For the Widow(er)s and Orphans

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  • @tseaver  Jan 13

    A tribute to those who stand, waiting, while intrepid FAWMers venture forth in search of the elusive song:

    The steely-eyed stare of the FAWMer's wife,
    As she watches from her front porch rail.
    For twenty-eight days, they won't have much of a life,
    As he chases the elusive white whale.

    "Thar she blows!", he cries, as he feverishly spies
    a stray metaphor, beached on the strand.

    She sighs, and shrugs, gives her children hugs,
    As she waits for her songwritin' man.

    "What the hell?", she thinks, as she smells the stink
    of a FAWMer who nees three songs more.
    His laundry unwashed, (is he even wearing socks?),
    And his dishes pile up on the floor.

    "Set the hook!", he begins, but he can't find his pen,
    so he scribbles a lyric in Dorito.

    "Last night KFC, not again!" says she, "but I'll leave you
    a microwave burrito."

    The steely-eyed stare of the FAWMer's wife,
    As she watches from her front porch rail.
    For twenty-eight days, they've not had much of life,
    As he's chased the elusive white whale.

  • @elainedimasi  Jan 14

    ^ haha that is so great!

  • @elainedimasi  Jan 14

    My "FAWM widow" story is that once upon a time, I FAWMed in my basement studio, and I had a dog who had always been afraid, for whatever reason, to go down the cellar steps.

    One FAWM night I took my frozen pizza out of the oven and carried it downstairs to the desk, with hardly a look at my terrific canine companion, and she was like, "No. Way. That is just too offensive" and made her very first trip down those steps.

    I don't suppose I took much of a break from my track, but I'm pretty sure I shared the pizza.

  • @pearlmanhattan  Jan 14

    I have no FAWidow or orhan stories to share but I wrote this a few years ago - to the tune of "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

    A FAWMer in the wild

    Before you sits a FAWMER in his natural habitat
    Beside him sits a hungry and neglected dog or cat
    The curtains have been drawn for days
    The mail is piling up
    Coffee from four hours ago still sitting in the cup
    And it’s cold

    He hasn’t seen his family in over 7 days
    He’s asking in the forums if there’s any other way
    To make chainsaws sound like Fenders
    And keys like tambourines
    He’s pouring out his mortal soul
    And all his hopes and dreams

    Writing away
    Writing down
    FAWMers in the wild

    His voice is shot, his cords are frayed
    His latency is bad
    He tries to write those happy words
    But it all comes out sad
    He wishes he could finish up
    And post it up online
    There’s one more thing needs fixing
    And it’s gonna take some time

  • @andygetch  Jan 14

    This will be one of my FAWM objectives

  • @tseaver  Jan 15

    I reckon that having my laundry unwashed, my socks three days old, and my hair greasy for lack of shampoo will be a sign that I'm doing FAWM right. I am so fortunate that my wife will proffer amnesty for my hygeine, launrdy. and cohabitation fouls for the month (she is a visual artist, and gets the obsession at least a little bit).

  • @andygetch  Jan 15

    in our 30+ years relationship, fortunately my wife also has her own time-consuming hobbies

  • @robynmackenzie  Jan 16

    @andygetch Congratulations on 30+!

  • @quork  Jan 16

    Plan for the next two weeks: stock the freezer with home-made bread and make sure all of the laundry is washed and folded. Sorry, guys, come February you're on your own.

  • @andygetch  Jan 16

    thanks @robynmackenzie !

  • @elesimo  Jan 21

    I'm really happy that my girlfriend completely supports me during FAWM, she usually says "see you in March!" She's a writer, so she understands the passion for making art. 😀

    The only problem is that she's also my FAWM police! This week I was building a (virtual) drum kit to use during FAWM, and as I was auditing the samples she asked:

    "Have you started FAWM? It's not February yet!"
    "I know, I'm just building a drum kit."
    "Isn't that working on your FAWM songs?"
    "No, it's more like preparing the instruments that I'm going to use, choosing them and putting them together."

    Later that day I built a small drum loop to test the samples and see how they worked together.


  • @regis  Jan 22

    I’ve said it before, but I would love to purchase a “FAWM Widow” shirt for my wife from the merch store.

  • @elesimo  Jan 22

    @regis written on the back: "I took care of the house for 28 days and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

  • @regis  Jan 23

    @elesimo *chef's kiss*

  • @candle  Jan 23

    That shirt needs to be made available.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @apolez3 Feb 1

    I was thinking oh, I"m not widowed or orphaned but I have been told I am orphaned for both my parents died 😞 I'll see what I can do. in memory of them.

  • @tseaver  Feb 1

    @apolez3 A fine tribute!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 1

    I convinced my whole family to FAWM along with me 😉 No hard feelings this way!

  • @tseaver  Feb 1

    @metalfoot "The family that FAWMs together.... is calm together?"

  • @papaooo Feb 6

    OK, FAWMling here, getting a late start, looking to kick myself back into gear here.

  • @tseaver  Feb 6

    @papaooo Welcome to the scrum! We're all working to push all of us forward, here.

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