The Backwards Thread

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  • @elainedimasi  Jan 13

    As ever, I'm grateful to be here with this season's final words to this amazing community:

    Thank you so much for a terrific pre-FAWM broadcast!

    From the interviews, to the news, to the public service announcements, to the "impromptu" interactions (and the hot mics - whoops!), to the final words from our sponsors just before we sign off, which we just heard right here; this broadcast has been just stellar.

    We've come to expect our pre-FAWM broadcasts to be part road trip, part beloved mix tape, and all on-ramp: and this has been all of those: now, let's hit the accelerator and zoom into songwriting!

  • @stephenwordsmith  Jan 28

    As beautifully as this is all wrapping up, I must confess that I'm a little put out. I've gone to the trouble of building this time machine and almost ran out of time to use it.

    There is one final action, I suppose, and that's @elainedimasi 's valediction. Don't suppose you fancy trying it out to deliver your address in the future? I've set the thing for a fortnight from now. I've tested it out, it's quite safe. All you need to do is step in and start talking as if no time at all has passed.

    For the rest of you, this may look like there was a sudden and awkward two-week silence in which nobody said or did anything in this usually popular and interesting thread, but rest assured that it is a mere quirk of special relativity and not a commentary on the thread itself.

    Ready, Elaine? Let's go!

  • @toms  Jan 28

    Oh, man, @fuzzy, you have never said anything more true than that! With both a bicycle and an inflatable dinghy, too! That's probably never been done in the entire history of humanity! Much respect!

    Hey @stephenwordsmith , what happened with that time machine you said you were building, anyway? I thought you had finished it weeks ago!

  • @carleybaer  Jan 28

    Well, *someone's* going to have to clean that up. It's not like we have a time machine.

  • @nancyrost  Jan 28

    I wish we had been on a 7-second delay.

  • @judypie  Jan 28

    @dragondreams that’s truly despicable!

    If you could change one thing about your FAWM this year @nancyrost, what would it be?

  • @adforperu  Jan 28

    Woooah @dragondreams, wait til @judypie reads that! 😳😳🚨

  • @zecoop  Jan 28

    @adforperu heads up... this is going to get ugly.
    Simply SHOCKING @dragondreams ! smh

  • @fuzzy  Jan 28

    Hey @toms, sorry I missed your party, but I was trapped in an EasyShed for a few days, and there's not much worse than that! Luckily the shed was full of various means of transportation , so I used those to escape. I can't believe I missed the party. That weird thing with the wild animals must have been slightly unsettling.

  • @johncrossman  Jan 28

    @dragondreams will probably get away with it if it just stays between us. Mum's the word.

    Speaking of, where has @stephenwordsmith been all this time? He's usually good for a wrap up. Can someone give him a shout out. His concept of a time machine that only goes 7 seconds into the future seems... limited. Maybe he'll work out some of those bugs.

  • @dragondreams  Jan 28

    How was I expected to know that it would burst?! I used LOADS of Sellotape!

  • @toms  Jan 28

    @fuzzy like @elainedimasi said, you missed a good one. What she said. Unbelievable. Hope you are ok!

    @dragondreams , how much sellotape did you use?

  • @carleybaer  Jan 28

    Yikes, it really got everywhere!! I mean, I know @dragondreams used a fair amount of Sellotape because I saw the pallet of it over by the loading dock, but somebody should ask him.

  • @nancyrost  Jan 28

    <deleted expletive rant>

  • @johncrossman  Jan 29

    While we're on the topic, I know @nancyrost has some rather strong feelings about the use of clauses, such as "in fact" and "indeed" in songwriting. Zounds, I hope I haven't touched a nerve there!

  • @celineellis  Jan 29

    @carleybaer its even in my hair!! and now I’ve used the last of the paper towel

  • @pipewrench67  Jan 29

    The paintings in the cave of Niaux clearly show the preparation of sausages and the shape is definitely a star of circles, and that's the last I'll speak of it. Thanks for the hospitality @toms, See you folks later hope you can get this mess cleaned up, until next Feb. (tell @fuzzy I said good-bye, I wonder where he went?)

  • @elainedimasi  Jan 29

    And now, news from the sports world. You'll never guess which FAWMer made the top ten in this year's Milk Carton Interstate Triathlon! That's right - these intrepid souls journey from Minnetonka, MN to Eau Claire, WI. It's an indirect route - waterways, roadways, dairyways. The conveyances? Each contestant must qualify a Milk Carton Bicycle, an inflatable Milk Carton Dinghy, and an ungeared wheeled conveyance of their choice. For @fuzzy - I knew you wouldn't guess! - this meant retrofitting an EasyShed. Admirable creativity, @fuzzy!

    And it's the human element, you know, that warmed hearts nationwide. When we learned that one of the top ten finalists missed the after-party - !! And - surely by coincidence - a bunch of 'possums were seen at the picnic tables instead, just as friends were ringing our wayward finalist's cell phone! Hah, the reaction on that call was - very audible!

    Now let's go back to our panelists and the debate regarding the cave paintings of Niaux. @pipewrench67?

  • @carleybaer  Jan 30

    I really don’t think that’s how they made sausages in Niaux... but shhh, I think it’s time for @elainedimasi to do the sports break and I have to get paper towels for @celineellis

  • @ductapeguy  Jan 30

    I didn't think @Klaus could top last years masterful impersonation of @nicolascage but I really thought this year's @LegendaryLiverpudlian, Ritchie was the real McCoy.

  • @aflinner  Jan 30

    It’s true! I saw a documentary about the Cave of Niaux in which they went into detail about the whole sausage thing. Can’t remember what it was called now though....@pipewrench67 told me about it though (and maybe remembers the title?).

  • @nancyrost  Feb 15

    Is it really made with plankton, though?

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