads tarot, it really stood out to me that neither of these characters are seeing things clearly... make of that what you will!

  • @violetwhim Feb 15

    @flw3rch1ld Your card is The Five of Cups

    Grief, loss, emotional adjustment

  • @violetwhim Feb 15

    @w1n I drew The Daughter of Pentacles (traditionally Page of Pentacles)

    Practical, cautious, student, new project/job/investment. A look at all things material and physical through the eyes of someone new and eager to learn.

  • @violetwhim Feb 15

    Hi everyone! I'm still pulling cards! Trying to get at least 5 a day so I should have all the current requests done in the next few days.

  • @violetwhim Feb 16

    @engebretsen Your card is The Nine of Swords from the Spacious Tarot

    Worry, anxiety, insomnia, repressed thoughts, nightmares

  • @violetwhim Feb 16

    @blackrose1313 Your card is The Hanged Man

    Patience, Contemplation, lack of control

  • @violetwhim Feb 16

    @nateger Your card is The Two of Knives (traditionally Swords)

    Choices, ambivalence, indecision, the need for more information

  • @violetwhim Feb 16

    @valeriecox Your card is The Nine of Vessels (traditionally cups)

    Wish fulfillment, contentment, overindulgence

  • @violetwhim Feb 16

    @chroes Your card is The Five of Branches (traditionally Wands)

    competition, conflict, problems to solve, brainstorming

  • @valeriecox  Feb 16

    @violetwhim Thank you so much for all the work you've put in to do this for us. This card really speaks to me!

  • @chroes  Feb 16

    @violetwhim Thank you!

  • @violetwhim Feb 17

    @rwhosings Your card is The Father of Swords (traditionally The King of Swords)

    Objective, logical, intelligent, assertive, emotionally distant

  • @violetwhim Feb 17

    @akagitsune89 Your card is the Two of Cups.

    Equality, love, respect, sharing

  • @violetwhim Feb 17

    @drivelmonk Your card is The Ten of Pentacles

    Legacy, permanence, wealth, ancestors, wisdom, home

  • @violetwhim Feb 17

    @taylortay Your card is The Hanged One

    Surrender, new perspective, waiting

  • @violetwhim Feb 17

    @karlsburg25 Your card is The Knight of Cups

    emotional intensity, idealism, flirtation, fickle passions

  • @akagitsune89 Feb 18

    @violetwhim thank you! The photo is gorgeous, by the way!

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 18

    @violetwhim thank you. oooo now thats a challenge. I need another week off πŸ˜‰

  • @violetwhim Feb 18

    @sciren Your cards are The Daughter of Cups (traditionally Page of Cups) and The Ace of Cups

    (Both of these cards literally lept from their respective decks as I shuffled!)

    Daughter of Cups: sensitive, kind, imaginative, naivety in love, gentleness

    Ace of Cups: Awakening intuition, new love, flowing emotions, imagination

  • @violetwhim Feb 18

    @karan Your card is The Explorer of Cups (traditionally the Knight of Cups)

    Romantic, looking for love, fickle emotions, idealism, flirtation

  • @violetwhim Feb 18

    @complexissimple Your cards are Death, The King of Pentacles, and The Six of Wands

    (Sorry I couldn't get the photo with the books as I didn't have enough fingers to hold them all open!)

    Death: transformation, closure, ending,
    King of Pentacles: wealthy, materialistic, successful, practical, conservative
    Six of Wands: victory, praise, pride

    (When I had these three cards in front of me, I heard these words in my head: "You can't take it with you" so make of that what you will!)

  • @violetwhim Feb 18

    @auditasum Your card is The Three of Swords

    Loss, sorrow, betrayal, necessary sacrifice

  • @violetwhim Feb 18

    So I think I'm caught up with all requests, but if I missed you, please please let me know! It wasn't intentional! I'll check back through the end of february for more requests!

  • @vegansongs  Feb 19

    Hi @violetwhim Yes please! Thank you!

  • @wacha  Feb 19

    Here's my song. I had a lot of fun with the cards I was drawn, thanks!


  • @complexissimple Feb 20

    @violetwhim Oh no! I didn't think about about it taking too many fingers! I admit I'm a little disappointed because I partially chose these decks because I liked the kinds of things they said about the cards, but I'm sure I can figure out how to work with this. Thanks for drawing for me!

  • @drewhottmann  Feb 20

    I’d love a pull from the slow holler to guide me on my songwriting journey!

  • @owl  Feb 21

    @violetwhim @auditasum thank you for the card draw! I finally got around to writing my song for this--"The Tower":


  • @sjbatavia  Feb 21

    Surprise me!

  • @lnh  Feb 21

    Hi @auditasum I’d love to do this, thank you so much. I’d like a card pulled from the spacious deck.

  • @rwhosings  Feb 21

    @auditasm, Here's my song for the Father of Swords. It took me a bit to figure out what that gorgeous wise owl was saying to me, but it turned out to be rather profound.

  • @saucyjack85 Feb 25

    Thank you for the inspiration and the time you've put in @auditasum and @violetwhim. Here is an instrumental inspired by The Awakening card, I hope I can get around to doing the other one (if not I will save it for next FAWM). Cheers. https://soundcloud.com/abilitychex/awakening

  • @karan  Feb 25

    Finally, here comes my song. Thank you for the wonderful challenge! https://fawm.org/songs/122396/

  • @apolez3 Feb 26

    https://fawm.org/songs/122754/ could use vocals and music...

  • @auditasum  Feb 26

    Now that I have some free time I'm gonna catch up on listening to y'all's songs!

    Here's mine. https://fawm.org/songs/121975/

  • @auditasum  Feb 26

    @drewhottmann, @sjbatavia, and @lnh -- @violetwhim should be drawing your cards shortly.

    @vegansongs, were you requesting a card? Which deck did you want, or did you want us to surprise you?

  • @violetwhim Feb 26

    @drewhottmann Your card is The Four of Vessels (traditionally Four of Cups)

    Withdrawal, indifference, feeling left out, boredom, daydreaming

  • @violetwhim Feb 26

    @sjbatavia Your card is The Six of Wands

    Recognition of success, Victory, pride, promotions

  • @violetwhim Feb 26

    @lnh Your card is The Three of Cups

    Friendship, community, growth in relationships (Intuitively, I'm feeling a connection with this card and your profile picture! Make of that what you will!)

  • @complexissimple Mar 1

    Done and posted shortly before midnight! I have so many pages of notes for this song, you have no idea. https://fawm.org/songs/125100/

    Thanks again @violetwhim - I probably would have interpreted these cards differently if you hadn't said "You can't take it with you", so thanks for that too!

  • @karlsburg25  Mar 3

    Ok last song done. I had the knight of cups and . It focuses mostly on emotional intensity and idealism, but it morphed into seeking light from the dark. I suppose it related with flirtation for the bridge and fickle passions which we all battle and lead us astray off our guided path. Anyway phewee. All done

  • @vegansongs  Mar 3

    I'm so sorry I missed your question!!..Next FAWM!! I love your tarot card challenges - The spacious Tarot looks interesting..

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