Albums 2021?

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  • @ustaknow Jan 14

    - Albums, 2021?
    I guess that depends on how one defines an "album". That's typically an annual discussion, in time.

    So, for me, all the definitions work. I love reading them all and then seeing the outcomes.

    - For me, not a "Recording Artist" πŸ˜€ obviously ? hahhh... if a track makes it to the FAWM List, that's pretty much how it's left/remains/done +- ish (as-is, no year long laboring over; just a demo to remember the song, so to speak)...

    (I write "stuff" so quickly, I just keep, like "flipping cards", dealing out 'till get a hook/"something".)

    I tend to suggest a theme to myself and then, - done.

    I may have ad hoc one-off's, "singles", (all of 5090-2020; no "Album" - theme), but I usually wind up with what I like calling, folks do call it:

    ~ Kitchen Table Recordings ~

    I love the feel of the "captured" first track and always try to, well do actually πŸ˜€ embed it, that all the uber-dubs then are done the same way as well, first-pass, one-take, record while writing.

    - And that's the "Album", more or less.

    Last year I had my "PTSD" theme, as e.g. and other.

    It does seem in time, I break stuff up and re-org them. Hey if AC/DC can keep re-issuing the same album for 20 years, then... πŸ˜€ hahhh.
    (I love AC/DC; and as Mr. Angus commented himself, - you heard one, you head them all.)

    So, I, -- "thinking", as that happens πŸ˜€ am aiming for a 6 - 8 track "EP" and then some one-offs or Lyrics Only to then be developed.
    (I never stop writing and noodling, so, there is always a "pre/post/while" thing going on with me; as anyone who knows me, knows anyway.


  • @andygetch  Jan 15

    Interesting topic. Some friends have albums they will be releasing this year. I have a brewing concept for this Feb with a lot of potential song topics, depends on how long I can sustain it, or how quickly and frequently I get distracted by all of the FAWM fun.

  • @ustaknow Jan 15

    * andygetch I'm sure it will all be great!

    What I am doing, and have tried to do, regardless of what may follow is, that "kitchen table" first shot recording, first pass, one take, write while recording (so to speak) type thing.

    It intriques me that method/paradigm. So, for further e.g., Clapton has a period of what some call, "unremarkable" work, so to speak. In this commentary they cite a story where he was walking the beach, got an idea, ran back to the studio (like was all are now, staying at one πŸ˜€ ) he was staying at, and as recorded, that IS the track, as-is.

    I won't cite the specific song. If one can't tell, they why tell πŸ˜€ hahhh.

    So, "like that", by what I mean by this thread.

    I know every year there's albums released. Even you folks had a Facebook "Album Writing" thing and etc. But, there is something to be said for the slightly more than scratch track, e.g., David Gilmore whom then HAD to use it πŸ˜€, and the Kitchen Table 1+1 proficiency and FEEL and then for me, the "Overworked, -processed" tracks.

    I have, maybe not last year, but the prior two years, a "which is better" entry on one of these projects, and, the "first pass, one take, record while writing" track got the "up" vote if even regardless of "sound", -- feel.

    I think even a then AM Radio Band sounding track, with good feel, -- people get and appreciate. If not, (AM Radio ala 1950) would R&R even exist πŸ˜€ hahhh!

    I think if folks "strive" ? to get to that reachable proficiency, warts and all, it's more realistic to have a "finished" ? "Album"/collection of 6-8 tracks.

    So, I can't tell if this is way to nuanced ?, but, what if another "gets" my meaning, may enjoy jumping into the mid-level of the pool, not the deep end, and not the "kiddy" pool so to speak (if there is such a thing).

    Hahhh, so, we shall SeA πŸ˜€ it's a big ocean out there!

  • @scottsimpsonmusic Jan 15

    Out today, everywhere! My new album, Keys To My Head, which includes 8 songs written during FAWM 2020! Here’s the Apple link:

    Link on my web page:

  • @ustaknow Jan 15

    @scottsimpsonmusic so these were the first pass, one takes, this is about, and done then, - or the more deep end of the pool, process?

    - If the latter, - planning on trying the Kitchen Table Paradigm?

    Nonetheless, I'll have a listen now. I don't have retail distribution accounts, I just do "this", always have; hopefully, the web-sight will work for me.

  • @ustaknow Jan 15

    @scottsimpsonmusic - I cannot play any of those. None will load. So, as I do, I will presume greatness and look forward to your other work here, soon! πŸ˜€

  • @alonetogether  Jan 16

    I really hope its done this year! I'm making a soundtrack album to a visual novel im writing.

  • @ustaknow Jan 16

    @alonetogether that sounds interesting.

    So, it's backing to a visual, - that can be very effective.

    So, how so? Animated, Stills, Conventional but no lines... other, combined? πŸ˜€

    Also, by visual, meaning ~~ video, or like "on stage", so to speak. I used to love film... I could hand work the frames... hahhh, that was a long time ago. Scratching celluloid, - haven't thought of that in a long time.

  • @quork  Jan 16

    Hi @ustaknow , hope you made the best of a crazy year. How’s the mouth harp coming along? Topic of discussion for another day: chromatic harp.

    Any theme/subject matter for your kitchen table album?

  • @alonetogether  Jan 16

    @ustaknow a visual novel is a type of game. basically text with pictures (tho its a little more complicated than that). Heavy focus on dialogue between the characters.

    its very different to the stuff i normally make so its been a real fun challenge to work on.

  • @ustaknow Jan 17

    @scottsimpsonmusic I did listen, and skip through as well; I think I got all the tracks. It's a great sound, feel, mix.

    I started to pick up on a pattern in the tracks for orchestration.

    I always love hearing the blend of acoustic with overdriven electric, with some harp too. The harmony vocals, were great too.

    It's great cdbaby does that.

    And, the cover art, - well suited, look and feel.

  • @ustaknow Jan 17

    @alonetogether well, that sounds very interesting and different. Will you complete it or a functional draft sooner than later, or it may take time for all that?

    If can, able, - send me a link to view it.

  • @ustaknow Jan 17

    * quork yes.

    For me, it kind of ties into that graphic. I started doing that, maybe the last two or three... not sure, stuff/projects blend in memory. And I just do it, to do it. I take stuff down or move in time to/from the BC acct.

    Anyway, so, on my profile page, that graphic, I try to put that there to keep me focused, if that's possible.

    It is a bit ambiguous and intentionally, pending the reader. To some, it may make no sense, too.

    If I am lucky, I may get to some other too, -- ad hoc, or collaboration stuff, -- which I will after fawm, have to break out under a single cover, as unrelated.

    It's probably easier for me to comment what was done, so, -- my "PTSD" 2020 album, not that anyone would necessarily know, was very specific. When I researched if PTSD albums/music had been done, - it had. But, it could be ANYTHING πŸ˜€ hahhh, makes sense.

    One song, I actually could not post, finish, do... became a trigger, so re-wrote it. But, I buried parts of it in the mix; well, I hear it πŸ˜€. Hahhh..., another, and then de-emphasised the mix, the "anvil" clank in the rhythm I was wondering if anyone would understand what that might be, the tool. (Not that anyone should have, or etc., but was interesting to watch and wait for authentic comment beyond the usual encouragement, - which is great anyway.)

    So, no rules, just hope for the best and stay flexible πŸ˜€

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