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  • @conorg Jan 23

    These rules are just to give you a random starting point, to ensure a bit of variety and to overcome the fear of the blank page! I'll be sticking rigidly to these rules for all my songs this year, but if any of you want to try them out for a song or two it might help mix things up for you:

    1. Base Tempo

    First calculate the base tempo for the song. Roll two dice and total them:

    2. Refine Tempo

    Now refine the tempo by rolling a single die and adjusting like so:

    This will leave you with a BPM somewhere between 70 and 178.

    3. Key Signature

    For the key signature, again roll two dice and total them:

    4. Song Title

    You can either assign a title straight away or wait until you are ready to start writing lyrics. Pick 10 or so tiles from a standard Scrabble tile set. Make a word from the drawn tiles which will form the song title (or part of the song title).

    That's it! Have fun.

  • @conorg Jan 25

    Oops that's the images appearing properly now.

  • @candle  Jan 30

    I like the tables @conorg. Your key sig table is similar to mine, but I really like the BPM ones. My DAW (Jeskola Buzz) is able to play anything between 16 and 500 BPM, so I just have a random number generator in one of my Music spreedsheets that generates a random number between those two points. Actually, i think I limit it to 200 BPM. Anything above that is rather nuts. Tho, maybe this FAWM I might just try to write a Jeskola Buzz song at 500 BPM. I'll have to try your tables as well 😁

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @wacha  Jan 30

    Ooh, I love this idea. I'm going to give it a try! Thanks!

  • @nateger Feb 8

    This is neat. I love randomness as part of my process

  • @standup  Feb 8

    Wow, what does 500 bpm sound like? Your tempo is in the audible range, so a measure of quarter notes would blur together into like a note, right? 500 hz is a B just above A/440.

  • @conorg Feb 23

    I am using the #catfish tag for all my songs that have followed this system (all of them basically).

    The scrabble tiles in particular have led down some interesting paths!

  • @spingo  Feb 24

    I used Scrabble tiles today because of this post! Thanks! It was a nice activity, picking tiles and moving them around. Much more enjoyable than finding a random word generator!

  • @conorg Feb 25

    Yes you could automate the system and put it on a web page but it's a better experience to roll actual dice and pick real tiles out. And the randomness is coming from yourself, not some code on a computer somewhere.

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